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Aircraft Modelling
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Pair of Malta Spitfires
GVs Repaint Colour Guide
Shapeways Boomerang
B-24 H/J models???
BoB Rotte / Schwarm
RAAFy Tiffy - Typhoon Repaint
Testing, testing...
Yak 1 Conversion and Repaint
Spitfire Mk VIII Conversion
Base coat? Black, white or grey?
2 Zerstörer repaints
Bf 109 F-2 III/JG2 "Richtofen" Hans Hahn
Battle of the Bismarck Sea repaints
Midnight at the oasis
Encore's repaints
Some other projects
Chinese I-16 Leader
Spitfire Mk Vc Conversion
FAA Corsair I Repaint
P-39 Repaint Part III
Bf109 Repaint - Something a Little Different
P-38 repaint question
D3A Val Painted - ShapeWays
P39 Russia Winter before weathering
P47 captured
Macrossmartin's Battle of Britain 75th Project (Migrated)
Update FW109D JV44 now with decalls
P-39 Repaint Part II
A3M3 Model 32 Repaint
My repant queue
Repaint 7 craft project
Spitfire Mk. I suitable for Mk. Vb?
LA5 FN and P-51D
2x Buffalo and 1 Kittyhawk
Ki-61 Tony Repaint
Martlet Repaint
3 airbrush jobs
Decals 1:100
Some repaints before weathering update P38
Which model is the fave repaint?
Me109E Repaint
SM-79 Sparviero
Hurricane Repaint
P-39 Repaint
Finnish Brewster in temporary Dutch service
A use for those spare starter planes: Ki-43 Oscar
Hurricane IIC
P-51D (361st FG, 8th AF, Sept 1944)
Do 217E & Me 328 Mistel
my Aichi D3A1 "VAL" .... paper!
My new damage markers
Italeri 1/100 Diecast; anyone?
Me-109 Wingman?.
What are you working on, guys? (air-wise)
Brian Lane's Spitfire & David Coke's Hurricane
Hun in the Sun ! Me 109 & 110
Finally finished Fulmar
AIM has 1/100 scale Betty Bombers!!!
P-47D Razorback models by Bigger Flyin' Fokkers of OG UK
Teaser for FF's Chinese AF
Pacific PT Boats and P-38's from the 475th FG by FatalFlaw
firehouses belated FatalFlaw
Battle of Britain, Hurricane vs Pair of Bf 109's
Couple of F2As
Attack the flak towers!
Various planes of my collection (Shapeways and others)
Breguet 693 in 3 scales
Fokker D.XXI in 3 scales:
Yak-3 in 3 scales
Wildcats become Martlets
Some of my 1/144 planes.
Some Vichy repaints
Somewhere in France 1939
these are my changes of paint and camouflage
1/144 Yakovlev Yak-1b
Commission Request for 6 Days War
markers fire
Soviet Lend/Lease Hurricanes
different altitudes
US buffaloes Midway
Lybia FF airfield diorama
North American O-47
Luftwaffe 1946...ala Shapeways
1/100 Pilots and Tail Gunners
Boeing F3B
Bigger Flyin' Fokkers and More from UK: US Want List
Font Size for British/German planes
Zero Color Schemes
Polikarpov R-5 in 3 scales
Flying Tigers and G4M Betty 1/200
Winter Brewsters
Added a few more 1/200 models
Finally Finished a few Wingmen re-paints
Re-paint #19 Italian D.520
Celebrating Hurricane Re-paints
Repaint #18 Australian Spitfire Mk.VIII 'Grey Nurse'
1/100 Henschel Hs-123 at Shapeways
1/100 Heinkel He-51 at Shapeways
Pacific Air forces on the work bench (20 Planes)
I-15 Chaika at Shapeways
Disruptor Brewster
Morane Saulnier 406 in Winter War
True North decals still around?
Crimson Skies and Sucker Punch
Happy birthday, to an ace
1/100 Fiat Cr.32 at Shapeways
1/100 Vought Vindicator at Shapeways
1/100 Bristol F.11/37 at Shapeways
1/100 Fokker D.XXI (Netherland and Finland) at Shapeways
1/144 Boulton Paul Defiant at Shapeways
Ju 88 repair suggestions.
