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Heavy Hungarian armor
Pz.Sfl.II for Afrika Korps
A "What is it" for Thor
FoW WWI German A7V Tank
Remagen Bridge project- WiP!
3 new Zvezda kits Kingtiger, Sturmtiger and, Ferdinand
British Lend-lease Autocar halftrack w/ 75mm AT gun
PSCo. 15 cwt CMP Trucks
PSCo. Russian M4A4 76mm Shermans
FoW Commonwealth Motorcycle w/sidecar
Russian Heavy Artillery Tractor
PSCo. 25 pdrs w/crews mounted
PSCo. Morris Quad w/limber and 25 pdr. gun.
PSCo. Mercedes L3000 Maultier w/20mm Flak 38
Minairon's Pz IA DAK version & FoW Demag D-7
PSCo. A-9 Cruiser Combat Support & A-10 Cruiser
Sneak peek at another new PSCo. release
ndt13's last batch of Italian tanks
3" Hexes!!! WiP
mold and a How-to on FB
New PSCo. kit coming
20mm AA Maultier Halftrack
SdKfz 251/22 scratch build
Gaming Models 3" round-about
Tunisian farm
Fort Eben-Emael- drawing board
Novus Design Studio buildings etc.
Command and Colors PoC- oh... Variable?!?!?!??
Dutch buildings
3D misprint hexes- thanks to Captain_Polski for the pcs.!
Ortona Italy- WiP
Monte Casino
Long House
Link to Terrain
Hedgerows for 15mm... WiP
3D War Chest buildings/products
Pegasus Bridge- then and now- WiP
Looking for 3" hex terrain
Flames of War Painted M1A1 Long Tom Battery
Dobermans Scenery 15mm
Flames of War T14 assault tank
PSCo SdKfz 250/7 w/8.1cm Mortar
PSCo. SdKfz 250/10 w/3.7cm gun
PSCo. SdKfz 250/11 w/2.8cmSpzB41
Zvesda Opel Blitz truck
Minairon's Panzer I Ausf. A
Canadian Infantry regiment
PSCo. SdKfz 250/10 with SpzB41
Stay Calm!
Desert Works!
WotC 6pdrs.
3" hex- objective markers- 90% completed
NUTS! Supply Drops- WiP
Novus Design Studios Sale
The Fall of Germany (not the season)
turret bunkers/bunker WiP
Stalker6's Painting and Modeling Gallery
sooooo.... if you think the EW T-28 is big..........
German Military Locomotive Picture Request
FoW Russian Zis 5 w/ Quad Maxim MGs
FoW & PSCo. Fallschirmjagers
PSCo Marder III 76.2mm (r)
3" hex- Radar Station
Intro and some tanks
destroyed tree hexes(non-magical type)
3D Terrain Attempt
PSCo. SdKfz 250 kit
2" modular trench system- WiP
Morris and Humber scout cars
Char B1 pack from Gaming Models and Saint Chamonds(WW1)
Maus's Maus
FlakPanzer 38t
In honor of D day...
Sdkfz 7-1
Sd Kfz 251/7 Pioneer half tracks
Tiger Platoon
Two new tanks from Flames of War
FoW German 105mm Howitzer
FoW British A9 Crusier w/close support 3.7 inch Howitzer
British FoW Desert trio
PSCo. Loyd Carrier
PSCo. Panzer 38(t) Command tank.
Minairons Panzer I Ausf. B Command tank
Resin Ponds + Pools tutorial
Tank Herd
v2 Veteran Rhinos
Rice fields
Some Sherman 76mm's and a 105mm
FoW Canadian Lynx Armored cars.
PSCo. British 6 pounder
Peter Pig M4T-34 Rocket launcher tank
Reserves Corsair Repaint
Zvezda BA-10 w/ Minairon's T-26 turret
Minairons Flak Pz. I Ausf. A
bridges in process...
the guard tower...WiP
Tractor factory
Hex Side trees???
FoW French AMC Schneider P-16 Halftrack
Some New Things
Things that go BOOM!
My Attempt @ 3D Terrain/Hills
ndt13's Hungarian Armor
The Great War! my only piece so far
Pendragon's mini's
Dry Brush Q
NEW landing raft scenario- WiP!!!
4 Quonset huts
Grant & Stuart
Russian SU-12 self-propelled Infantry gun (WiP)
German Goverment Building -WiP
Toyama's Sniper figures
HMS Campbeltown
3D printing...
Panzer MK IV F2
JR Miniature building...
Proxie model project- WiP
Micro-machines French FT-17 repaints
JR Miniature Staligrad factory- WiP
Son and I made this 3d battlefield
Some Gaming Models Units Painted by Outpost Eagle
Outpost Eagle's AAM V1 Repaints
Outpost Eagle's AAM Terrain
New tanks from Gaming Models and more!
Straight out of the Great War...
what if? 1946 UK battle Stonehenge
Not WW II and not my norm
Kawasaki "KI 45" Conversion
PSCo. M5A1 Stuart "Rhino"
plowed fields from tressel...
PSCo. U.S. M5A1 Halftracks
Trio of PSCo. Panzer III Ausf. Es
looking for a painter for Hungarian models
Pegasus Bridge
Plastic Soldier Co. Churchill varients
Minairons Panzer I Ausf. A Flamm conversion
15mm tanks
How to build a bunker from Swedish snus-dosa
Underground Painting Fair Sexton
Scratch build bunker
Some 3rd party models I'm working on
I heard it thru the grapevines
Thor711's Panzer III Ms - wip
dirt road sections... WiP
NEW scenario in the works!!!
painting resin hay stacks!!!
Omaha Beach!
Soviet living blocks
Dust and BA scaled palm trees...
PSCo. SdKfz 251/16 Ausf. C Flamethrower Halftrack
Japanese coversions with AAM units
Remagen Bridge... WiP
Factory fresh T-34
Universal Carrier repaint
THE MAP! factory and dock fighting- WiP
Barons tanks
Plastic Soldier Co. T-34/76 command Tank
WIP: Log Bunker
Crusaders in the desert
Peter Pig Brit. Airborne Radio Jeep
rail fencing... opinions needed
105mm StuH 42 Sturmhaubitze
Bren Gun Carrier
Carro Armato's from Black Primer to A nicer Look
Custom BT-5 turret
PSC 15mm Sherman Firefly
Make your own unit and vehicle markings
PSC's Panzer IV
3D Printed Wirbelwind and Jagdtiger
Cat whisker antennas
3 inch hexes with trees
T35 Zvezda new model notification
Match stick bunker
Berlin and Stalingrad buildings
Specialized Renault FTs and Su-18
addicted to the hobby. bought an air brush kit, what next?
Model Magic from Crayola
Jungle buildings
In or around about...
PSCo. Cromwells
28mm warehouse- WiP
PSCo. US Heavy Weapons
Doberville - Somewhere real close to the Rhine, hopefully.
Modular City tiles- FoW WiP
W: Large job lot, Need help. H: $ Trades
My Stalingrad
Landsverk Lynx (Updated and other stuff)
Woodland Scenic trees...
this is my most recent change of camouflage paint and I hope
I share the image showing part of my collection
these are my changes of paint and camouflage
Germans with winter camouflage
Camouflage change
gamodls tips on painting - what works what dont.
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