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WAS Scenarios & Houserules
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Moving scenarios/house rules to new forum
Alternating Draft
Battle of Dakar 1940
Suggested Destoyer Proxies?
3 Player War at Sea
Battle of the Azores
Circular Runs
Developing New Gun Effectiveness Formula
Vulnerability with mines
Hi Level Bombers
Operations Rurka and Worek
Simple 100 point Norwegian scenario
4 player surprise
JoshK58's Dogfighting House Rule
FIRE and FLOODING! (Simpler than it sounds)
Weather rules for smaller battles
War at sea WW1 Variant
Mixing all three games
Avalon Hill / wizards of the coast scenarios gone
Random Encounter Campaign System
Cruiser Action Off Spartivento
AH's The First Battle of Guadalcanal Scenario Special Rule?
House Rules By Year
Alternate Timeline - Operation Tungsten! Part 1
Generic Negative SAs
Shore landing Scenario
Linear Battles for Campaigns
Fighter Limitation Houserule
AH Scenario 2: Australian-Dutch Crisis 1939
AH Scenario 1: Third Balkan War
WaS with afilter's large map house rules
The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot
Air Raid on Rabaul, Nov.2-11, 1943
Scenario Set-up
Restarting - Forumini Naval Battles
Operation Nordmark 18-20 February 1940
Donitz's first wolfpack, 8 to 17 October 1939
Solo Player Campaign Project
Clarification needed "EK's Advanced Rules: Hidden Subs&
Submarines: Fight it out on surface rule?
100 or 150 points
150 point battles
Encounter at Bergen
The Final Countdown - Normal Rules version!
Brasel's Modified Blackeagle's Darkness Rules
A new hexless replay report
VP system for a fleet action
Drafting WaS
Who has made a Plan Orange campaign?
Adding Realism to Ship Damage
Combined W@S and AAM
Action station
Anyone Ever Tried a Philippine Sea Scenario?
1-1 Escort Ratio in Historical Carrier Scenarios?
More tactical movement
Opposing convoy rules that actually work!
"Occupation" Scenario Rules
World war scenario
A way to do "submarines" ...
Mini campaing, hunt for Bismarck!
Azores Attack ! 1943, 450 point scenario
W@S Convoy Scenario
RIP - Revised Initiative Procedures
Battlepack: Solomon's (Flak's Take)
andypalmer's WAS 2.0 - UK J-Class Destroyers
andypalmer's WAS 2.0 - German 1936 class Destroyers
Malta ~ War at Sea Map
Admiral Woodside's 2500 yard sector house rules
WAS 2.0
Flotilla Leader Revisited
League Of Nations - Global 1943 Campaign
Regarding Sweden
Secret Missions
Taking a stab at Pearl Harbor
French Civil W@S a.k.a. Sacre Blu
Auxiliary/destroyer fleet only
Forumini Naval Battles - Battle of Malacca Strait
Project 36: Building a fleet
Forumini Naval Battles - Kula Gulf [under review]
Forumini Naval Battles - Battle of Cape Bon
High Noon rules (antithesis to night rules)
A new stab at campaign rules
Project Weserubung
Forumini Naval Battles - Komandorski Islands [under review]
Forumini Naval Battles - Battle of Ko Chang [under review]
Forumini Naval Battles - Battle of Cape Spada [under review]
Forumini Naval Battles - Battle of River Plate [under review
Indian Ocean Raid Scenario
Shinano vs USS Archerfish
WAS Battle Royale (treacherous allies)
Operation Picket I, 20-23 March 1942
Nation Pure etiquette format for regular play and tourny's
W@S Online Campaign
The Japanese invasion of British Borneo, 15-25 Dec 1941
The Channel Dash, Operations Cerberus/Fuller 11-13 Feb 1942
W@S as an empire building game
Dakar scenario. Balanced?
Azraels Ice/icebreakers, weather, terrain house rules
Historical Installations, missions,objectives. Fan fare?
Azrael's shore support scenario/rules
Cape St. Vincent/Portugal ~ Online Game Map
Scenario Mediterranean WAS Admiral Rules Mare Nostrum
Peleliu ~ Online Game Maps
Amphibious Warfare Rules
Operation Exporter
Historical Maps - By Contribution
Revisiting the Scenario Generator for Version 6
Project Cathrine
Battlefield conditions/event deck/flavour-realism additions
Med showdown
CORAL SEA~ Online Game Map
Japanese relief of Attu - Aleutians scenario
new rules variation: half n half
Midway~Online Game Map
NEW BRITAIN~Online Game Map
Battle of the North Cape
Mariana Turkey Shoot
Attacker Defender Scenario
Operation White, 15 - 19 November 1940
Club Run SA
a neat sencario
Encounter in the Sicilian Narrows, night of 27/28 Nov 1940
OOB, Night Rules, & Long Distance
Can we sticky...
Taskgroup Houserule
Final Countdown: After Action Report (no photos)
League of Nations - City States
Richard Bakers add-on/Simulation War At Sea Rules
A $2 15x27 square playmat.
WAS damage houserule alternative
Fog of war (a throwback to block games) WAS style
Knifefight: Single ship battles
operation Stonewall
night rules revised
For Online Play
Minor Objectives
Advanced/Improved Rules
A Scenario you DONT WANT TO DO!
Battle of the Barents Sea - 31 December 1942
Warmachine alt was ruleset ($100 contest runner up)
League/campaign game
Rplume's League gaming rule set
Dead in the water ships.
Submarine house rules
Squall Movement
Order of Battle 2.0
extra flag points . . .
Battle of the med Malta vs Taranto scenario
3 Player game
Pearl Harbor/Midway
You Sunk my BATTLESHIP!! (Battleship game for W@S)
Final Countdown Convention Version - DONE!
Landing Scenario - Work in progres
War @ Sea Version 2.0
awarding victory points for hull damage - not sunk
League Of Nations Maps & Rules
Java Sea Scenario from latest Ranging Shots questions
LoN Log
Electronic copy of 2010 War At Sea Starter Rulebook
LoN Gentlemens Club (FAQs)
Large map/high point ship placement
LoN Status- Allies: 19 Axis: 18
Ship and Aircraft card calculations
League of Nations Revisited
The race to occupy Norway a WAS scenario
I need 2 of the best scenarios for tonight
Aluetians Project
Fleet auxiliary + Carrier battle scenario
Forward Airstrip Scenario
Victory in the Pacific Map
Light Shore Battery?
House Air to Air Game
Wotje Island Assault
Multiplayer Island Attack Game Format Called Escalation
House Rule Idea - Defensive Armament
Curlew Island Naval Base (US NAVY AIR BASE And Dock) Fiction
WaS RPG 2.0: Audacious Admirals
4 player W@S
Ideas on a harbor or island base attack scenario
Vital Armor and "morale" points
Mission based scenarios.
Asiatic Fleet (Speculative)
Assault on Oslo - 8/9 April 1940
Admiral Hipper attacks troop convoy WS5A, 25 December 1940
Yugoslavian Breakout, April 1941
Battle of Coral Sea - 7/8 May 1942
Battle of Java Sea - 27 February 1942
Battle of Matapan - 28 March 1941 - Balanced
convoy scenario extras for gaming group
Harpoon what if? 14 June 1942
Escort SA
Invasion of Bali, 19/20 February 1942
League of Nations V
Operation L, The Japanese invasion of Sumatra 15 Feb 1942
Source of "never-were" battles & scenarios!
Harpoon Convoy, the final run, 15 June 1942
simple house rules I would make to WAS
Operation Sportpalast, Mar 42, The 1st sortie of the Tirpitz
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