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New Websites, Books, Museums and Museum Ships
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PostThu Apr 21, 2011 5:24 am
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Museum Ships:

ND: "I've compiled the following list of WW2 museum ships. In bold the ones that we have in WAS."

HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen — Dutch Navy Museum, Den Helder, Netherlands — minesweeper
CSS Acadia — Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada — hydrographic survey and patrol ship of 1913
USS Alabama — Mobile Bay, Mobile, Alabama, USA — WWII South Dakota-class battleship
SS American Victory — Tampa, Florida, USA — Victory ship
Aurora — Saint Petersburg, Russia — Protected cruiser involved in the Battle of Tsushima, symbol of the October Revolution
USS Batfish — Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA — Balao-class submarine
USS Becuna — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA — submarine
Set III: HMS Belfast — London, UK — Town-class cruiser
ORP Blyskawica — Gdynia, Poland — 1936 destroyer
USS Bowfin — Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA — submarine
USCGC Bramble (WLB-392) — Port Huron Michigan
HMS Caroline — Belfast, Northern Ireland — WW1 light cruiser, last survivor from the Battle of Jutland, currently RNVR housing ship, awaiting decommissioning
USS Cassin Young — Boston, Massachusetts, USA — Fletcher-class destroyer
HMAS Castlemaine — Williamstown, Victoria, Australia — 1941 corvette/minesweeper
HMS Cavalier — Chatham, England — "C" class destroyer
USS Cavalla — Galveston, Texas USA — Gato-class submarine
USS Charrette — Athens, Greece — 1942 destroyer, later renamed HNS Velos (D-16)
USS Clamagore — Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA — Cold War Balao-class submarine
USS Cobia — Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA — Gato-class submarine
USS Cod — Cleveland, Ohio, USA — submarine
USS Croaker — Buffalo, New York, USA — Gato-class submarine
D-2 Narodovolets — Saint Petersburg, Russia — Soviet Dekabrist class submarine of World War II
HMAS Diamantina — Brisbane, Australia, — River-class frigate
Drazki torpedo boat (alternate spelling: Druzki) — Varna, Bulgaria — torpedo boat
USS Drum — Mobile Bay, Mobile, Alabama, USA — submarine
USS Everett F. Larson (later ROKS Jeong Buk (DD-916) — Gangneung Unification Park, Gangneung, South Korea — 1945 Gearing-class destroyer
Set IV: Georgios Averoff — Athens, Greece — only surviving armoured cruiser (pre-WWI)
HA. 19 (Japanese Midget Submarine) — National Museum of the Pacific War at Fredericksburg, Texas — Japanese Ko-hyoteki class submarine
Set II: HMCS Haida — Hamilton, Ontario, Canada — Tribal-class destroyer
USS Hazard — Omaha, Nebraska, USA — minesweeper
Hikawa-Maru — Yokohama, Japan — Ocean Liner used as Hospital ship — Launched 1929
HNoMS Hitra — Royal Norwegian Navy Museum, Horten, Norway — submarine chaser, Shetland bus
USS Hornet (CV-12) — Alameda, California, USA — WWII aircraft carrier
Huron — Port Huron, Michigan, USA — lightship
USCGC Ingham — Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA — Treasury-class United States Coast Guard Cutter
Set III: USS Intrepid (CV-11) — New York City, New York, USA — WWII Essex-class aircraft carrier
Set I: SS Jeremiah O'Brien — San Francisco, California, USA — WWII Liberty ship
SS John W. Brown — Baltimore, Maryland, USA — WWII Liberty ship
K-21 — Severomorsk, Russia — Soviet World War II K-class submarine
Set III: USS Kidd — Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA — Fletcher-class destroyer
MV Krait — Sydney, Australia — commando boat
Krasin — Saint Petersburg, Russia — icebreaker
Set II: USS Laffey — Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA — Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer
