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Theater League 2015?

Just wondering when we do plan on doing this or is it not going to happen?

I joined back in October of 2013 and Theater League 2013-14 was right on the verge of starting that month.

I just wanted to know the approximant month we plan on doing it so I can plan for it (as I love Theater League) do should I not count on it happening for quite some time?

Well guys, are we doing this thing?

I would love to know myself.  I don't got long before I leave again for sea.

We can start when ever gents.  Could get going as early as next week if we wanted to.

Depends if we want to wait til after xmas

I think after Cristmas is best.  I would think after New Years too as people will still be traveling from there Christmas travels till after New Years.  either way my club is ready to go with the exception for a couple quick cleanups (nation units and lend-lease units and unit restrictions) but should be done by Christmas.

I suspect a fair few people will be on holidays from Friday coming.
I vote then (friday 19th)

I'll second it.  

So far we got club med, club Indian, and club Atlantic being represented. Now we need the presidents from club pacific and club frozen Seas to jump onboard to get this tourney rolling.

I don't have much to offer but I really want to contribute to the prize support to the winning club.

I think there should be different types of winners: winning club, player with highest win ratio, player with most games, and rookie of the year.

I won rookie of the year last year and would love to provide for that one.

I would recommend you send a pm to NeuralDream about the tourney. He may point out which people can be the best help.

So this Theater League 2014 (or 2015?) will kick off the weekend of the 19th of December and end on the 22nd of March.  This give everyone 3 months to get there games in.

If possible could we standized the match names:
TLCM: Club? (player) vs Club? (player)

TLCM stands for Theater League Club Match

This makes it way easier to find the match and log it if it doesnt get reported.

To ensure we get a fair match please play 2 games with your opponent (one of there theater and one of your theater units) Some theaters are not supported well enough compared to others.

I dont know how the points were done in the past but we will continue to go the same route.

Lets hope we can get a new Club to hoist the trophy of Theater League Champs

on that note...

Im up for a game! anybody up for the challenge?  we start it on the 19th unless you want to start it sooner.

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