Richard Bong's P-38J "Down Beat"
Anyway to get less play out of the ball joint?
Shapeways 1/100 scale Aircraft?
1/600 crashed Do-17
Bf 109E-3 "Schwarze Zehn" of 5./JG 53 'Pik-As'
AIM's P-47D
Shapeways 1/144th aircraft
BH B239 Brewster Ace Converted to US F2A3's Midway
AVG and Chinese Nationalists
Good Decal Source on eBay...
D.520's of the 2e escadrille, Cannes avril, 1940 AIM Models
Repaint P-39 Rookie "Pucker Up"
Suggestions for reinforcing 20mms on Typhoons/Spits?
I love Old Glory UK's 15mm Lil' Fokkers WWII Aircraft!
*Finished* Lockheed P-38J Lightning "44-23675"
Breguets 693
BH Repaint: P-38 Lightning 475 FG, Pacific Theatre 1945
*Finished* 332nd FG P-51C "Red Tails" Pair
Convenient Display Wall Storage for A20 Complete Set
Dutch Fokker D.XXI in 1/100 scale from A.I.M.
Stuka with no legs!?!
AIM's Cr.42 'Falco'
1/96 Scale Avro Lancasters
FatalFlaw's Desert Arms Race
'Desert Night Raiders' Ju-88 AIM Models; A20 Bf 109 Repaints
FF's Updated 1/100 Scale Aircraft Master List
M339-23 Buffaloes of the RAAF AIM Models
Repaint #17: Converting a Bf109 ACE into an E-4/7 Tropic
F2A Buffaloes of VMF-221 Over Midway AIM Models
Season's Greetings! Happy To Be Back!
A20 Havoc Models by A.I.M. Paint/Conversions by FatalFlaw
F6F-3 Hellcats of the USS Princeton Models by A.I.M.
1/144 scale bombers ... new from Italy
BF 109 for the desert
Ground attack and mixing scales...
HO scale
Repaints 15 & 16 P-40 Red Tails and Russian Hurricanes
CorSec Clouds Galore
1/100 scale SBD's From AIM
Do.217 Production and Camera Test
Flames of War Album
Repaint 14: Captured 'Super Mosca' Spanish Nationalist I-16
Repaint 13: converting Bf 109E Wingman to Condor Legion
Erich Hartmann
Repaints 11 & 12: Mikhail Baranov & Lilya's Yellow '
Paint recommendation?
FatalFlaw's Wing of the Aircraft Exhibition Hall and Museum
Aircraft Museum and Exhibition Hall
Clouds are Almost Here!
AAAF Gallery Sticky?!?
Fighters of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy
Doyusha 1/100 Zero Fighter Type 21
Latest Attack, Dive and Light Bombers
Repaint 10: Matching the Guards Yak-1
Repaint 9: Martlet Mk. II
Repaint 8: Finnish Hawker Hurricanes
Zuikaku's Zero
Repaint 7: Conversion Finnish G.50bis
[Repaint] Lee Archer's P-51C
P40's 49th Pursuit Group
Repaint 6: James MacLachlan's Mustang MkI, RAF
Repaint 5: British Tomahawk IIB North Africa/Meditterranean
Tamiya's Me 262 and Me 163 "Komet"
FatalFlaw's Next 5 Repaints
Repaint: P-51C Escort [352nd Fighter Group]
Fourth Repaint: Lee "Buddy" Archer's P-51C
Repainting Sptitfires
Third Repaint: Macchi C.200 conversion to Fiat G.50
Second Repaint: Lilya's Yak-1
My First Repaint of I-16 type 6 "Mosca" SCW
Repaint Project WWII and SCW Variants
Basing and Other 1/100 scale Aircraft
RAF paintschemes and color names/number
Eye candy water explosion
Repaint ideas from the custom cards forum
15mm 1/100 decals
Plasticizing the game board
Battle Report 2 on 2 Ace's
B17 1:100 Scale Testors Model
JU-87 G Stuka
Twin Engine planes B-25 and BF110C 1/200 (4/6 update)
OvS Luftwerft (reprints)
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