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Navy Lists co-ordination

There are so many SOOOO many different navy lists.  I wish there was some standardization between the different clubs.  Some allow for expanded deck some don't some allow allies some don't....

It would be extremely beneficial to have the national clubs and the theatre clubs co-ordinated.

Personally I would like to see the national clubs be the source of valid national list.

The theatre club would then only have to define if that ship/plane appeared in that theatre.

I think it would be inappropriate for the clubs to adopt any supremacy within the forum, they exist so players can elect to represent a faction in semi-competitive organised play and not much else.

There is a comprehensive fleets list stickies in the W@S general discussion thread. Which shows export/lend lease interactions.

I think your issue might be more to do with formatting and that's a tougher thing to deal with because club rosters are the responsibility of club presidents and aren't meant to exhaustively researched references.

My opinions anyway

Actually my post is out of frustration of trying to design a fleet to play with, realizing that I will constantly be worried that either my fleet list is out of sync or my opponents.  I was hoping to "simplify" the process by standardizing the look of the list.

So as an example if team Australia has a list of Australian ships/planes (and proxies) then it would be relatively easy to say

Here is the list of forummini accepted (official cards, +TN, +TP, +TA) cards accepted for Team Australia.

Here is the list of the forum-mini cards (and proxies) for those battles that allow forum-mini cards

and finally here is the expanded fleet cards (which would most likely include HMAS Australia as a BC) which would be accepted for those who want to use the expanded fleet list.

This doesn't infringe upon Club Theatre lists, what it does do is it gives the national list priority and then the Theatre list can determine what cards would be accepted in that theatre and that would be up to the theatre president.

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