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Theater clubs

Ok, I know how nation clubs work, but I don't quite get these ones.
How exactly does it work?
Does it give limits?

welcome to the clubhouse mate!

Theatre clubs represent a specific theatre of naval warfare.  There are 5 theatre clubs which use nations that were most represented in those theatres of war.  

Originally these were called Multi-nation clubs because you could use a navy from any country in that theatre of war.  For example, Club Frozen Seas covers the Arctic, Baltic, and North Atlantic.  CFS fleets can come from USSR, Germany w/ Finns, or UK with Canadian support as these were the fleets that commonly fought in the Northern Waters.  

As a CFS member however, I cannot use Admiral Graf Spee as when war started she was already on patrol in the Southern Atlantic Ocean and was sunk before returning.  Since she never operated in theatre, I cannot use her in my fleets.

Similarly - Club Atlantic includes the Germans as one of their major nations, but are only allowed units that broke out into the Atlantic.  CA members can use Graf Spee and Bismarck, but not Admiral Scheer or Tirpitz as they never went to the Atlantic.  

You'll have to check each club's HQ to find out which nations/units they allow in their fleets.

Matches can work one of two ways also.
1) Standard Format - my CFS fleet vs. someone else's other club fleet.  
2)  Home/Away - Since each theatre includes both Axis and Allied nations, one player builds an Axis fleet from what is allowed the club, and the other an Allied fleet.  The victory is still counted for the club member who won whether the victory was a Home win or an an Away win.

Last year was the first we did the Home/Away matches and they were FAR more balanced than the Standard form.  Standard is OK, but it is rough if you want to play CFS USSR and have to face Club Pacific IJN.  Pretty much any Euro nation vs. the Big2 in any theatre is tough.  This helped balance the clubhouse better.

Ok, thanks for explaining firesdstny!
just one clarification with the home/away-
So, someone from a different club, if they are "away", would fight me by the limitations of my club, and if I was "away", fighting them, I'd fight by the limitations of their theater club?


Last year I made a quick series of it.

So me (CFS) vs. SWO (CMed) played one game in the Frozen Waters (He was CFS/KM and I was CFS/USSR) and one game in the warmer waters of the Med (I was CMed/France and he was CMed/Italy).

You don't have to do a back and forth.  
You could play an away match in the Pacific and just call it good there.  Or have someone from the Pacific challenge you and play a home match in your territories.

Good form would be to allow the "Away" team to choose nations as the "Home" team should be able to swing both ways (axis/allied) effectively in their home waters.

Ok, thanks!

Ok, thanks!

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