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Unit of the Month - Prinz Eugen

This month we will discuss the German Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen and her short but eventful career during WWII.  Please feel free to contribute in this thread as we discuss this ship.  More to come tomorrow Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

Looking forward to this one.  As I mentioned elsewhere, Prinz Eugen remains visible from space to this day... Smile

Yes you can:


Here's a good one...

Prinz Eugen certainly had a checkered career.  Ramming the Leipzig (above) was one of the low lights.  But, I can't think of too many other Kriegsmarine heavy units that saw as much action.  The ship had a pretty interesting history.  

One more interesting episode...


Great pics!

Herr Kapitan let his wife park Very Happy

Nice pics!

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