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Simple 100 point Norwegian scenario
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Assault on Trondheim, 7th to 12th April 1940.

German Naval Group II was tasked with the capture of the Norwegian port, and ancient capital, of Trondheim. The commander of Group II was Captain Hellmuth Heye, flying his flag on the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper and escorted by four destroyers of the 2nd Destroyer Flotilla. On the 7th the group was spotted and attacked by 12 Bristol Blenheim IV bombers from RAF 107 sqn, but no hits were achieved. Early on the morning of the 8th, 100 miles south of Trondheim, the Group encountered the lone British destroyer Gloworm. Gloworm had been in company with the Battlecruiser Renown, but had become detached when she went looking for a crewman who had been swept overboard in heavy seas. The Hipper sank Gloworm by gunfire, but not before the plucky destroyer rammed her much larger adversary. Despite fairly severe damage, the Hipper was not operationally impaired and she was able to continue her mission. In 1946 the British discovered the heroics of the Gloworm, and pothumously awarded the Victoria Cross to her commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Roope.

The British planned to lay a minefield off the coast to the south of Trondheim with the minelayer Teviotbank, escorted by four destroyers of the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla (Force WS). However, on learning of large German naval forces heading north, the mission was aborted. On their return to Britain they almost encountered the German auxiliary raider Orion, which was using the German invasion as cover for breaking through to the Atlantic.

In the morning of the 9th, the Germans caught the forts guarding Trondheim (Agdenes Fortress) by almost total surprise. The forts were only able to fire a few shots before the Germans were past their guns. 1,700 Mountain troops landed from the five ships soon captured Trondheim and the forts. Later that morning, two He115 Squadrons arrived and were subsequently based at Trondheim for reconnaissance duties in the North Sea. In the afternoon, Ju52 aircraft attempted to land troops at Vaernes airfield near Trondheim, but they were driven off by anti-aircraft fire. The airfield was captured the following morning by the German land forces.

The minelayer Froya had been on her way from Finmark in the far north to the Horten naval base, near Oslo. She had stopped in Trondheimsfjorden when she heard about the laying of  British minefields on the 8th.  She was fired on by German soldiers that had landed off the destroyers, and was subsequently grounded and abandoned. The U34, in company with U30, finished the Froya off with her torpedoes. Of the four transports that the Germans assigned to land at Trondheim, only the Levante arrived safely on the 12th. The Main was scuttled by her own crew after being captured by the old Norwegian destroyer Draug on the 9th. The Sao Paulo was re-directed to Bergen, while the tanker Skagerrak was sent north to Narvik

Early on the morning of the 11th, 18 Swordfish torpedo bombers of 816 and 818 squadrons, flying from the aircraft carrier Furious, attacked the German destroyers at Trondheim, but scored no hits.

Set up - This scenario is played as a standard 100 point battle.

Germans – 96 points, 13 units:
CA - Admiral Hipper (use Blucher).
DD x 4 - Z5 Paul Jacobi, Z6 Theodor Reidel, Z8 Bruno Heinemann and Z16 Friedrich Eckoldt (use Z20 Karl Galster).
Aux - Orion (use Atlantis).
Aux x 2 - Levante and Main (use Kinai Maru).
SS x 2 - U30 and U34 (use Ambra).
PB x 2 - He115 (use Z506 models with TA card).
PB - Ju52 (use SM79 model with TA card).

Allies (Nor = Norwegian, Br = British) – 95 points, 13 units:
Inst - Agdenes Fortress; Nor (use Heavy Shore Battery model with TK Oscarsborg Fortress card).
DD - Gloworm; Br (use ZG3 model with TP card).
DD - Inglefield; Br (use Javelin).
DD x 3 - Ilex, Imogen and Isis; Br (use Vasalissa Olga).
DD - Sleipner; Nor (use Pegaso model with TK Lupo card).
DD - Draug; Nor (use Edsall model with Antilope card).
Aux - Froya; Nor (use M1).
Aux - Teviotbank; Br (use Jeremiah O’Brien Model with TA Amiral Murgescu card).
TB x 2 - Swordfish MkI; Br.
PB - Bristol Blenheim MkIV; Br (use Beaufighter model with TK 139WH card).

Optional Historical Rules:
1) On the Oscarsborg Fortress, replace the SA ‘Opening Salvo 2’ with ‘Inactivity’. The excellent performance of the former installation was severely deficient in the latter.
2) On all the German Destroyers, change the SA ‘Chase the Salvoes’ to ‘Landing 1’
3) The Teviotbank may not attack submarines as it didn’t have depth charges.
4) On Froya, substitute a torpedo attack of 1 for the ASW attack of 2, and change the SA ‘Sweep Mines’ to ‘Mines’.

1) The Blucher is used to represent the Hipper as her Special Abilities match perfectly with the mission and role of Hipper in this operation.
2) The Oscarsborg Fortress installation represents Agdenes Fortress, the city of Trondheim, and Vaernes airfield.
3) The Ju52’s did not perform any bombing missions, but their presence covers quite nicely the bombing missions historically performed by Arado 198’s from Admiral Hipper against the forts and airfield.
4) Agdenes Fortress had no torpedo tubes, but the torpedoes of the Oscarsborg Fortress card represent the obsolescent torpedo boat Laks which was at Trondheim at this time.

"There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today"
PostTue Jun 14, 2016 5:58 pm
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