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Theatre League -Team Aegir Cards

Same as the Alsace


Definitely Frozen Seas, Club Atlantic as well?

Gloster Gladiator

Frozen Seas - Norwegian Campaign
Club Med - Malta
Club Indian Ocean - 3 were found in crates in Mombasa in 1941, constituted the full fighter strength if the FAA in the Indian at that time.
Club Atlantic- I'm pretty sure they were used in the hunt for Graf Spee, will check

Frozen Seas and Atlantic

Atlantic, Frozen, Med

Nuoli MTB

Frozen, Indian

USS Helena:
Club Pacific

HMS Valiant:
Club Indian Ocean
Club Med
Club Atlantic

U459 Milk Cow:
Club Atlantic (Frozen Seas?)

Nicoloso Da Recco DD:
Club Med

Club Pacific, Club Indian Ocean

Don't forget Clemenceau. Wink


As a fantasy ship Clem should be good for anyone sporting the French.  Club Med and CA for sure.

He115 should be CFS, CA, and probably Club Med as well.  The history said they were used anywhere the Germans had a coastal presence.  

I would be very surprised if the Gloster wasn't available to just about everyone through the export versions and lend leases available.


Can someone with a few minutes help me out with the link i've missed so i can update?
Admiral Woodside

here are the other Team Aegir units

Flakstruk, if I read your request right you wanted links here to the other Team Aegir cards that have been released, now totaling 11 cards. These are the other four not yet in your list:

Team Aegir's USS Helena:

Team Aegir's HMS Valiant:

Club Indian Ocean

Team Aegir's U459 Milk Cow:

Team Aegir's Nicoloso Da Recco DD:


Admiral Woodside
Admiral Woodside

Team Aegir's Oyodo

Team Aegir's Oyodo
Club Pacific, Club Indian Ocean

Further note on IJN Oyodo CL for Club Indian Ocean:

Admiral Woodside wrote:

the back of the card claims operations in Camranh Bay, which is "located [in Vietnam] at an inlet of the South China Sea situated on the southeastern coast of Vietnam, between Phan Rang and Nha Trang" according to Wikipedia. Would that be close enough to the Club Indian Ocean Theater to give it to CIO, or has it just missed? I am sure Flakstruk would like to know. Smile The CIO is after all getting Thailand and French Indochina. Seems like Flakstruk and the CIO could just luck out on this one.

NeuralDream wrote:

I am pretty sure it would be available to the Indian Ocean players. Singapore is in the Indian Ocean.

That's the 12th card reveiled. Cheers,

Admiral Woodside

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