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Gunslingers (under construction)

It's War At Sea at Ten Paces

In order to allow club-members who don't actively play online to be a bit more involved I'm launching Gunslingers

Two reasonably matched ships go in, one comes out. Easy.

There will be multiple classes so you can play with a wide variety of Ship(not subs, not aircraft). You'll be able to use abilities on the units you're using but they may need a bit of adjustment which I'll add as the come up.

The Match:
1. declare your intent in this thread
2. when you have an opponent move to thread in online gaming
3. Roll for turn order (flags count)
4. Who ever wins goes first
5. Matches start at Range3 (Extended Range will be the exception)
6. Both sides will fire - effects are immediate (Exceptions)
7. Player 1 can close or stand at that range
8. Player 2 can close, stand or fallback
9. Repeat from 6
10. Once one ship goes down -


Class 9

Class 19

Class 39

Class 59

SA Special Exceptions

Chase The Salvoes: Applies to the mains of any unit with Extended Range or Harrassing Fire



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