SS Lane Victory — San Pedro, California, USA — Victory ship
USS Lexington (CV-16) — Corpus Christi, Texas, USA — Essex-class aircraft carrier
USS Ling — Balao-class submarine — New Jersey Naval Museum, Hackensack, New Jersey, USA
USS Lionfish — Battleship Cove, Fall River, Massachusetts, USA — 1943 U.S. Navy Balao-class submarine
USS LST 325 — Chickasaw, Alabama, USA — landing ship tank
USS LST 1008 — Chinese Naval Museum at Qingdao — landing ship tank, launched 1944
HMS M33 — Portsmouth, England — British monitor (under restoration as museum ship)
HTMS Maeklong — Chulachomklao Fort, Thailand — gunboat
Set II: USS Massachusetts — Fall River, Massachusetts, USA — WWII South Dakota-class battleship
Set II: USS Missouri — Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA — WWII Iowa-class battleship. Site of Japanese surrender
USS New Jersey — Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial, Camden, New Jersey, USA — WWII Iowa-class battleship
SS Nomadic — Belfast, Northern Ireland — White Star Line tender to RMS Titanic (under the name Ingenieur Minard she served as troop ship in World War II)
Set III: USS North Carolina — Wilmington, North Carolina, USA — WWII North Carolina-class battleship
USS Pampanito — San Francisco, California, USA — WWII Balao-class submarine
USS Potomac — Oakland, California, USA — Presidential yacht of Franklin D. Roosevelt
RMS Queen Mary — Long Beach, California, USA — Ocean liner
USS Razorback — Little Rock, Arkansas, USA — Balao-class submarine
SS Red Oak Victory — Richmond, California, USA — WWII Victory ship, cargo ship
USS Requin — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA — submarine of 1945-1971
Set III: HMCS Sackville — Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada — WWII Flower-class corvette
USS Silversides, Muskegon, Michigan, USA — WWII Gato-class submarine
USS Stewart — Galveston, Texas, USA — Edsall-class destroyer escort
Sundowner — East Kent Maritime Trust, Ramsgate, Kent, England — Admiralty steam launch of 1912 commanded by Charles Lightoller in Operation Dynamo, 1940
USS Tacoma — frigate donated to South Korean Navy as museum ship in 1973.
USCGC Taney — Baltimore Maritime Museum, Baltimore, Maryland, USA — 1936 USCG cutter. Last warship present at Pearl Harbor afloat.
USS Texas — La Porte, Texas, USA — World War I and WWII New York-class battleship
USS The Sullivans — Buffalo, New York, USA — Fletcher-class destroyer, launched 1943
USS Torsk — Baltimore, Maryland, USA — Tench-class submarine
U-505 — Chicago, Illinois, USA — Type IX U-boat
U-534 — Birkenhead, England — Type IXC/40 U-boat — sunk in 1945, but raised in 1993
U-995 — Laboe, Germany — only surviving Type VII U-boat
U-2540/Wilhelm Bauer — Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum, Bremen, Germany — Type XXI U-boat
TCG Ulucalireis, ex USS Thornback — Istanbul, Turkey — submarine
Vesikko — Helsinki, Finland — submarine — prototype for Type II U-Boat
MV Vita (H95B) — Kystmuseet i Sor-Trondelag (South Trondelag Costal Museum), Hitra, Norway — 1939 "Shetland bus"
HMAS Whyalla (J153) — Whyalla, South Australia — minesweeping corvette
USS Wisconsin — Norfolk, Virginia, USA — battleship
HMS X24 — Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Gosport, England — X class submarine of WWII
HMS X51 "Stickleback" — Imperial War Museum Duxford — midget submarine
HMS XE8 "Expunger" — Chatham Historic Dockyard, Kent — 1945 midget submarine
USS Yorktown (CV-10) — Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA — Essex-class aircraft carrier
HMS Belfast- museum ship in on the Thames River, London England right near The Tower Of London.
PostSun May 08, 2011 12:39 am
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Post subject: General Naval books Reply with quote   (Liked by:0)  Like this post
General Naval books:

