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Club Royal Navy HQ (National Club)

"It is upon the navy, under the good providence of God that the safety, honor and welfare of this realm do chiefly depend" - CharlesII


About Us

Welcome to Club Royal Navy, this club was initiated so that members of Forumini could share their enthusiasm for their favorite navy in Axis & Allies War at Sea. Here we are concerned with all things related to The British Navy as well as other Commonwealth navies from all her realms and territories these include Canada, Australia & New Zealand that are currently represented in War at Sea.

Club Royal Navy was also formed so that Royal Navy enthusiasts could engage with other clubs in National Club League matches that can be played here at Forumini in the Online Matches subforum. Please see The Club House Wardroom for details and rules.

It is important to mention that you are in no way obligated to play in Online Matches or other Club House Competitons to be a Member of CRN this club is primarily an "Enthusiast" club the option to play is entirely up to you.

Welcome to Club Royal Navy....have fun! Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

CRN Motto
"Facta Non Verba" - "Deeds Not Words"

How To Join

We invite you to join with us as we battle with Axis forces and share our mutual enthusiasm for the Royal Navy and her Commonwealth. To apply for membership you can enter your request here and I will see to your application, and add you to our members list. Once you are a member you may display our logo in your signature and use our club avatar, which will appear below your personal avatar in all posts.

How To Display Our Club Avatar

To use the Club Royal Navy Avatar in conjunction with your own avatar go to your Profile and add ClubRoyalNavy in the My Single Nation Club field in you profile. The club avatar will then appear under your own personal avatar.

Tip - Enter the text with no spacing and uppercase lettering where it appears above, or you can just copy and paste:


Into the My Single Nation Club field in your profile.


Club Royal Navy Members

Danaussie (Founder & First Lord of the Admiralty)
Admiral Woodside (Second Lord of the Admiralty)
HokiePastor (Third Lord of the Admiralty)
Vetnor (Fourth Lord of the Admiralty)
Admiral Duncan
Admiral Graf Spee
Admiral Woodside
Anrack Fett
Barry Harker
Bull Halsey  
Great White
I Fail At making Cards
Kirby DeWolfe  
Richter von Manthofen  
Tricki Vic BB71


Club Royal Navy Fleet Build Restrictions

When playing games for Club Royal Navy your builds must be comprised of purely "British & Commonwealth Units", currently these navies are:

Royal Navy
Royal Canadian Navy
Royal Australian Navy
Royal New Zealand Navy

Lend Lease Units
Lend lease options added by HokiePastor & Admiral Woodside.

F6F:  Gannet/Hellcat – 1943
F4F:  Martlet I/II/III – 1941
FM-2 – Martlet Mk. V-VI – 1943
USMC F4U-1A – Corsair Mk. I/II – 1943
F4U-1D – Corsair III/IV – 1944
B-24 – Liberator – RCAF, RAAF, RAF
B-17 – RAF and RCAF
PBM – RAF and RAAF (1 unit per 100 points)
SBD-3 Dauntless – RNZAF - 1943 (Land Based only)(1 unit total of SBD-3 or SBD)
SBD Dauntless - RNZAF - 1944 (Land Based only)(1 unit total of SBD-3 or SBD)
TBF-1 Avenger - RN FAA, RNZAF, and RCAF - 1942
TBF Avenger - RN FAA, RNZAF, and RCAF - 1944
V-156F Vindicator – Chesapeake, RN FAA - 1941
B-339 Buffalo – RNZAF, RAAF, RCAF, RAF, RN FAA; recommend use of Dutch Buffalo card.

Exclamation Important: On Use of Custom Cards

Club Royal Navy sanctions the use of "any" custom cards so long as they are mutually agreed upon by your oponent during the Fleet Build Submission Phase of play.

Team Sea God custom decks are recognized by the Clubhouse as "official" and therefore no agreement must be made unlike other custom card/s or custom card decks.


As an incentive to all Club Royal Navy members Club Royal Navy has added an Honour Roll. If you win any Online Match here at Forumini, Club Royal Navy will award its members with a rank. All Club Royal Navy Members start with the Rank of Able Seaman but with every Online Win you will be promoted up through the ranks.

To register your wins with the club simply add +1 and your name in this thread, we will update the roll regularly and delete your posts once I have updated the roll.

Here is the graphic for "Able Seaman" this is your introductory rank when you join Club Royal Navy. You can add it to your Avatar or to your Sig, use it however you wish, your new rank will be given to you when you are promoted I have them all in my files and I will PM the graphic to you upon promotion:

Official Royal Navy Honour Roll

The following is the list of honoured seamen that have won online battles for Club Royal Navy.

