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National Club League Championship - Results

It was a long, well fought season.  In total, there were 90 matches played by all clubs.....thats almost 1 match per day over the 100 day season.  A very good turnout indeed Very Happy.  We had a few clubs who came out and just plain played a ton of matches.  It was a great season and my hats off to everyone who participated.

We had some clubs who struggled to get activity and hopefully they will be able to recruit some new members for our next engagement.  Flakstruk and his FFN club fought 9 well played battles.  He is a great competitor and single handedly kept Club FFN afloat.  Our newest Club, Club Vichy France also performed well in their first run in the league championship.  And as always, torpman and his beloved Club Dutch made their presence felt thorughout the league.  Fear the Dutch! (and please give us Tromp in set7)

Although they didn't qualify for the overall chapionship do to not meeting the match per month requirement, firesdstny gave the League a big surprise by having the best overall winning percentage.  He played very well with the Italians and showed that one of the more underplayed nations can perform well.

Club IJN  had a strong season, finishing in 4th place with a 1.91 pt average.  They played a total of 57!  Thats alot of matches!!  The CIJN players hard but their long lances seemed to come up short in many hard fought matches.  Club IJN was the second most active club in the 2012 NCLC.

Club RN also had a solid season, finishing in 3rd place with a 2.00 pt average.  They played 18 matches and just came up short in a few of them......which may have turned the tides in the british's favor.

Club KM was the least active Club in the top four and finished in 2nd place with a pt average of 2.20.  Club KM played in 15 matches this season.  Club KM roared to an impressive start playing very well early on but as the season moved on, so did some of CKM's players.  They were able to rebound and finished the season with Azreal (a new member) coming in to save the day and their fearless leader (Crazycat) stepping up to the plate to try and bring the crown to CKM.  In the end, CKM fell just short of the prize.

And Now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the winner of the 2012 National Club League Championship.............

Club USN

Club USN played in a whopping 62 matches and finished the season with a 2.40 pt average.  Tested, and tested again, the big guns, carriers, and aircraft of CUSN came through with an impressive run during this season.  Hats off gentleman, you deserve it  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Display this banner in the Club USN clubhouse with pride!  Now they will have the ultra-difficult task of defending their title next season!

Once again, thank you to all who participated in the NCLC season, without you, we have no League at all.  It is always great to get out and play matches with member from all around the world and we have some world-class guys in the WAS Clubhouse.  A special thanks to Brigman for making the lovely championship banner (along with much of the clubhouse artwork).  I look forward to seeing you all on the forumini and don't forget to join a Theater Club!!! The Theater Club League Championship will be starting sometime in the near future!!

Thanks to all and congrats Club USN!!!


Sublime, on behalf of Club USN, I want to thank you for the great job you did in overseeing the Championship this season.

Also, many thanks to Brigs for putting together the cool banner.

Finally, and most importantly, I'd like to tip my hat to all the Clubs who participated and gave Club USN so many great matches. Everyone exhibited tremendous class and sportsmanship. Some absolutely incredible games! What a blast!

A great season folks!  Bravo Zulu!

Good season all!

Congratulations to the USN boys on the title and congratulations to everyone who participated for making the league a success

Omedetōgozaimasu!!  Which means "Congratulations!"  Smile
Crazy Cat

Rats, oooopps I meant, Congrats to club USN Exclamation  Wink  Laughing

Well, I'll be! I wasn't as much of an anchor as I thought Laughing.

Congratulations everyone, and thanks for a fun league season!

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