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joshk 58

What are These Clubs About

I joined a few months ago and I never asked, but what do these clubs do. Do they meet in person? How do you join a club? What clubs are there? Can you join more than one club? Please help

Clubs are a way to represent a particular nation. They also allow you to play a regional area where you might not get all the units but you also have access to other units (theater).

We try to get a tournament once a year for each national and theater club.

This thread my answer some of your questions:

Do they meet in person? - That would be cool, but I think this is almost completely an internet thing.

How do you join a club? - Pretty easy.  Post in the appropriate clubhouse thread and say you want to join. Truth in advertising, some clubs are more active than others. If you don't get  response, let me know.

What clubs are there? - There are two types: National and Theater.  Lots of details in the link above, but in general, national league clubs are focused on a single national military, while the theater clubs are more closely associated with a historical theater of operations (and a greater diversity of units from various countries).  

Can you join more than one club? Yes! You can be an active member of one National and one Theater club at a time.  Its not permanent either - there have been cases of folks changing clubs from time to time.

For many of use, the clubs provide a mechanism generating games.  We just started the National League season (about a three month long, online gaming competition).  The individual clubs have unique lists of available units, sometimes offering some pretty interesting game conditions.  

Hope that helps!
joshk 58

Thanks guys

These clubs are about fun, online gaming and learning about the game.

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