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The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot
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Post subject: The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot  Reply with quote   (Liked by:0)  Like this post
Hello, I saw a post one day that listed 18? WWII naval battles. One of them was the Battle of the Philippine Sea: the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot. Well...last year I created a scenario on my own take of this historic battle! I give you "The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot:

The Battle of the Philippine Sea (June 19–20, 1944) was a decisive naval battle of World War II which eliminated the Imperial Japanese Navy's ability to conduct large-scale carrier actions. It took place during the United States' amphibious invasion of the Mariana Islands during the Pacific War. The battle was the last of five major "carrier-versus-carrier" engagements between American and Japanese naval forces, and involved elements of the United States Navy's Fifth Fleet as well as ships and land-based aircraft from the Imperial Japanese Navy's Mobile Fleet and nearby island garrisons.

The battle was nicknamed the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot by American aviators for the severely disproportional loss ratio inflicted upon Japanese aircraft by American pilots and anti-aircraft gunners. During a debriefing after the first two air battles a pilot from USS Lexington remarked "Why, hell, it was just like an old-time turkey shoot down home!" The outcome is generally attributed to American improvements in pilot and crew training and tactics, war technology, and ship and aircraft design. Although at the time the battle appeared to be a missed opportunity to destroy the Japanese fleet, the Imperial Japanese Navy had lost the bulk of their carrier air strength and would never recover.

This was the largest carrier-to-carrier battle in history!

Opposing Forces:       IJN   vs.  United States Navy
Imperial Japanese Navy (1st Mobile Fleet)
1. CV Taiho (1st MF Flagship): 2 x A6M5/D4Y1    CV Shokaku: 2x A6M5, 1 x D4Y1/B6N2    CA: Myoko
2. CV Zuikaku: 2 x A6M5, 1 x B6N2/D4Y1    CV Junyo: 2 x D4Y1, 1 x Type 97    CA: Haguro
3. CV Hiyo: 2 x Type 97, 1 x A6M5    CV Ryuho: 2 x A6M5, 1 x B6N2    CA: Mogami
4. CVL Chitose: 1 x A6M5/Type 97    CVL Chiyoda: 1 x A6M5/Type 97    CA: Atago
5. CVL Zuiho: 1 x Elite A6M2/Type 97    CV Unryu: 1 x Elite A6M2/Type 97/D4Y1    CA: Tone
6. Land Based Aircraft: 3 x D4Y1, 3 x A6M5, 5 x Elite A6M2, 3 x PY1 Frances & 3 x G4M Betty

United States Navy (Task Force 58)
1. USS Hornet CV-12: 2 x F6F, 1 x SB2C/TBF    USS Yorktown CV-10: 2 x SB2C/F6F    CL: USS Cleveland
2. USS Bunker Hill: 2 x F6F, 1 x SB2C/TBF    USS Wasp CV-18: 2 x F6F, 1 x SB2C/TBF    CL: USS Santa Fe
3. USS Lexington CV-16 (TF 58 Flagship): 2 x F6F/SBD    USS Enterprise: 1 x F6F/SBD/TBF    CL: USS Reno
4. USS Essex: 2 x SB2C/TBF    USS Belleau Wood: 1 x F6F/TBF    CL: USS Montipelier
5. USS Bataan: 1 x F6F/TBF    USS Cabot: 1 x F6F/TBF    CA: USS Indianapolis
6. USS Monterey: 1 x F6F/TBF    USS San Jacinto: 1 x F6F/TBF    CL: USS Miami
7. USS Princeton: 1 x F6F/TBF    USS Langley: 1 x F6F/TBF    USS Cowpens: 1 x F6F/TBF
8. Land Based Aircraft: 5 x PBM Mariner  

• IJN and USN Aircraft Carriers deploy two/sector + one warship (representing your AA Screen).
• Each nation chooses an Admiral from the Forumini Admirals Deck and assigns him to your Flagship.

Special Rules:
1. All ships deploy in their normal deployment zones 1-10.
2. Once placed, ships can only move w/n their deployment zone to re-group.
3. Long-Distance rules are in effect.
4. Land-Based rules are in effect.
5. Any Aircraft Carrier destroyed w/re-arming aircraft aboard are automatically lost and points are re-warded to your opponent!!! Non-rearming aircraft can role a die to attempt a landing at their land air base.
6. All IJN carriers can base 1x squadron (USN have 15 to 10 IJN Aircraft Carriers)
7. After round 4, all Japanese aircraft (except Patrol Bombers) gain the SA: “Kamikaze Attack”. However, Japanese aircraft destroyed that way count as one point to the US player!
8. All A6M5 Fighters gain the SA “Escort.”
9. Warships= Heavy/Light Cruiser CA/CL only.

Japanese:  Cripple/destroy USN Carrier Force/Squadrons before the end of round 8.
United States:  Cripple/destroy IJN Carrier Force/Squadrons before the end of round 8.

Winning the Game:
The 1st person to accumulate 50VPt’s (or) the most points by the end of round 8 wins!

Scoring “VPts”:
• Damaged ships= 1pt. (1pt. for hull pts. lost)
• Destroyed Aircraft Carriers= 5pts.
• Destroyed Warships=1pt.
• Destroyed warplanes= 2pts.

“All of my resource information for this scenario (except the historical info. at top came from Wikipedia) came from a book I bought in 2014 titled ‘Clash of the Carriers: the True Story of the Marianas Turkey Shoot of WWII.’ The books lists the complete order of battle on each side, including Aircraft Carriers w/squadrons they operated! A great read for those that are interested! Forumini has cards for all the above units listed on the website; just have to search for them. If you own copies of any Axis & Allies boardgames (Pacific, 1941) there are plenty of Japanese plane figures that are compatable with WAS as well as Shapeways.                                  
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PostThu Feb 19, 2015 1:58 am
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Post subject: Reply with quote   (Liked by:0)  Like this post
It was such a lopsided battle, I hope that your scenario gives both sides a chance to win, so that it's worth playing!

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