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Admiral Woodside

D4Y1 Judy Dive Bomber

D4Y1 Judy Dive Bomber:


Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service
Aircraft carrier

Soryu, equipped prototype #3 and #4.***
Shokaku, supplied from 601st Kokutai.***
Zuikaku, supplied from 601st Kokutai.***
Taiho, supplied from 601st Kokutai.
Jun'yo, supplied from 652nd Kokutai."

***Appearance of D4Y1 Judy on CV in the Club Indian Ocean IJN CV unit list.

Soryu at Midway:

"On 25 May 1942, Soryu set out with the Combined Fleet's carrier striking force in the company of Kaga, Akagi, and Hiryu, which constituted the First and Second Carrier Divisions, for the attack on Midway Island. Her aircraft complement consisted of 18 Zeros, 16 D3As, 18 B5Ns, and 2 prototypes of the new Yokosuka D4Y dive bomber."

Shokaku at Lingga Islands south of Singapore in 1944:

"In 1944, Shokaku was deployed to the Lingga Islands south of Singapore. On 15 June, she departed with the Mobile Fleet for Operation "A-Go", a counterattack against Allied forces in the Mariana Islands. Her strike waves suffered heavy losses from US combat air patrols and anti-aircraft fire, but some survived and returned safely to the carrier. One of her D4Y Suisei strike groups, composed of veterans from the Coral Sea and Santa Cruz engagements, broke through and one plane allegedly struck home with a bomb that damaged USS South Dakota (BB-57) and caused many casualties, but this group suffered heavy losses themselves."

No mention of dive bomber type on Zuikaku Wikipedia page, but by 1944 her sister Shokaku was using D4Y as its dive bomber aircraft, from the same 601st Kokutai. Although it seems that only a few experimental D4Y's were deployed in mid 1942 the D4Y Wikipedia page states that:

"D4Y1 Suisei Model 11 (Suisei 11-Gata)
First batch of serial produced dive bomber aircraft. Powered by 895 kW (1,200 hp) Aichi AE1A Atsuta 12 engine. Developed in December 1943."

So from December 1943 onward we could/would have Shokaku and Zuikaku using these D4Y1 Judy dive bombers. And in early 1944, Shokaku was south of Singapore as quoted above, highly likely with the Judy's since she was bombing BB-57 with them by June. So they were deployed in the Indian Ocean theater as defined in the Club Indian Ocean.

Therefore, please add the D4YI Judy Dive Bomber to the IJN unit roster. They were there, mate. Plus, it play balances more against the Dauntless Dive Bomber and Corsair fighter-bomber of the Yanks. And it is listed on the WaS card as a 1942 aircraft at any rate, so we are not really pushing the envelope at all.


Dale Woodside
Admiral Woodside

Sorry, this was supposed to be posted on the Club Indian Ocean thread. I was in that thread and hit the new topic button rather than the reply button, thinking this was a new topic for the thread but it ended posting one level up the tree which is odd IMO.

At any rate it is interesting historical information for the theater clubs in general.  Wink


Admiral Woodside

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