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Interested in club play

I'm a relatively new was player, and the concept of club play intrigues me. What are the strengths/weaknesses of the various clubs? Which are the most active? Who needs more players?

So you've got 2 types of clubs, national and theatre clubs and you can join one of each. National clubs are functionally the same as picking a nation in a friendly but some clubs have proxy lists that expand options to make nations more competitive
Ie Using Richmond in Russian fleets as the Murmansk
The most popular national club is USN followed by Japan. Some nations have as few as 1 regular players.

Theatre clubs allow the use of several navies that operated in a given region. Gives a lot of flexibility in game options
Club med and frozen seas are the most popular theatre clubs

By joining a club you'll immediately roll 50% more sixes and your aircraft with get ablative armour. Also you have you wins tracked and be able to compete as part of a team during club house seasons

That's a pretty good run down.

There are official "seasons" for each type of club.

National club season is usually the spring
Theatre club season is the fall/winter (and should be coming up soon).

Each season runs just over 3 months.

Since it's coming up next, I'll do Theatre clubs first.

There are currently 5: Club Frozen Seas, Club Atlantic, Club Pacific, Club Med, and Club Indian
Frozen Seas and Med are the biggest followed by Pacific and Atlantic - Indian is definitely the smallest.

For matches you can either play nation vs. nation (CFS Germany vs. CMed France) or you can do home/away matches.  In home and away matches you play in a specific theatre and use their restrictions even though you are a member of the other club.

In the National Club there is a National Club for each of the major nations (US, UK, USSR, Fr, Ger, Italy, Japan) and a club Dutch.  In the national club league you just fight nation vs. nation - any restrictions are decided between the players.

If you check out "The Wardroom" post stickied at the top there is lots of info in there:

Not sure what your nation likes are but Azrael could use another player for Germany.
I think France stands alone with Flak also.
UK had 2 semi- active players.

If you join USN or IJN expect to get a restricted YEAR game against all other nations. Its challenging but if you have some favorite cards, you probably wont play them in 41-42.

Nation play heats up during the season but you can game anytime.

For THEATRE the 2 clubs with most active are Club Frozen Seas and Club Atlantic I believe.

Keep in mind joining the most popular could make finding a game a little tougher because everybody is in that club. But all the doors are open to choose your liking.

If your looking for a good amount of games the theatre season will happen in a couple months. Joining a theatre club would assure some fun experience in the coming months.

I'm torn between free French and rn

You will find Flak of the French club to be a great sport and one of the more creative and active players on the forum. He does a lot around here. He would be a good mentor as well.

I know the RN club has a lot of members but they werent particularly active during the season. I know kid360 was in school so it was hard for him to game.
Joining RN you could breath some life back in.

If youre wanting to game and have time for online play there are plenty of opponents no matter who you pick.

Im USN and frozen Seas.
FS because I like to play KM, RN and now the Soviets

Thanks Doberman, high praise.

Don't forget to check out any prospective club's fleet list, just so you know what your in for. For example joining CIO means you have very limited axis options, no Euro-Axis capital ships and only early war Japanese, the up side is - you can mix them!

Flakstruk wrote:
Thanks Doberman, high praise.

Don't forget to check out any prospective club's fleet list, just so you know what your in for. For example joining CIO means you have very limited axis options, no Euro-Axis capital ships and only early war Japanese, the up side is - you can mix them!

Ah heck Flak, its true. You earned it.

I feel the French are about to get a huge boost in appeal from Neptune alone.
That Torpedo Bomber and the new PBs.... shoot they already have top notch BB if air isnt your thing.

Hokie, no matter who you go with there are several players to walk you through a good match!

God luck and I look forawrd to angame soon!

I've decided on my Theater Club (Indian Ocean) as I figured Theater League play was commencing soon and I should focus on that.

However, I'm still thinking about national club play and looking around.  As I do, I notice that some nations are not represented at all in any national club.  (Greece, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Thailand).  I'm not suggesting they should - but are their units represented in any club other than CFS (Sweden)?  I've seen a couple Thai units available in Club Indian and I imagine Greek units are in Club Med, but what about Poland and Finland?  Just curious.

Maybe an idea for a future club (if not falling under the heading of CFS) would be Club Baltic (including KM, Poland, USSR, Sweden, Finland, maybe some UK?)

Most of those are considered "minors" and allowed as boosts to fleets in certain clubs.

For example, Greek units are allowed by the Allies in Club Med.  CRN may allow them as well, I'd have to check.  Poland is allowed by Club Frozen Seas, and I think CRN as well.  Finland is allowed by Club Frozen Seas as part of a German build, and I believe Club Kriegsmarine allows them as part of their builds also.  Romania is allowed by Club Med, and Thailand by both Club Indian Ocean and Club IJN.

You can find the units allowed (and under what restrictions) in each club's front page. Wink

Ok, I saw the lists on the clubs' pages, but it's hit or miss whether they are up to date.

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