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Perhaps adding fredmiracle's Recosting List to the first post would be a good idea. Although people could argue 1 point here and there, I think the list is very very close to what anyone would create themselves, thus making it useful.
PostWed May 26, 2010 1:23 pm
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Run Silent

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Fattymac wrote:
Hello, Im new on the boards, one of my friends showed me this site.

Looking at the house rules some look like they are fun.  I notice that the optional rule for the swordfish is kinda iffy.  My gaming group uses a rule for the swordfish to make them for effective for their price by also making it kinda realistic.

We add this SA to the Swordfish

"Skipping the Waves" - If an AA attack hits this unit from a ship, roll a die, on 4 or higher that attack misses.

It makes it semi-realistic because the reason why they were hard to hit was the fact they could for the most part fly right at the surface of the water and at the speeds they fly, they are really maneuverable.

Great Idea and WELCOME !!

In Theory there is no difference between Theory and Practice. In Practice there is!
PostFri May 28, 2010 9:18 pm
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How are Blackeagle's Darkness rules not on here? I still think they're better then the official ones. And personally, I would play Night Fighter as doing absolutely nothing during daylight.

Here they are:

Blackeagle's Modified Darkness Rules
Many surface engagements in all theaters took place at night. Fighting at night drastically changed the shape of naval warfare, presenting fleet commanders with a variety of difficult challenges. Airplanes remained grounded. Gunnery ranges dropped to a few thousand yards, and ships of all sides could fall prey to crucial misidentifications of their targets and mistakenly fire on friendly ships.

Fleet Construction
Decide whether you’re fighting in Darkness conditions before you construct your fleets. Airpower is absolutely useless, so we’ll assume that you keep your carriers well away from the threat of enemy contact and send in surface forces to seize the objective.

Air Mission Phase
All Aircraft cannot fly missions in Darkness conditions. They remain at their base.

Illumination Phase
Add this step immediately before the Surface Attack Phase. You decide whether your ships will turn on their searchlights or fire starshells to illuminate nearby targets. The First Player places all of his illumination markers first, and then the Second Player places all of his illumination markers.
Searchlights: Searchlights have a range of 2. All destroyers, cruisers, and battleships have searchlights (but carriers, auxiliaries, and torpedo boats don’t).  Each ship can illuminate one enemy ship with searchlights. If you decide that your ship is using searchlights to illuminate a target, place an “Illuminated” marker on both the illuminating ship and the illuminated target.
Starshells: Ships can fire illumination rounds using one or more of their gun batteries.  If you decide to fire starshells choose a gunnery attack to fire the starshells.  A gunnery attack used to fire starshells cannot be used in the surface attack phase.  Choose a sector within the range of the gunnery attack and illuminate all ships in that sector.  Starshells do not illuminate the ship firing them.
Damaged Ships: Any ship that was damaged in a previous turn is automatically considered illuminated.

Surface Attack Phase
Darkness affects Gunnery attacks as follows:
* Gunnery attacks of range 3 or greater are prohibited.
* Gunnery attacks against non-local targets take a –2 penalty per die (so a 4 or 5 is a miss, and 6 counts as 2 hits).
Friendly Fire: Ships firing at enemy ships in a sector where friendly ships are present run the risk of hitting those ships. Roll a die, on a 1 or 2 that attack (gunnery or torpedo) hits a randomly determined friendly ship.

Special Exceptions
Several conditions or special abilities counteract the normal Darkness penalties on Gunnery attacks:
Illuminated: Any ship firing against a ship that is illuminated reduces the penalty by one (but the range limitation still applies).
Night Fighter: Ships with the Night Fighter special ability reduce the penalty by one (but the range limitation still applies). This reduction is cumulative with illumination, so a ship with Night Fighter shooting at an illuminated target has no penalty.  This advantage replaces the effect of Night Fighter, so ignore the normal effect of the special ability.
Radar Fire Control: All US ships in 1943 scenarios ignore the range limitation, but still take a -1 attack penalty.  This attack penalty cannot be removed by illumination.  All US ships in 1944 or later scenarios ignore the range limitation and the attack penalty.

End of Turn
Remove all Illuminated markers.
PostTue Aug 12, 2014 5:27 pm
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 Powered by Vril


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This revised OOB http://aaminis.myfastforum.org/about36047.html

has become a mainstay in our group over the past year or 2 we have been using it.  Its created wide open balance.

The Angel of Death
PostThu Aug 14, 2014 5:08 pm
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 Club KM Uber Alles !


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I like Evil Kobra's Hidden Submarine Rules. They take some getting used to, however I think they handle subs extremely well.

Well done EK!

Großadmiral Swizzle

Browncoat by fandom; Cossack by blood; American by birth; Virginian/Husband/Father by wife; Libertarian by choice; Human by race; Christian by grace.
PostWed Dec 10, 2014 3:54 pm
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