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Tier 1 vs. Tier 2. What's up with that?

As I am looking to join a theatre club, I am trying to figure stuff out. With my 1:1800 scale brain, that's been ... tough!

I went through the Club rules on the following thread: While I found reference to Club South Pacific, I found nothing about Tier 1 units or Tier 1 units, yet, I see them in almost all the theatre listings!

Can someone get the squall out of my brain's way, or get rid of that smoke screen or at least stop rolling the concealment rolls so I can see what I want to see? Wink

Thanks in advance!
Admiral Woodside

I will try and figure out a quick reply so you are not in too much pain and then we can wait for Flakstruk to stop by and more fully elaborate if necessary, as I understand he may be the originator of the concept.

The Tier 1 fleet builds are the premier fleet builds in the theater, while the Tier 2 builds are either minor nation centered, or for a major nation that did not have a lot in theater in comparison to what it could have brought from its total arsenal.

I presume that Tier 1 fleets fight each other, while Tier 2 fleets only go up against Tier 2 fleets. For example, your Tier 1 fights some other theater club's Tier 1, or if you are in an away game, you would use one of their Tier 1 against the away opponent using another or their Tier 1 teams. Same with Tier 2. Possibly not all theater clubs have both axis and allied versions of Tier 2, but it appears most would have both axis and allied versions of Tier 1.

The philosophy around this was to showcase possibly smaller and less well know engagements of units. And also, along with the new home and away system, it adds a bit to the play balance. For example, you might fancy a Tier 2 game of your units against the other guy's Tier 2 if your Tier 1 looks a little out classed by his Tier 1.

That's my read on it. Not sure if that is totally correct or not.


Admiral Woodside

That's pretty much it. Tier 1 have a full roster with plenty of options, tier 2s are limited fleets, either because they majors lack key fleet components(say carriers) or are  minors

South Pacific became club pacific. It's a dead club

Soooo ... "Tier" is then another option for the battles? In addition to options listed already?

Ok. Just trying to figure out what I need to do at the start of a battle, before picking fleets. I lost my last battle because I "assumed" (yes, I know what that means!) that OOB was mandatory, so took an OOB fleet.

Sounds like what "could be" universal to all clubs of both sorts is a "pre-battle agreement checklist", whece all issues are addressed and agreed upon.

Sort of, the idea was that you can match like-strength forces. I think the best way to get a good match is to clearly post what your sort of game your looking for OOB, Night ect. Tiers are hopefully more useful than not.

The overriding concern is people are enjoying playing. I found personally that if I has a minor navy in mind but didn't want to spell it out, I'd end up facing a major navy because rosters were not defined any other way

Thanks ... as my brain is not very organized, any list I come up that I can put in front of me is a big help (like a Pilot's Checklist!) so I'll probably put one together sooner than later!

I'm just trying to format historical fleets without causing too much ruckus.

Simple is Force Z went toe to toe with a Pacific IJN assault.

Rather than have a Club South East Indo China Sea, I'm including some ABDA and Some royal Navy units.

If you'd like to play Force Z In Pacific waters vs. The IJN it's there.

I'd your opponent is okay mixing up some Pacific fleets for fun it's there.
Flak and I have been working behind the scenes and as my schedule permits to focus on the "other than" units that played a role in PTO and ITO.

I think as long as club officers are working together on these inclusions we should have the administration's approvals.

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