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new special cause club "pact of steel"

For people who like the euro axis navies and want to make sure Italy and Germany get well represented in the team mythology sets since they can sometimes get overlooked compared to the big 3 or get force fed fantasy units.

Being limited to my cell I can't really make a banner/avatar for it.  But as us historians know the pact of steel was the name of the alliance between Italy and Germany (maybe Japan joined it later as well as the axis and anti comintern ).  Its not meant to be anything offensive just liking the was axis navies especially the Europe ones.

I'm up for it. I know the Germans better than the Italians, and am glad for the units both have gotten in the expanded decks so far.

How many does it take to create a "special cause club"? I can do some photo-editing if we need a banner of sorts.

I think there's plenty of room for more German air, and MAYBE, maybe, since we already have H-39, going for an H-40, but no further, since none of the rest were serious plans, just analysis of demands and solutions.

I'm not actually sure how many you need the only recent new one I think has been the lonely hearts minor nation one.

I think euro axis air and auxiliaries still have lots of interesting opportunities to be made but the other areas are mostly tapped out.

I don't know how many either - special interest clubs are different than the competitive jobbies.

KM and RM are my two favorite navies for WAS, so I'm in!  Surface ships are getting pretty sparse however.

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