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Some changes in the clubhouse

Ok gents, the national club league season is wrapped up and we are in our off-season.  Now would be a good time to catch up on some much needed house keeping in the clubhouse.

1)  Some of our clubs are need to take care of some restructuring.  CKM needs a new Club HQ (CrazyCat is on it Very Happy), CRN is in need of a new Club Prez and someone to take over the CRN HQ main page and awards, Club Indian is working on its HQ (nice job Flak!), and a few other clubs have some various housekeeping to do in their HQ's.

2)  Although this may be an unpopular decision by myself, I am going to require all clubs who use British builds and have lend-lease rules allowing US air to remove the TBF Avenger from their usable units available for British Lend-Lease.  The TBF-1 will still be available for nations using British fleets using US air in the lend-lease format.  This decision has been made not to hamper any clubs builds but to try and keep the lend-lease rules as historic as possible.  The British primarily used TBF's as a sub-hunting recon aircraft to protect their all-important convey routes.  The TBF-1 best represents this role and still provides the British with a well rounded, rugged, torpedo bomber without tipping the scales.  The lend-lease rules are meant to supplement the British air-arm, not to allow them to fly anything that the US has excess to in the game.  The TBF avenger and TBF-1 are both available to all clubs using US fleets (as allowed by the specific clubs unit restrictions).

3) With the arrival of the new 72 unit deck by Team Poseidon, we are going to have some research to do again in the clubhouse, specifically for the Theater Clubs.  I plan on allowing the expansion deck units in Club/League play as official units.  That means Theater Clubs are going to have to comb through the new units to determine which units will be included in their Clubs allowable fleets.  Researching your clubs is part of the fun of the Clubhouse, encourage your members to help out.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the Team Poseidon boys have put together and doing some more unit specific research.  It's always fun to find out stuff about specific units that you may not have known before   Very Happy   Remember, in order for a unit to be allowed in a Theater Clubs unit roster, it has to have had a significant (and documented) role in your Theater.  When the deck is unveiled in its entirety, let the research begin!

Thats all for now boys, all the best and you guys are what keeps the clubhouse going so keep the discussions up.



Missed this thread. Sounds good, and understandable changes to the accessibility of lend-leased TBFs. Looking forward to what changes Team Poseidon bring!

Looking forward to seeing new unit options for the VFN as well. Le Hardi will be nice, as the entire class was scuttled at Toulon and fits within our guidelines. Smile

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