Tournament Regulations



jfkziegler: Wizards of the Coast has allowed the Forumini to be the sanctioning body for AAM and WaS tournaments, and consequently the host of the AAM and WAS World Rankings.

Since these games will mostly be run by host players, such as you and I, instead of sanctioned game stores, there will need to be certain guidelines followed in reporting:

1. As each player's rating following a tournament depends on the level of all participants, we need all players to be registered Forumini members. Unregistered players can still take part, but they will not be taken into account for the world rankings (Of course, why not have a forumini account? It's free). 

2. All sanctioned events must have a minimum of four Forumini-registered players. 

3. The Forumini requires at least one photograph of the event in order to prove that the event actually took place. It does not have to be a professional quality photograph; a cell phone picture is fine.

Once the sanctioned event ends, the organizer must send the photo and the following information to the Forumini tournament coordinator, Wargamer99  : The Forumini names of all participants, their nationalities (if they want), their club affiliations (if any)the location where the tournament was held, and the results including the final ranking (there can be no same place results; the rating system can work only with discrete 1, 2, 3, ..., 15, 16, ... places). The results should include a game by game account of wins and losses.  Once submitted, the information will be tabulated onto the website, which will be updated once a week by the coordinator.  Player ratings will begin from 1,000, and go up or down based on performance in the tournament and the level of the opponents. Beating a low rated opponent will not be worth nearly as many points as beating a high rated one. If there are any questions, please direct them to one of the Forumini Administrators. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield. This is possibly our most exciting endeavour so far!