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2016 Theater League Championships (23 Nov 2016-2 Mar 2017)
When do theater club games season begin?
Club IJN HQ (National Club)
What are These Clubs About
2015 National Club League Championship - One game to go!
W@S Clubhouse National League 2015 - starts 23 Nov 15!
Knock-Out Comp? For Bragging Rights
Club Pacific HQ (Theater Club)
Theatre League and Playtesting
2015 Theater Club League Championship - Post Results Here!
2015 Theater League Championships (1 Jan-10 Apr 2015)
Theater League 2015?
Club Dutch
Clubhouse Optional Rules
Attention Clubhouse Moderators! - A request for help.
Nat League 2014 Chat
2014 National Club League Championship - Post Results Here!
W@S Clubhouse National League 2014
National League 2014
Club Atlantic HQ (Theater Club)
W@S Clubhouse Chat
Club RM HQ (National Club)
"Terms of Battle" aide to make it simpler.
Club France HQ (National Club)
Club Royal Navy HQ (National Club)
Club IJN HQ (National Club) (Retired)
Club Royal Navy Rebuild
How do YOU think national clubs should operate?
National League Roll-Call
2013 Theatre League - What's Up For Grabs
Clubhouse Sandbox
new special cause club Canada (RCN/RCAF)
D4Y1 Judy Dive Bomber
Gunslingers (under construction)
Tier 1 vs. Tier 2. What's up with that?
QUESTION about how does this works....
Navy Lists co-ordination
Club Pacific HQ (Theater Club) (Retired)
Club PACIFIC 2.0 Discussion - WIP DISCUSSION
Theatre League -Team Aegir Cards
2013 Theatre League Chat
2013 Club House Theatre League : Record you wins here
Littorio and Vittorio Veneto for CIO
Tier 2's
2013 Clubhouse Theater League! CLOSED
Theater League?
Theater League Warmup- Convoy Round Robin
Interested in club play
Theater clubs
Theater Club Research: Team Neptune
new special cause club "pact of steel"
national club league idea
Minor Navies Lonely Hearts Club's Band
2013 National Club League Championship - Post Results Here!
2013 National Club Championship - Final Games in Progress!
Club Red HQ (National Club)
Club Sweden??
Battle Commendations Thread
2012 Theater Club League Championship - Post Results Here
What Club Should I Join?
Clubhouse Theater League Suggestion
2012 Theater Club League Championship has Started!!!
Club KM HQ (National Club)(Retired)
Why only TBF-1 for lend-lease?
ClubKM Presidency
Club Royal Navy Presidency
Club Pacific (Retired)
TP Units in theater Clubs/ Club House Matches
Battlecruiser Contest
pilgrimjump RN Vs ??????
Theater Clubs & Themes/Fleet Rules
Theater Club Carrier Olympics
Theater clubs and Midway/Pearl
Some changes in the clubhouse
National Club League Championship - Results
Anybody have league matches left to Finish?
How many league matches are left?
National Club League Championship is Complete
Which major nation do you think is hardest to play?
USN Destroyer Proxies
Unit of the Month - Prinz Eugen
League Cheese Fleet Matchup
National Club League Championship Special Event Match
New unit of the Month
"League Special Event Match" poll and ideas
Club VFN Chat
Changes to Clubhouse Wardroom Club Formation Policies
Clubhouse Destroyer OBSTACLE COURSE!
League Match of the Week
Clubhouse Activity (Open to all votes - even non-members)
Clubhouse Shootout - Cruiser (CA) version
Club IJN says... bring it!
Stand in President Needed for: Club Atlantic
Clubhouse Battleship Shootout
Wana try my scenario?
2v2 Match anyone?
Club France looking for battle
Epic time Dan?
SrgPoofy, Angryhydralisk vs Torpman,Danaussie
Challenge to Club Med!!!
Axis opponent requested
Danaussie Challenges????
Club KM looking for Club Match
No brave Italian Captains???
Royal Navy Challenge to IJN
USN looking to play IJN
Danaussie Challenges Club IJN!!!
Club Med challenges Club RN!
Club IJN looking for Italian opponent
ClubKM looking for league battle
Looking for an opponent to try out a new map...
Club Royal Navy Welcomes Random!!!
Looking for a Long Distance brawl!
ClubKM looking for league battle
Club KM looking for Club Match (someone plz :D)
Club KM Challenge! Junk Match!
All hands to battlestations
I want Frozen Seas!
Looking for some matches...........
Who wants some?
Poking the Dragon...
CFS challenge to any club
Bring it Commies!
Get you a** into a club match, the season started!
Club Royal Navy aint so great
Club KM looking for club match (2 more)
CFS looking for club match, any nation
OK - somebody play me - opponent found
Atlantic Thearter to Challenge another Theater
Club Kriegsmarine challenge any club
Theater of Operations League started!
Off-Season Challenge to DanAussie
Club IJN looking for League Match
OK Italy was too scared, who wants a piece of the RN?
Theater of Operations Sign Up
Challenge to Club Dutch!!!
Why did you join Club IJN?
Recommended Reading for Club IJN
Unit of the month - HMS Black Prince
Battle of the Month: Java Sea.
A WAS Clubhouse Member Vote - Please Vote Now!
Attention League Match Players
National Club League Championship Info
National League: Open Port
National Club League Championship - Post Results Here
Club KM HQ - Under Construction
Club FFN HQ (Retired)
National Club League Championship Tournament is Here!
All Clubhouse Clubs - Thoughts on Heavy Shore Battery?
Club Indian Banner: Please Help
Hoist the Jolly Roger: Challenge from CI-Cartographer needed
Looking to host a Friendly Big Guns tourney
Club USN HQ (National Club)
Clubhouse Announcment!!!
Joining a club....
Just so you know
Introduction of Support Website to all clubs
Whats happening in the Club House
We Want uss TeXas (WWTX) (Special Cause Club)
ClubRoyalNavy HQ (Retired)
Attention Theater Club Presidents
Proposed New Club - CLUB RAN/ANZAC
Speed 3 War!
Farewell guys
Forumini Classic - W@S Racing
In the interest of Harmony...
Hello All
Wait, where did Team Rocket go?
Message from wife of Danaussie
Vote yourselves in a new Club House President
Theatre Club Re-Config and the Leagues
An all-club recruiting drive?
Club South Pacific: Allowable WaS units in all games (WIP)
Theatre Clubs Class Limits
Club Frozen Seas theater research: FN, Repaint & ED
CLub FFN new Prez?
Club Vichy France HQ (National Club)
Club Frozen Seas: FNP/ExD Soviet Feedback
Theatre-Club ship limitations/allowance proposal:
The map of Theater of Operations clubs
Regia Marina
Club Atlantic (Retired)
Club Atlantic Theater of Ops: Unit lists
Front Bar: ClubIndian HQ & RAAFFF (Theater Club)
Club Med: Italian, Greek, French, Australian, NZ, Can units
WaS units used in the South Pacific (WIP)
Club Med Theater Research: UK/US/Germany
too many stickies here
Club Frozen Seas Theater of Operations
Club Frozen Seas theater research: All Nations
Attention All Club Presidents! - New Avatars
Attention all Theatre Club Presidents!
So, what types of ideas do we have for the Clubhouse?
Wanted: New Club USN President
War Games!
Ode to Club Dutch
Club South Pacific (Retired)
Attention Club SoPac: Vote for your favorite Club Avatar!
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