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Perspectives on WWII and the game
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OK so I guess I shall tell my WWII roots.  Both my Grandmother and Grandfather served in the war.  My Grandmother was in charge of the local radio tower that informed the town she was in if there was a bomb raid.  She was part of one of the most esteemed groups of young adults in the country, Hitler's Youth.  In the event of a bomb raid she would have to sit in  the tower and rough it out.  Luckly no such event happened and she survived the war.  my grandfather on the other hand was drafted into the German army and sent to the Eastern front.  He was in charge of a small group of conscripts.  He distrusted the consripts so he deserted one day with his horse.  We arent really sure what happened to him after that since he only talked about it when he was drunk.  Both of them imigrated to America after the war and met.  My grandfather went on to be a nuclear engineer and inspected sites all over the world.  He passed away a few years ago.  My grandmother still lives in Pennsylvania and has a very neat collecton of WWII era things including Hitler and German Stamps, Germany money before and during the war, and many more.

If anyone knows a site that I could find out more information about my grandfathers war history in Germany and Russia I would appreciate it.  Thank You all for reading.
PostMon Sep 06, 2010 6:48 pm
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Ok so my paternal grandfather fought against the Germans when they invaded the Netherlands but the dutch army soon surrendered and he somehow managed to escape and hide from the Germans. During the German occupation of Holland the Germans would go around and draft all able dutch males into the german army. My dad hid under the floorboards whenever the Germans would come. One day they came again and my granddad hid under the floorboards. The German officer that came spoke to my uncle who was then only a toddler who could barely talk and asked him "Where's your dad?" and my uncle just pointed to the ground like little kids do, giving away my grandads hiding place. Luckily the German officer thought nothing of it and just put it off as the usual nonsense kids say and left so they didn't find him. My grandfather's brother though was drafted into the army and got MIA in the Battle of Berlin. We don't know if he died there or got captured by the Russians and sent to a POW camp in Siberia or something. My nan would sometimes still tell stories of how she would see the German V1 and V2 rockets flying over Holland to England. She also once told the story of how an American bomber was shot down on the way back from a bombing run and how everyone bailed while the pilot stayed in the bomber to make sure he wouldn't crash into any houses but he somehow managed to crash into a lake (which was right next to the street where my nan lived). There are tons more stories but I have forgotten many of them. Both my grandfathers died when I was a wee lad - I don't even remember them so I could never ask them about it personally. This thread makes me want to speak to my dutch grandma again though and ask her about it again because I know that there are tons of stories about my granddad there.

My other grandfather is Hungarian and he worked in an ammunition factory for the Germans throughout the war and was never drafted.
PostSat May 07, 2011 11:37 pm
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The only WWII involvement in my family was my paternal grandfather; he served in the Navy about the transport USS Custer. Don't think he ever saw combat; from what little I heard he spent the majority of his time cleaning the deck and getting slammed. Come to think of it, I don't even know what his station was.
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Thanks Dan!
PostThu Jun 09, 2011 1:22 am
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Okay, so my maternal great grandfather was Dutch and he and his family lived in Holland during WW2 when the Germans occupied the country.  Since he was part of the military, he had to leave his family and go into hiding with the resistance force.  Apparently, one Christmas he very badly wanted to see his family and that year he sauntered into the town on a carriage, the town was full of German soldiers.  He was dressed up as Cinterclause, the Dutch Santa Clause, no one was the wiser, and he got to spend Christmas with his family.  His children, my grandmother, could not be told that Cinterclause was their father for fear they would let word slip and the Germans would find out that he was actually a resistant fighter staying for Christmas.
  Another time, my grandmother in the German occupied town ran up to a German formation and kicked a solider in the boot.  Then she ran for it.  A couple of soldiers chased after her with bayonets but she escaped.  She also very clearly remembered a German V2 or V1 rocket crashing near the outskirts of the town leaving a huge crater.  Eventually, the town was liberated by a Canadian mechanized unit.

  On my paternal side, my grandfather was a radio man for some of the first divisions at D-day.  He and his unit were crossing a field a few days after D-day when they were shot at by a hidden MG42 emplacement.  He was hit in the thigh and sent home for the rest of the war...  He went on to be a GM manager, but eventually died of cancer in his old leg wound.
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PostThu Jun 09, 2011 2:02 am
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On my mothers side her 2 older brothers were in the USN

The oldest was a plank owner on CV-8 USS Hornet He was in the deck crew so he would have seen Doolitle take off and also seen VT-8 take off and not come back. I never knew this till years after his death so never got to ask him about it. After his ship was sunk he served in a DE but I don't know which one.

The next brother in age was in the ships company of one of the
DE's in the group that captured the sub thats in Chicago. He had told me he was present then.

On my dad's side his oldest brother was in the 104th Infantry Division "Timberwolves". They deployed directly to France and landed at Cherbourg. This was the first division to not go to Britain first. He was a T-5 radio operator and jeep driver in the Headquarters Company of the 329 Engerneer Battalion. The division served for 195 continuous days in combat in and around Holland and suffered 6,223 casualties with 1,447 KIA.
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PostFri Aug 19, 2011 5:23 pm
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Matt Cox


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My Great Grandfather was a Sniper at D-Day (I think Omaha Beach) and another Great Grandfather was a Training Sargent.
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PostFri Aug 26, 2011 11:31 pm
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My father at age 16 was Senior NCO in a company of young boys that the Germans were using as troops. They were all "volunteers" because if they did NOT volunteer, they would have been sent to the "death camps".

He has about a dozen amazing stories from his time in the service.

One of them is from the time when they were manning flak guns in German cities, and they were waiting for their train. One of the boys felt terrible, and since they still had 20 minutes more to wait for the train, my Dad allowed him to visit the infirmary, which was right at the train station.

Minutes later a doctor ran out asking for that boy's unit. They were all to be quarantined because that boy had malaria. Their orders to Dresden were cancelled that night, and the unit sent in replacement all died in the fire-bombing that evening.

You can't script this stuff, you just can't.

My parents met after the war in a Displaced Person's Camp in Regensburg, Germany.

During the war my mother worked with the underground against the occupying German army, most often stealing MP-40's from soldiers.

My brother's in-laws were slave labor in the German production system, and lived.
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PostTue Oct 07, 2014 4:23 pm
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My Grandfather served aboard the USS Bennington, and oddly enough so did my Step-father several decades later after it was converted to an angled deck ship. My great uncle was a pilot for VF-17 while trying to figure out how to land Corsairs on the Bunker Hill. Another was a gunnery mate on the USS Los Angeles (CA-135). I'm in the midst of researching all the ships my family has served aboard and painting them up to make a display out of.

PostTue Oct 07, 2014 4:58 pm
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