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Finished - Commandant Teste

This is a new scratch-build I have been working on. I figure between this and Joffre, my French naval air should get a huge boost.


Looking good.


good start.

Nice work! Looking good!

This is going to be leaps and bounds above my modded C. Teste, I can see it already.  Smile

Looking nice, anything with lots of plasticcard is thumbs-up Very Happy

Great job!
Hap Hapablap

Wow - looking great so far!

The finished product:


Nice, good scratchbuild

Awesome work! Well done!  Very Happy

I should redo my Commandant Teste, or at least the paint.


nrn, in general your Commandant Teste looks really good. I think you did the hull perfectly (in fact, it's probably better than mine). I also think your superstructure looks really good, and it's well positioned. I think there's only two changes I would make to your Commandant Teste. First, as you said, I would clean up the paint. Second, I would add cranes. I think the cranes are an important part of a seaplane tender.

Great work, both of you!

I always admire youse guys' ability to actually build something from nothing... Shocked

Thanks JFK, certainly going to touch up the paint and will put a few cranes on too.

Yours is still better imo.  Very Happy

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