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Test, since almost no one is active
Flak vs. Au64: Playtest SC2
Just for fun: Brigs (Italy) vs NAReser (UK), 1942, 300 pts
Theater League: Flak (RN) v SWO (IJN) - 1944, 300pts, CIO
NAResar vs ??
Mare Nostrum
Flak, Long-Game, Full Mediterranean
Theater League - VK (CA) vs. Flakstruk (CI)
Theater League: SWO_Daddy (CM) v. VanasscheKoen (CA) - 1945
Med Long Game 2016
Theatre League- Brig(CFS)/Flak(CIO)
Theater League - ticat (CA) vs. firesdstny (CFS) home/away
Val Playtest time!!! au64 (Japan) vs ticat1 (UK)
Theater League: Meltast (CFS) v. VanasscheKoen (CA)
Theater League - bunyan (CA) vs. firesdstny (CFS) home/away
Looking for my first online match
Theater League - Flakstruk (CIO) vs. Fires (CFS) Escalator
Theater League: CFS (Solo) vs. CIO (Swiz) Escalation
Theater League - Solo (CFS) v. hokie (CIO) - 300 pts (TM)
Niels VS Koen
Ex T-League Escalator, now GFF: SWO (UK) vs Brigman (RM)
Theater League:Brigman-CFS v Flak-CIO
Theatre League: CFS Brigman vs. CIO Swizzle
Theater League: CM SWO (KM) vs CA ticat1 (RN)
Theater League - au64 (CA) vs. firesdstny (CFS) home/away
Theater League: CM SWO (RM) vs CA Bunyan (USN) - 300pts
Theater League: SWO_Daddy (CM) v. VanasscheKoen (CA)
Theater League - SWO (CM) vs FLAK (CIO) Series
Au64/Flak Implacable PT
Deck Development: UK v. KM (solo playtest)
Brigman(IJN) Flakstruk(MN) Campaign
Brigs(IJN) Flak (MN)New Campaign
Small campaign
Forumini Pirates (Working up thread)
Deck E Play-test (Opponent Sought)
Fires v Solo - Team Deck Starter Playtests
SWO (Germany) vs. Brigs (UK) - Escalation Game
Deck E Playtest/ Flak V ?
Solo vs. Au64 Pl;aytest of new Scharn
Kamikaze! - SWO (IJN) vs Brigman (USN) - 1944 - 300 points
FFFL Rules - Fires (FleetX) vs. Solo
Flak V Brigs (Total War Escalation Series)
Brigman v Hokiepastor fun game
SWO (IJN) vs Brigman (USN) - 1941 - 300 points
Knocking the rust off...
au64 vs ?????
Yahtzee with the Dice Roller!
Ryan Vs IJN Flashman
RED V Blue Campaign (2016)
Does someone want to design a campaign?
Bunyan vs. Swiz, 1943, Fire/Flood Rules
Teaching match ticat1 vs DDevastator
SWO(USN) v FLAK(FN) Custom Card Open
Ernst L as KM vs. bunyan as USN 100 points
Flashman (RN) vs Ticat1 (KM) Learning Match - Rematch
Volunteer sought to test "Fire/Flooding" online
AHoD R3 VanasscheKoen vs. SWO_Daddy
AHoD R3 srgpoofy vs. firesdstny
Flashman (USN) vs ticat1 (IJN) learning match
AHoD R3 RH vs. nrnstraswa
AHoD R3 flakstruk vs. RAEVSKI
AHoD R3 au64 vs. Swished3
AHoD R3 Brigman vs. Solomiranthius
AHoD R3 Ayrton12 vs. CINCPAC@HEART
AHoD R3 mnnorthstars vs. dracos42
National League - Club USN (SWO) vs Club IJN (ticat)
Ryan vs Swiz RvB with custom cards
League match: IJN vs Club Red, Brigs vs Squint, 300, 1942
NAT League: Ticat (IJN) vs au64 (RM)
can I borrow an opponent?
Ryan (Club IJN) vs Squint (C - Red)
Ryan Vs RH Escalation.
National League - Club USN (SWO) vs Club KM (LCDR Swiz)
AHoD R2 nrnstraswa vs. au64
AHoD R2 RAEVSKI vs. mnnorthstars
Ticat1 (IJN) rematch vs. Swizzle (KM)
AHoD R2 firesdstny vs. SWO_Daddy
AHoD R2 Solomiranthius vs. RH
AHoD R2 VanasscheKoen vs. SrgPoofy
AHoD R2 CINCPAC@HEART vs. flakstruk
AHoD R2 Ayrton12 vs. Brigman
AHoD R2 dracos42 vs. Swished3
Nat League LcdrSwizzle vs Squint
NAT-League SWO (CUSN) Flak (CFN)
Nat-League Squint (C-Red) Flak (CFN)
Ryan (IJN) vs. Brigman (USN)
Solo v. Fires
AHoD R1 au64 vs. RAEVSKI
AHoD R1 firesdstny vs. Flakstruk
AHoD R1 RH vs. Ayrton12
AHoD R1 SrgPoofy vs. mnnorthstars
AHoD R1 nrnstraswa vs. Brigman
AHoD R1 Solomiranthius vs. Swshed3
AHoD R1 dracos42 vs. VanasscheKoen
National League Escalation! - USN (SWO) vs IJN (Brigs)
Match request: national league IJN looking for opponent
All Hands on Deck Tournament Muster Station
Nat'l League - USN (Bunyan) vs. KM (Swiz)
au64 (ClubRM) vs Squint (Club Red)
National League - Club USN (SWO) vs Club KM (LCDRSwizzle)
Match Request: Richard Baker's Advanced Rules, 200 point.
