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Theatre-Club ship limitations/allowance proposal:

Since we are doing all this research on actual ships (Capital ships) and classes (DD's, etc) I have stumbled upon some issues and I think we need to make a proposal.

All Auxiliary craft should be classified like the DD's and smaller. In other words, just that class of Auxiliary needs to have served in Theatre instead of the actual ship. Simply put, we're never going to get Auxiliary reprints and if we ever want to play Convoy scenarios or Raider hunts, we're going to need what precious few Auxiliaries that are in the game.

This would apply to: Nordmark, Atlantis, Kinai Maru, Chitose, T1 Landing Ship, SS Jeremiah O'Brien, USS Gunston Hall, and any future Auxiliaries such as a Victory Ship.


Yes, that was my intention.

Okay, great! Thanks ND.

good move ND, that will help a lot!

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