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W@S Clubhouse Chat

What's going on ( in general)

I'm gradually updating the CFN clubroom, when work and family and trek permit

I'm kind of on hold right now, getting stuff ready for FFFL14!  Very Happy

Anticipating the TA release.  

National League season start in probably June Smile

FFFL is always fun, even if you loose every game!

So what is fffl?

FFFL = Forumini Fantasy Fleet League.

Loosely based on Fantasy Football
Basically you draft units from any nation and use them to build fleets within some OOB restrictions and compete.  But it is and isn't a tournament.  THere's a 6 or 7 game regular season, then playoffs to name the champion Very Happy

FFFL13's forum is down by the lounge.  Check it out - you'd be an ideal participant this year.  See if it is something you'd be interested in doing.  There will likely be 3-5 openings.

It looks like fun!  I'd definitely be interested.

Same as you Flakster, a gradual update of Club Royal Navy, most is done just need to get ranks graphics up. Seems this club is all but dead, we keep losing members due to disagreements on unit types that should or should not be part of the clubs list. As I have said so many times before a Royal Navy fan should not be swayed by playing in competitions, his membership should not "only" be focused on playing in competitions, it is an enthusiasts club primarily.

There is a lot of politics still here at the Clubhouse, a lot of guys either dont like this guy or that guy...and frankly I think its all a bit childish. As a club president it is almost impossible to keep all sides happy "all" of the time, and that should not be expected of any club president.

Obviously it is absurd to expect that everyone should be able to get along for the good of the clubs that they represent, for the good of the game that they play, for the good of the forum in which they are members to. Its an obsurd notion, I know, but I can always hope for things to get better.

The Forumini Clubhouse is far and away from what I and the other founders invisaged 4 years ago, some things are better thanks to the tireless work of the Clubhouse membership, but some things should never have been brought about in the first place. Division and sub-division is the best way to break anything apart and that is precisely what happened here. Of course some guys will want to crucify me for saying such things, and I suppose I dont blame them, but it just would have been a much stronger Clubhouse if we had stuck with the formula that was working.

Please forgive me.


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