Pilgrimtone - Captain- Online Wins 12

Sublime828 - Lieutenant - Online Wins 9

Danaussie - Sub-Lieutenant - Online Wins 8

Admiral Graf Spee - Warrant Officer Class 1- Online Wins 5

Kid360 - Warrant Officer Class 2 - Online Wins 4

Anrack Fett - Chief Petty Officer- Online Wins 3

HMS_Artemis - Petty Officer - Online Wins 2

Swished3 - Petty Officer - Online Wins 2

LT_V - Petty Officer - Online Wins 2

Vetnor - Petty Officer - Online Wins 2

I Fail At Making Cards - Leading Rate - Online Wins 1

Tricky Vic - Leading Rate - Online Wins 1

Hokiepastor - Leading Rate - Online Wins 1

Pilgrimjump - Leading Rate - Online Wins 1


Club Royal Navy - Gazette

Royal Navy Documentaries

HMS Belfast

An interesting documentary about the Royal Navy cruiser HMS Belfast.

HMS Hood & Other Ships in Color

A great little video showing HMS Hood on her sea trials and other ships in color.

Barry Harker

Hello Dan.

Thank you for Introducing me to the Forumini Royal Navy Club.
I Look forward to Keeping in touch, and getting involved.
"And many Happy Hours Building,Painting and Battleing with our Models......And Protecting the British Empire and Commonwealth Sealanes and Trade Routes !  Very Happy "

All the best Dan,


I see you worked out how to add your CRN (Club Royal Navy) badge Barry. Good stuff.

As before mentioned we are predominantly an "enthusiast" club, meaning we are not shy to show the forum what side we like to play the most when we play W@S.

The Clubhouse does hold Tournaments and Club Competitions such as the Club & Theatre Leagues, which can be played right here at Forumini's Online Matches subforum, which is a play-by-post arrangement. If this interests you we can teach you how to play online. Its not difficult.

Of course there is no obligation to be involved to that degree if you do not wish to be.

We are just pleased to have you at the forum, your tutorial was superb, and you modelling and painting skills are sublime. There is nothing more I like to do than to yap about painting...its what I do and love. We have 2 things in common in that respect Barry, our passion for painting and our respect for the Royal Navy.

Welcome aboard Barry I shall add you to the roster. Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy


Question:  does the Commonwealth Navy include Norway, Poland and Greece for National Club matches?

It should.

A win to report!

Winner:  Hokiepastor (RN)
Opponent:  Bunyan (USN)

This was a game that could have gone the other way with the change of one dice.  Both big BBs got vitalled on the last turn of the game.  If Vanguard hadn't gotten that last dice to hit Bunyan's Iowa, this would have gone to him.  Great game!

Chalk up my first win.

Victor: Vetnor Club RN
Opponent: LCDRSwizzle Club KM

A good game that had me swamped by U-Boats. My Swordfish came through as my most valuable and useful units.

My experience in suppressing subs helped me pull off a win.

My second win. Looks like I'm trying to make up for losing my first game.

Victor: Vetnor Club RN
Opponent: Gibster Club KM

Another interesting match. My biggest mistake was not taking any ships with ASW meaning my Swordfish and Sunderland were overworked trying to keep his subs suppressed.

The game could have gone either way.

Club France ready to play, can't do maps Smile

Flakstruk wrote:
Club France ready to play, can't do maps Smile

Hey flak

I'll play you, pick yer poison!

Lt_V wrote:
Flakstruk wrote:
Club France ready to play, can't do maps Smile

Hey flak

I'll play you, pick yer poison!

You are a CRN Member LT_V added to our membership roll. Welcome aboard.

Cheers mate Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy


hokiepastor wrote:
Question:  does the Commonwealth Navy include Norway, Poland and Greece for National Club matches?

No, we are Royal Navy & Commonwealth, this club was formed with the intention of it being a Nation Only based club. There have been many changes over the years to the clubhouse, including the introduction of many "Multi-national" clubs and "Theatre Clubs" being formed to deal with the "we want to play whatever we want" crew. These clubs are available to whoever wants to join them, but this club remains National Based and God willing it will stay that way.

I understand that Greek units served along-side the Royal Navy during World War 2, so did the Polish, so did the Dutch, but then so did the French and Americans too. If we start to do this then we start to look like any other multi-national club out there and lose our own identity. I never even wanted Lend-Lease units such was how Nation Based I wanted this club to be. It was formed as a Royal Navy enthusiasts club as its primary function, very very very secondary to that was playing club matches.

