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Deck 5 public development
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[Playtesting & Feedback] Atlantic Wall
[2nd PT & Feedback] HMS Temeraire
[Playtesting & Feedback] I-168
[Playtest & Feedback] USS Constellation (CC 2)
[Unit Dev] USGC Taney (WPG-37)
[Playtesting & Feedback] F2A-3 Buffalo
[Playtesting & Feedback] Mogami
[Unit Dev] Isuzu
[Unit Dev] Ryuho
[Unit Dev] USS England (DE-635)
[3RD PT & Feedback] River Plate Graf Spee
[Playtesting & Feedback] HMS Temeraire
[Playtesting & Feedback] Elite D3A2 "Val"
[Unit Dev] USS Constellation (CC 2)
[Unit Dev] Mogami
[Unit Dev] F2A-3 Buffalo
[4TH PT & Feedback] Sovyetskaya Ukraina
[3RD PT & Feedback] Voroshilov
[2ND PT & Feedback] River Plate Graf Spee
[Playtesting & Feedback] HMS Implacable
[Unit Dev] I-168
[Unit Dev] HMS Temeraire
[Playtesting & Feedback] A6M3 "Hamp"
[2ND PT & Feedback] Voroshilov
[Playtesting & Feedback] HMS Argus
[Unit Dev] Elite D3A "Val"
[Playtesting & Feedback] Cape Teulada Bolzano
[Playtesting & Feedback] Francesco Caracciolo
[Unit Dev] A6M3 "Hamp"
[Playtesting & Feedback] Meteor F Mk. III
[Unit Dev] HMS Implacable
[Playtesting & Feedback] Alfredo Oriani
[Playtesting & Feedback] HMS Achilles
[3RD PT & Feedback] Sovyetskaya Ukraina
[Playtesting & Feedback] Voroshilov
[Playtesting & Feedback] U-549
[Unit Dev] Francesco Caracciolo
[Unit Dev] Bolzano
[Unit Dev] Meteor F Mk. III
[Playtesting & Feedback] Painleve
[Unit Dev] HMS Achilles
[Playtesting & Feedback] Saint Louis
[Unit Dev] HMS Argus
[Unit Dev] Alfredo Oriani
[Playtesting & Feedback] Seydlitz
[Playtesting & Feedback] Me 410 B-5 Hornisse
[2ND PT & Feedback] Sovyetskaya Ukraina
[Unit Dev] U-549
[Unit Dev] Atlantic Wall
[Unit Dev] Saint Louis
[Unit Dev] Seydlitz
[Unit Dev] Painleve
[Unit Dev] Me 410
[Playtesting & Feedback] Zerberus Scharnhorst
[Unit Dev] Voroshilov
[Playtesting & Feedback] Sovyetskaya Ukraina
[Playtesting & Feedback] MTB-2
[Playtesting & Feedback] River Plate Graf Spee
[Playtesting & Feedback] MV Macoma
[Playtesting & Feedback] Hr. Ms. O19
[Unit Dev] MTB-2
[Unit Dev] (Operation) Scharnhorst
[Unit Dev] Sovyetskaya Ukraina
[Unit Dev] River Plate Graf Spee
[Unit Dev] Hr. Ms. O19
[Unit Dev] MV Macoma
Deck 5 setlist status
HMS Indomitable & M-class dropped from deck
Deck 5 public vote results
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Deck 5 unit vote
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