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Theater Clubs & Themes/Fleet Rules

How does the clubhouse, and the management feel about having positive/negative attributes attached to all theater club rosters.


Club Indian
-Submerged Shot is disregarded on all subs
-If you win initiative on round 1, your submarines have +1 this turn

The negative is based in fact, Italian, German and Japanese submarines in the Indian were under orders not to attack other subs. The positive is a counter balance that reflects the scarcity of forces in the theater.

The idea being to fleets distinct and accurate, rather than nation clubs + extras

Some ideas I had
Club Atlantic - Atlantic gap, land based aircraft start with 1 rearming token

Club Frozen Seas - Long Night - when you have initiative, one submarine may reroll its attack this turn

Club Med - Confined seas - up to 1/4 of your fleet may deploy one row closer to the objective

I like it, makes things interesting.

Club South Pacific could get bonuses to carrier aircraft, but land aircraft get two rearming tokens? There's a whole lot more water than land down there lol

Or how about this for Sopac

Advanced Airstrip, your Landbase cap is halved, however select a island on your side of the map for you land base to be placed - your aircraft no longer ear rearming token but can be attacked by ships gunnery during the surface phase - with a concealment roll

Hm that's pretty interesting. I don't see an issue with it, but I'm not a head honcho in SoPac either Razz
Tricki Vic BB71

Seem like nice ideas.

Its an interesting idea, but I don't know that I'd want to impose it as "the" standard for play in the Theater league. We have yet to play a single "Theater" league season yet, and I'd rather see how that turns out before we start tweeking anything for the league season.

That said, I think it is an interesting concept worth tinkering with.  Maybe an optional rule set, sort of like playing with OOB?  "Theater" cards like the "Admiral" cards?

That's a better idea. If well done, I won't need to be enforced. I think that bonuses/penalties need to be historically based - not just to help out a weak faction.

As a optional bolt on it could be year specific

Example: Club Atlantic 39-41
Lone Raider: Cruisers with no other friendly ships local or adjacent get +1 armour against other ships
Spread Thin: Land based aircraft get +1 Rearming token in the return phase

I think these are fine for a tournament or optional use.  I'm not in favor of them being mandatory for Club or League play, however...
Tricki Vic BB71

Club Atlantic Early War

Lack Escorts: Destroyers, corvettes and PT boats cost one more point.

This is based on how early the Royal Navy lacked enough ships to protect convoys.


I think the tough thing is coming up with things that give flavor without totally handicapping clubs
Tricki Vic BB71

Flakstruk wrote:

I think the tough thing is coming up with things that give flavor without totally handicapping clubs

yeah, I'm actually having trouble figuring out any good 'theater' SA's.

Probably need to be systematic. First work out the defining campaign or operations in that theater.

Atlantic is about raiders and thinly spread defenders

Sopac is control of a few vital Airbases

Bull Halsey

i think both trickies and Flaks CA handicaps and pros are good.
i think for another pro:
Convoy Expert: all destroyers gain Close escort. or somthing like that.

I like the idea, is getting some of the interest that is generated from specific scenario play, while allowing for unique builds and open games.

Working up the details is the catch: i get a feeling that some good ideas might just close down the builds. adding rearming tokens seem great, but its hard to get the balance right. having a good airfield "installation" as a unit would really help quite a bit.

by lurking here on the forumini, i just 'discovered' capture the flag games . . . this will be fun for a game or 2 with my regular group - as irregular as it is (we are still looking to test some set 6 fleets . . . its been that long) unique theatre rules sound good.

With the caveat that I'm opposed to this becoming the enforced way to play...

You have to be careful with balance issues.  I think for example that Club Indian losing submerged shot on their subs is a big deal.  Some navies rely on their subs to deal with other subs.  There can be game balance issues if we start mucking with things, is all.

You don't want to put yourself or your opponent in too tight a box.  If he knows what you're bringing, or vice versa, it becomes easier to custom-tailor a fleet to beat it.

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