I wonder if some day anyone will actually thank me for keeping the Royal Navy for the Royal Navy....probably not.

Cheers all, good luck with your club matches.


...also Gentlemen, I am sure in relation to Hokiepastor and Vetnor you guys have won more than 1 online match as members of Club Royal Navy. I have added the wins as displayed here to your names on the honour roll guys, and if you require Rank Graphics for your Signatures I shall supply them if you wish. Your ranks are also on display on the honour roll guys, if this is not correct please contact me as soon as possible with the correct number of online wins and I will update accordingly.

Congratulations also to those men. Very Well Done

*online salute & handshake*

PS: Im sorry guys I see you blokes play all the time, this figure must be inaccurate.

Dan Embarassed

Club RN Victory

Report first match and luckily first victory

Winner : Lt_V
Opponent : squint181

Great match against squint, it went to the wire, he played a great game. We both had some success splashing planes and he chased down HMS Sheffield at the end Smile

Winner Lt_V Club Royal Navy

Opponent Firesdstny Club Regia Marina

Victory #2

Well done LT_V, I will add your victories to our honour roll, if you are involved with Club League matches don't forget to also inform the Club League organisers so they can record your wins there also.

Congratulations you have also reached the rank of CRN Petty Officer. Ranks graphics are available upon request that can be added to your signature, most of the chaps do not display them but they are available and you can keep track of your CRN naval career here anytime by checking your progress on the CRN Honour Roll.

Dan Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

Hi Lads,

Just a quickie update of administrative duties:

I have backdated all recorded wins from October 14th 2011, and you will find our Honour Roll is now up to date, so continue to record your victories here and I will see to the Honour Roll.

My sincere congratulations go out to all our members who have won and lost their battles out there on the high seas for our great club. Well done guys you are all winners in my mind. Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

Also I have updated our Members List all the way back to October 14th 2011. A belated welcome aboard goes out to those guys as well. I'll make no apologies as to the upkeep of this club, we have certainly had our fair share of disruption and changing of the guard as it were. On that, I give my heart felt thanks to "All" the guys that have helped to keep our great club alive in the past 4 years. From all the backdated posts I have read I would however like to single out a few guys in particular for this, my heart felt thanks to:

Anrack Fett, who took over the running of CRN in the immediate time when I could no longer take part in proceedings at the Club House and of course here at CRN.

Sublime828 & Firesdstny for their outstanding upkeep of our club answering posts, membership requests and generally manning an all but dead club when nobody was here to man the helm...sincere thanks guys, your outstanding upkeep of The Club House has not gone un-noticed by one of its founding members, and your outstanding contributions to Forumini as a whole can and will never be forgotten. My sincere gratitude and un-wavering respect.

Pilgrimjump, thanks mate for putting your hand up to take the helm of the club in the absence of a figure-head, I would also like to say that as a long time online friend of your father, I was deeply saddened to hear of his passing. As President I will bestow upon his name a special award of Knight of the Order of Saint George, a CRN decoration given only to one that has earned the rank of Admiral of the Fleet. I can think of no better way to honour his dedication to his club, his spirit of friendship and loyalty and indeed the memory of his name. He was the founder of our Club Motto and to him I cheer "Facta non Verba" brother Pilgrim.

SWO Daddy, mate thanks to you also for your amazing contributions to our club have also my gratitude and respect goes out to you for your amazing knowledge and contributions to the Forumini Clubhouse and CRN.

Lastly we have ranks graphics to get sorted as well as our Club Decorations to be awarded to our Members. It is only relevant if you intend to display these graphics on your Sigs, otherwise I will just add your DSO's etc next to your names on the CRN Honour Roll. I will get the graphics sorted as soon as I can.

Thanks Lads...that is all:D  Very Happy  Very Happy


Please see top of page to check your updated ranks and commendations on our Official Honour Roll well done guys we are back on track.

Can't wait to get moved so I can play some online matches, I want to make Captain one of these days. It wily be nice to be an Admiral for CRN, we can always dream.


Is anyone from Club RN interested in representing the UK in the olympic tournament event I am running? , UK and USSR are the only unrepresented groups so just seeing if I can find a couple home grown (national club members) competitors.

I'd be interested, once I understand it a bit better.  Azrael, can you PM me some more details on what's involved, particularly the time commitment?
joshk 58

Can I join club royal navy?[/b]
joshk 58

Actually, I don't want to join, as my life is too busy currently
 Crying or Very sad

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