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Proposed New Club - CLUB RAN/ANZAC

We are accepting members, and requesting assistance from senior members in creation.

1. Club Membership

2. Club Banner/Avatar
taking suggestions

3. About the club:

The clubs purpose will be primarily to be a fan club of the Royal Australian Navy

As a premiere club, we will lobby for:
the addition of these units to the game:

HMAS Stuart (D00) - admiralty/scott class destroyer leader
HMAS Vampire (D68) - V&W class destroyer
HMAS Yarra (U77) - Grimsby class sloop
HMAS Perth - Modified Leander class cruiser
HMAS Hobart - Modified Leander class cruiser
HMAS/HMS Shropshire - Kent class cruiser
CAC Boomerang
Bristol Beaufort light/torpedo bomber

in addition, to provide the premiere resource for painting and gaming with Anzac units.

to provide an extensive library of information about RAN ships and RAAF aircraft, their histories, paint schemes and techniques for painting and modelling.

4. How to join?
there are no pre-requirements, pm or post in this thread.

5. Club fleet Build restrictions:
yet to be determined

6. Incentive Schemes, Ranks & Awards
yet to be determined.

7. Club Motto
yet to be determined.

8. Club Members Standings
yet to be determined.

pm sent

Welcome guys, heres what you have to have before you can become a club.  Also, I would suggest that you include the Forumini Navies cards as usable units for your club.  It still needs to be agreed upon by both parties when playing a match but the Aussie's don't really have a lot of units at their disposal in WAS.  Good luck getting everything together.  The wardroom is currently under a retooling, but check it out, it has all of the information you will need about the clubhouse (it will soon anyways)

The following criteria must be met by all potential Club Founders/Presidents in the formation of new clubs. The following criteria if met seeks the approval by both the Club House President (me) and the Club League Commissioner (SrgPoofy) to be announced as a potential new Club.

Club Formation Criteria

1. Club Membership - Your Club must have at least 5 members to qualify as an official forumini usergroup and an official Club League Club.

2. Club Banner/Avatar - Your club must have a club banner or avatar to be recognised as an official user group and recognized club. See some of the other Club Banners to get some ideas.

3. About Us/Welcome Message - Your club HQ must have a welcome message for potential club members to read a little about what your club is about and what it stands for.

4. How To Join - Your Club HQ must have a message that informs potential new members of how to join your club and how they may display the Club Avatar.

5. Club Fleet Build Restrictions - Your club HQ is required to list the perameters of what units are allowable in you Club League Games. This criteria must indicate what nations units may be used by your members in Club League Matches.

6. Incentive Schemes, Ranks & Awards - Your club should have some incentive schemes in place for your members in the form of Ranks, Awards or Medals that may be displayed by your members in the case that they should win games for your club. This is recommended but not a pre-requisite to club formation.

7. Club Motto - Your Club should have a motto that embodies what your club stands for to inspire your troops and rally your cause. This is also a recommendation and not a pre-requisite to club formation.

8. Club Members Standings - Most Clubs have an Honor Roll or Club Member Standings Table of some kind in order to keep track of Members wins and losses. Once again this is a recommendation and no pre-requisite to club formation.

Once you have met the above criteria you may display your club HQ in the Club House to seek the approval of the Club House President and the Club House Commissioner. Once approved your HQ will be stickied to the title thread here at the clubhouse and your Club will officialy be a part of the next Club League of Champions.

Thank you

sublime828 Clubhouse President

Thanks for posting the guide sublime.

To Club RAN: Good luck! Sounds like a fun new single-nation club! I second the notion of looking really hard at the Forumini Navies cards for more units, but also think about "Lend-Lease" units you would like to include (units that Australia had and fought with that won't necessarily be released as Ozzie in WaS, such as the P-40, Beaufighter, and Sunderland).

Avatars must be 110x60 pixels and in .jpg format.

looking at the A&A Anzac roundel, i'd love to have it in gold.


I say thee nay verily.

Firstly, having canadians associated with the acronym ANZAC feels wrong despite it actually working in a very clever way.

Secondly, all the units you, supermini, want to support are RAN and I agree with you. Let the canadians and new zealanders fight for their own units. We need to fight for ours because when it comes to commonwealth units many people clump us all together and would rather see UK units instead. No, every canadian, new zealand or polish unit in the game is a spot that could have gone to an Australian. The way it should be.

(please note the last line was sheer rhetoric, I'm actually looking forward to the ORP Dragon)

I am happy to accept suggestions.

put your name in  Cool
Admiral Graf Spee

I agree in part with OberstOz, but would say that including Kiwi units wouldn't be so bad from a historical and practical perspective.  With or without forumini navies cards, I don't think you'll get many Club Kiwi members; however, I think you'll find enough Club ANZAC members.  Australia and New Zealand are geographically close enough that this could work well, IMHO.  Leave Canada to Club Royal Navy, which can also play units from Australia and New Zealand.  

Either way, I'm just speaking as an outsider.  I love CRN too much to switch allegiances.  Smile

thanks mate well said.

Love your premise.

These any help?


thats fantastic, thanks very much!

super - your club fleet restrictions will by limited to the allowable units for the countries you are supporting in the club.  Remember to say something about FN cards being available but both parties involved in the match need to agree to it before the match.

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