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Clubhouse Activity (Open to all votes - even non-members)

Hey all,

If you could take a quick moment to answer the poll below, I'd appreciate it. I realize some of you might fit into at least a couple of the categories. If that is the case, please choose the one most applicable.

There is even a voting option for you non-members who check the threads anyway. If you aren't a member but saw and answered this poll anyway - please reply and let me know why you haven't joined up, and what would make you consider joining.

Thanks! Very Happy

~ Solo
Crazy Cat

I did vote but my real response is:

-I like general clubhouse chatter and conversation.
-I like flying the club's insignia/colors.
-I enjoy on-line gaming but cannot generally find the time on any sort of consistant basis. Sad

I fly the flag, but I'm not good enough to play online yet. Planning on seeking out some practice matches to change that.  Smile

we're ready when you are straswa!  just shoot a pm!

I am firmly here for the discussions, I do not have the time or skill to play online with any regularity but the discussions are great

I think I'm firmly in the first category.  I started playing online before I ever joined a club.  I enjoy the discussions, and the ability to enjoy organized play is a big bonus.  All in all, I really like what we have going here.

My understanding of what the clubhouse is for has greatly expanded of late; I think splitting of the game requests into a sub forum has made a big difference!

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