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2013 WAS Winter Classic Tournament
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Thank you Herky80!
Championship Game: SWO_Daddy vs Fredmiracle
Round 4: Flakstruk vs Raevski
Round 4: LcdrSwizzle vs Mnnorthstars
Round 4: VannascheKoen vs Firesdstny
Round 4: Aryton42 vs Hokiepastor
Round 3 Pairs
Round 3: Germany vs USA: Phoenix vs Doberman
Round 3: Germany vs USA: Flakstruk vs Ayrton12
Round 3: Italy vs France: Mnnorthstars v Raevski
Round 3: Japan vs UK: Hokiepastor v Firesdstny
Round 3: Japan vs USA: Dracos42 vs CommanderSam
Round 3: Germany vs France: Swished3 vs Herky80
Round 3: Germany vs UK: Fredmiracle v VanasscheKoen
Round 3: Japan vs USA: SeaAngel v Nrnstaswa
Round 3: Japan vs USA: Brigman v LcdrSwizzle
Who is in for round 3?
Round 2: Game 9: Doberman vs CommanderSam
Round 2: Game 8: Nrnstraswa vs Firesdstny
Round 2: Game 7: SeaAngel vs Hokiepastor
Round 2: Game 6: Swished3 vs Phoenix_jz
Round 2: Game 5: Ayrton12 vs LcdrSwizzle
Round 2: Game 4: Dracos42 vs Asbestos
Round 2: Game 3: VannascheKoen vs Flakstruk
Round 2: Game 2: Raevski vs Fredmiracle
Round 2: Game 1: Mnnorthstars vs SWO_Daddy
Are You Game for Round 2?
Prizes courtesy of 12-7 Games
Round 1: Game 10: Tych vs VanasscheKoen
Round 1: Game 9: CommanderSam vs mnnorthstars
Round 1: Game 8: Firesdstny vs Fredmiracle
Round 1: Game 7: Raevski vs Nrnstraswa
Round 1: Game 6: SWO_Daddy vs Swished3
Round 1: Game 5: Phoenix_jz vs Dracos42
Round 1: Game 4: Flakstruk vs SeaAngel
Round 1: Game 3: Hokiepastor vs Asbestos
Round 1: Game 2: LcdrSwizzle vs Herky80
Round 1: Game 1: Ayrton12 vs Doberman
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