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Littorio and Vittorio Veneto for CIO

Do the Littorio and Vittorio Veneto qualify for Club Indian Ocean based up on being posted to the Great Bitter Lake in the Suez after the 1943 Armistice.
By some sources, the allies considered sending them to the pacific but they were thought to have insufficient range for the task.

Club Indian Ocean was never demarcated beyond to Suez, the question of a ship based in canal never occurred to me.
Bearing in mind that the Suez Canal is at sea level and has no locks or gates.

I vote yes, probably with a 43 entry

While I, as a cio player, would love to include these two battleships (particularly since they'd be fighting in allied colors), I don't think the history supports it.

Considered CIO gets None of the large unfinished/unstated ships other clubs use, two active battleships within spitting distance from the Red Sea isn't a tremendous stretch

I don't think its a stretch, and if they are included, I will enjoy using them to bolster my Allied fleet, but my personal opinion is they shouldn't be in theater.

That said, if allowed in, I will be finding a use for the Italian sharpshooter

The current Italian options for CIO

-Motor Torpedo Boat
-Luigi Torelli
-Spaverio bomber
Germany, France
25 points/2 Units per 100 points
10 points/1 Units per 100 points

I thought we had allocated Suez to Club Med.

To suez town or including the canal.

It's not like they were at Alexandria, or even port said, they were in the eastern 1/3(by my reckoning) of the waterway.

About 60km from the Red Sea

50/50, that's not particularly helpful.

I'll have think about it

I have added these 2 and the USS Quincy to our rosters.
I also believe the Euginio Di Savioa was also interned with them but can't yet verify it.

I also came across this while investigating.

After the Italian Armistice, the d'Aosta had a minor refit at Taranto and in October 1943, with the cruisers Duca degli Abruzzi and Giuseppe Garibaldi, she sailed to the South Atlantic, to serve with the Allies on shipping blockade duties, based at Freetown. There were seven patrols between November 1943 and February 1944; she returned to Italy in April and, thereafter, was used only for transport.

Anything based in Freetown may or may not have gone around the Cape into the IO. But only if there where any threats there at the time. I'm unsure.

LcdrSwizzle wrote:
Anything based in Freetown may or may not have gone around the Cape into the IO. But only if there where any threats there at the time. I'm unsure.

It was a bit of historical curiousity, the club Atlantic guys could grab them, tier 2 maybe

Well, we should lobby for them, as Club Lant has virtually no Italian ships, and we have just a few.

Besides, ships CAN be in multiple clubs, can't they?

I expect the full TAe deck to add several to our club!

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