A strategic look at naval war seen from US and Japan
If Mahan Ran The Great Pacific War +1

Resources on WWII ships
Fleets of WWII by Richard Worth +1

Yea its Conways
Conway's 1922-1946 +2

Both IJN and USN sides to the last battle of the Yamato
A Glorious Way To Die: The Kamikaze Mission of the Battleship Yamato by: Russell Spurr +1

D-Day navy?
D-Day by Stephen Ambrose +1
PostSun May 15, 2011 5:55 pm
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Post subject: Mixed reviews Reply with quote   (Liked by:0)  Like this post
Book/Movie Reviews:

Struggle for the Middle Sea by Vincent O'hara - The charts and order of battles are very informative, but the narrative is compromised by what seems like a very biased view.  It felt like Mr. O'hara went into writing this book trying to prove that the Italian navy of WWII was competent, instead of reading the evidence and following where it took him.

"Proud" 2004

A great movie about the USN DE 529 USS Mason, the first primarily crewed by African-Americans.  Story told by Ozzie Davis in retrospect, with actual WW II footage of the Mason in combat.  Based on director Mary Pat Kelly's book, "Proudly We Served".
PostSun May 15, 2011 6:49 pm
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Here's some stuff that may or may not be on there that I was able to use for my Masters Thesis (The Destruction of the Japanese Merchant Marine)...

I reorganized it from primary/secondary sources to relevant areas of study

Submarine Warfare

Alden, John. U.S. Submarine Attacks During World War Two.  Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1989.

Fluckey, Eugene.  Thunder Below!  The U.S.S. Barb Revolutionizes Submarine Warfare in World War II.  Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1992.

McDaniel, J.T., ed. U.S.S. Tang (SS-306) American Submarine War Patrol Reports. Riverdale, GA: Riverdale Books, 2005.

_________.. U.S.S. Cod (SS-224) American Submarine War Patrol Reports. Riverdale, GA: Riverdale Books, 2005.

_______. U.S.S. Barb (SS-220) American Submarine War Patrol Reports. Riverdale, GA: Riverdale Books, 2005.

O’Kane, Richard. Wahoo The Patrols of America’s Most Famous World War II Submarine.  Novato, CA: Presido Press, 1987.

Andrade, Jr., Ernest.   “Submarine Policy in the United States Navy, 1919-1941,” Military Affairs, Vol. 35, No. 2. (Apr., 1971), pp. 50-56

Bouslog, Dave. Maru Killer War Patrols of the USS Seahorse.  Placentia, CA: R.A. Cline Publishing, 1996.

Gunton, Michael.  Submarines at War.  New York: Carroll & Graff Publishers, 2003.

Holmes, Harry.  The Last Patrol.  Shrewsbury, England: Airlife Publishing LTD., 1994.

Hoyt, Edwin. Submarines at War. New York: Stein and Day Publishers, 1983.

Moore, Stephen. Spadefish.  Dallas, TX: Atriad Press, 2006.

Poirier, Michel Thomas. “Results of the American Pacific Submarine Campaign of World War Two http://www.navy.mil/navydata/cno/n87/history/pac-campaign.html (accessed 25 November, 2007).

Aerial Warfare

“United States Strategic Bombing Survey Summary Report (Pacific Theater)” http://www.anesi.com/ussbs01.htm (accessed 25 November, 2007).

Boyington, Gregory. Baa Baa Blacksheep.  New York: Bantam Books, 1977.

Hansell, Jr., Haywood S., “The Strategic Air War Against Germany and Japan a Memoir” http://ftp.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/AAF/Hansell/Hansell-4.html (accessed 25 November, 2007).

Sakai, Saburo, Martin Caiden, and Fred Saito. Samurai! New York: Bantam Books, 1978.

Airforce Historical Studies Office, “Air Warfare and Maritie Operations” https://www.airforcehistory.hq.af...pers/airwarfaremaritimejune96.htm (accessed 25 November, 2007).

Bergerund, Eric.  Fire in the Sky: The Air War in the South Pacific.  Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2000.

General Pacific War History

The Campaigns of the Pacific War” http://ibiblio.org/hyperwar/AAF/USSBS/PTO-Campaigns/USSBS-PTO-1.html (accessed February 19 2008).

http://www.20thaf.org/memories/Articles/oil.pdf (accessed 25 November, 2007).

Craven, Wesley Frank, and James Lea Cates, eds. The Pacific: Guadalcanal to Saipan August 1942 to July 1944, vol. 4 of The Army Air Forces in World War II.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1950.

