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Move your exhibition gallery please!
Warspite, Midway, Belfast and more
S/Y Endurance in 1/700, 1914
W@S- The Dice Box Project!
Royal Canadian Navy
HMS Valiant
Sinking Merchantman 1/700
USS Constellation (CC-2) in High Definition Acrylate
2017 MBS Painting Contest
Tirpitz with the Prinz Eugen
IJN Shokaku
SMS Bayern
The Reds are coming! SWO_Daddy's Soviets
Vallejo WWII Paint Equivalent new update - Italian Air Force
1/1800 Scharnhorst, 1943, Full-Hull
Scale math question challenge
IJN Kongo, Full Hull, 1/1800, Superdetailed
1941 blue
Hiraga...and now Fujimoto from squint181!
Shapeways Sale! 20% off...
Pearl Harbor battleship row
New Amagi and Catalina Shapeways models
Please Identify This
Shapeways Sale
German Carrier FLEET complete
German Carrier DE GRASSE
German Grossflugzeugkreuzer A III
German Carrier "GRAF ZEPPELIN"
Finished my Kido Butai!
German Light Cruiser "NÜRNBERG" 3 camouflage types
German Light Cruiser "KÖLN" 2 camouflage types
German Heavy Cruiser "SEYDLITZ"
Straightening bent battleships?
Custom model painting
German M-Class Light Cruiser
More new ships from Tiny Thingamajigs
German D-Class Heavy Cruiser "Ersatz Hessen"
Royal Navy Painting Party
German Dräger KFT Project (Kleinflugzeugträger)
Get 11% - NOW 9% - off Shapeways with Extended Manufacturing
Painting Aircraft? (Especially D3As)
Need Help-Stripping primer
ITA Sella class DD's
USS Indianapolis
Colours IJN Ships
Sumatra Paint Scheme?
Question About Achilles
Tiny Thingamajigs working on KGVs and Bismarck
Amagi Tanigawa & Tosa in FUD
HMS Renown, HMAS Australia
What size of drillbit?
Shapeways Strong & Flexible Sale
Taiho Repaint
Ki-84 "Franks"
5 ships: FUD
Painting Carrier Div 1 - Akagi & Kaga
US carriers and aircraft now available from tiny_thingamajig
Graf Spee and Deutschland
Tillman IV
DKM Admiral Scheer
Cleveland and Montpelier
Atlanta & San Diego
Phoenix & Helena
One Mississippi...two, no, just one
USS Wisconsin FUD
That feeling you get when knocking down bottles and gluing m
Karl Von Muller and Europa
Peter Strasser - Graf Zeppelin fleet
Shapeways Hiryu
Back to the workbench again....
"Say Hello to High Definition Acrylate"
German Luftwaffe Me109, Horten, Ju87 and other
USS White Plains CVE-66
My latest from shapeways: Moar Carriers!
HMS Enterprize (1774, not 1919)
Kii x2 by Variable
Grossflugzeugkreuzer A IIa "Karl von Müller"
My Collection
Early USN Cruisers
German Luftwaffe Me109, 110, 410 & 262 and other
Stripping Paint?
Weather report for with Lightning!
UK Shapeways Fleet - PIC Heavy
Yamato, Wasp, Formidable Repaints
Shapeways HMS York
Free Shapeways shipping.
Carrier ID Markers
Squint's Shapeways Models
Vallejo Naval and Air Force equivalents tables updated
Complementary colors
Roe just got married
HMS Repulse and RN cruisers
Kriegsmarine 2nd batch
SWO_Daddy's Plan Z (New Additions!)
The 2016 Man Battlestations Painting Contest
Nymphe (floating AA battery) - modded Väinämöinen proxy
Shokaku plus some IJN planes
French Navy Battleships (and friends)
Has anyone heared of Ant_S?
German Kriegsmarine
Matt_A models in FUD
HE-115, Lancasters, and BR.20
Zuikaku- Late war
Big "E"
HMS Belfast & HMS Edinburgh
KM Grossflugzeugkreuzer
French BB's Painted
Shapeway's Christmas Sale
Plane Bases?
Shapeway's links
Team Poseidon, Neptune, Ægir and Kraken Shapeways links
Shapeways Cyber Monday sale
New models by matt_atknsn
Question on Repainting older Repaints
HMS Unicorn and Peter Strasser
Has anyone made...
Free shipping from Shapeways until November 8th
Variations in ShapeWays Midways
Essex class repaints finally done!
Preview of a monster...
Two Richmond mods: USS Phoenix and USS Watertown
USS Langley CV-1
Tanigawa in WSF-Polished
HMS Valiant
First Ever Aussieminis Pacific Islands Set!!!
HMS Unicorn paint scheme other than "rusty grey"
HMS Furious
USS Midway
HMS Malaya
Akagi repaint
Olympia's old ships and other stuff
Courbet-class dreadnoughts
Terrain & Islands
Model of the Month - August 2015
Kirishima and Warspite (Shapeways)
The making of many Rangers
IJN Shapeways
Shapeways cruisers
Aircraft Base options
Shapeways FUD and the Washing of
French Battleship Condorcet and Finnish Dornier Do 22s
Model of the Month - July 2015
Tennessee and California now operational
Spray enamel advice?
dmor's version of a 3d W@S island
Amagi & Shimakaze
Danaussie's 3D Pacific Islands
The answer to Life, the Universe, and everything...
Tennessee class waterborne!
How to add photos?
Tiny Thingamajig preview pic are up
Model of the Month - June 2015
USS Midway CV-41
Bases, Planes, and advice on paints
Painted for a customer.
Oyodo, Zuiho, Yubari
Queen Elizabeth Class on parade!!!
Tip for painting small (common) miniatures
Request for New Ships on Shapeways
US Navy Carriers
Ersatz-Yorck Class
USS Tennessee (Pre-Pearl Harbor)
USS California
USS Shangri La
A few prep questions
USS Indiana
More transports
R Class Battleships ready for action
USS Alabama
Resin Casting
Hints & Tips for Dealing with Shapeways Miniatures
USS Missouri in MS32/22d Camouflage
USS Iowa in Camouflage Measure 32, Design 1B
Help whith WSF White Strong Flexible Shapeways....
HMS Repulse
More CV'S for the RoyaL Navy!
Need two more "ayes" in the Shapeways Forum for HM
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