Nat-League Bunyan (USN) v. Hokie (UK) 600pts
150pt Game with RB's Expert Rules
Ryan da Great IJN vs RH UK
I would like to play a relatively simple match.
National League - Club USN (SWO) vs Club RM (Fires)
Flak(FFN) Versus?
test WoW via W@S
National League - Club USN (SWO) vs Club Red (squint)
hokiepastor RN vs squint181 RED
Nat league match: VK (km) vs flakstruk
VK (KM) vs. Au64 (RM) Rematch
Knockout RD-3 Brigs V Flak
Knockout RD-3 Flak V Solo
Knockout RD-3 Brigs V Solo (Game 1/3)
Nat-League fires (RM) v. Solo (USSR)
NAT match VK (KM) vs ???
anyone interested in a simple battle?
NAT-League Brigs(IJN) Flak (MN) Escalator Series
Nat League Flak vs Squint
National League - Club USN (SWO) vs Club IJN (Brigs) Night
Swampdweller to take on anyone.....
Open Challenge SrgPoofy vs ?
National League - Club USN (SWO) vs Club RN (hokiepastor)
NL Series - Fires (RM) vs. Flak (FFN)
Nat-League 2015 SWO & Flak
Nat-League 2015 Fires & Flak
War at Sea Scenario Grandest Fleet
Flak vs Bunyan 1942 200 pts Club Atlantic vs Club ______
NAT-Knockout Rd2 Brigs V Nightfall
NAT-Knockout RD2 Flak V Bunyan
Relearning to play - srgpoofy open challenge 100 point
Flak brigs
Bunyan vs Fires
Knockout Game Rd 1 Hokiepastor v Flakstruk 200 points 1941
Club Knockout Match: Nightfall vs. au64 200 pts 1941
Club Knockout Match: Solo vs. SWO 200 pts 1941
Club Knockout Match: RAEV vs. Brigs 200 pts 1941
NL Friendly Flak/CFN v ?
Hokie vs. au64
Attention Navysmasher!
SWO vs Brigs, UK v Italy, 300 points 1943
Looking for a game
League of Nations - Halifax(Port)
playtest: van (germany) vs au64 (allied)
au64/Flak 100pt mini-epic
Flak/Brigs Playtest @300
Playtest battle - Hokie vs Brigs 200 1941
Doberman/Flak Historical Match
Squint vs Toronado USSR vs Germany Forum / Vassal Hybrid
2015 Royal Rumble - Winners (Losers?) Announced!
Playtest au64(EuroAxis) flak (USN) 300pts: USS Midway #1
Playtest au64(IJN) flak (USN) 300pts: USS Midway #1
USN Wargames (Red vs. Blue) w/Midway
Flak v Brigs, Pacific Campaign, Sector 3
Match Request
Match Request
Match Request
Au64(USN)/Flak(IJN) Playtest
Playtest - Final Countdown, Nimitz with escorts
Flak v Brigs, Pacific Campaign, Sector 7
US vs Japan ticat1 vs au64
Flak v Brigs, Pacific Campaign, Sector 6
Looking for Opponent
Playtest - Darkbringer's folly
Playtest: Mmnorthstars/Flak 200/41
Spare Parts Playtest: Ticat1 v. au64
R v B Ticat v au64
Flak v Brigs RN/RM Playtest @ 500
Playtest au64/Flak "Revenge for Weser!"
Starter Game - nrnstraswa vs. nrnice_breaker
Playtest au64/Ticat 200pts
Playtest: Ticat/Flak 200
Flak V Brigs Campaign 2015
Junkyard Dogs - Hokie and Brigs
Flakstruck/au64 friendly game.
PT- R.O.U.S/Flak 200/Day
friendly game
daer and pen online collection game
Only the Shadow knows....
Playtest (200 points)
TCLC - CP Paranoid (UK) vs. CFS Fires (KM)
playtest (vk VS par) 200pts
T-League Flak/Brigs 150/150
T-League Ruckdog05/Flak
Playtest - 300pt VK(MN) v. PA (RM)
Playtest Flak/VK no3
KOTH - Hokiepastor vs. Android
T-League: SWO(Med)/Flak(CIO)
Theater League - Firesdstny (CFS) vs. Paranoid (CP)
KOTH Flak v ParanoidAndroid
Playtest Peter Strasser - SWO (KM) vs Brigs (RN), 1942
Coral Sea Paranoid(US) vs ticat(IJN)
T-League Flak/Brigs
Friendly Match - Android vs. Ticat (300 point random)
playtest u48 vk(KM) against flakstruk(france)
Playtest u48 and hms enterprise, any takers?
Friendly Match ticat1 vs majesticfleet
Tallboy two Dice Test
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