Frank, Richard B. Guadalcanal: The Definitive Account of the Landmark Battle. New York: Random House, 1990.

Gailey, Harry. Bougainville, 1943-1945: The Forgotten Campaign. Lexington, KY: The University Press of Kentucky, 1991.

Hammel, Eric.  Guadalcanal Starvation Island.  New York: Crown Publishers, 1987.

Hess, William. Pacific Sweep The 5th and 13th Fighter Commands in World War II.  New York: Doubleday & Company, 1974.

Mason, Gerald A. “Operation Starvation”, https://research.au.af.mil/papers/ay2002/awc/mason.pdf (accessed 25 November, 2007).

Miller, Edward S. War Plan Orange the U.S. Strategy to Defeat Japan, 1897-1945. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1991.

Morison, Samuel Eliot. Coral Sea, Midway and Submarine Actions May 1942 -- August 1941. Vol. 4.  History of United States Naval Operations in World War II. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1984.

Spector, Ronald. Eagle Against the Sun.  New York: The Free Press, 1985.

Japanese Naval/Military/WWII history in general

Cook, Haruko Taya and Cook, Theodore F., Japan at War an Oral History.  New York: The New Press, 1992.

Dull, Paul S. A Battle History of the Imperial Japanese Navy (1941-1945). Annapolis, MD: The Naval Institute Press, 1978.

Evans, David and Peattie, Mark.  Kaigun: Strategy, Tactics, and Technology in the Imperial Japanese Navy 1887-1941.  Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1997.

Wood, James. Japanese military strategy in the Pacific War : was defeat inevitable? Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2007.

The Japanese Merchant Marine and ASW Tactics

“Interrogation Nav. No. 11 USSBS No. 61 Japanese Naval Escort of Shipping and Shipping Losses” http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/AAF/USSBS/IJO/IJO-11.html (accessed 19 February 2008).

Parillo, Mark.  The Japanese Merchant Marine in World War II.  Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1996.

US Naval/Military History in General

Baer, George W.  One Hundred Years of Sea Power the U.S. Navy, 1890-1990. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1994.

Chambers III, James Whiteclay, ed. The Oxford Guide American Military History. New York: Oxford University Press, 1999.

Hagan, Kenneth. This People’s Navy. New York: The Free Press, 1991.  

Millett, Allan R., and Peter Maslowski. For the Common Defense.  New York: The Free Press, 1994.

“US Merchant Marine in World War II”. http://www.usmm.org/ww2.html (accessed 25 November, 2007).

(and yes, it is all in bibliographical citations, so nyah!)
PostSat Jul 02, 2011 2:40 am
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Hello, everyone!

just letting you know the Information depository is up and running again.  if you would like to put a book, website or anything else in please post it here and I will put it in the proper area.  I will then delete your post afterwards so the clutter can be reduced.
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PostSat Jul 12, 2014 5:34 pm
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 Lord, let us be grateful for what we are about to receive


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"Das Boot"

The (romanticised) story of the U-96 after the book of Lothar-Gόnther Buchheim who travelled as a war reporter with an U-boat in WWII. Filmed in 1981 it shows the tense and cramped conditions of warfighting at sea
" Eripiendo Victoriae Prosum "
PostSat Jul 12, 2014 6:16 pm
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I've just obtained A Night Before Christmas By Jacquin Sanders (SS Leopoldville troopship disaster '44) which was listed as new and is indeed sealed in plastic. However it doesn't have a dust jacket which I expected and so I immediately thought it wasn't new. Looking online it seems the HB was reprinted with out a DJ and only the original edition had a DJ.

Slightly disappointed as the DJ looks great, really dramatic. Was not cheap to get but I wanted to learn the story and the amazon reviews were good.

Just wondering if anybody else has any info.

PS. Seems this whole section could do with a rethink as it doesn't seem to see the light of day, I only stumbled upon it.

Has good potential if it can be brought more into the mainstream.

"We went out, got our arses kicked, then came back again"
PostWed Oct 15, 2014 3:20 pm
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