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Club Pacific HQ (Theater Club)


Clubhouse for Club Pacific.

Club Pacific

Location: The Pacific Ocean. It is a tumultuous time and place... rival fleets battle for supremacy in the largest battlefield on the planet!

About Us:

The Pacific Theater of WWII featured the biggest and most intense fleet battles in modern history. Massive carrier engagements, battleship on battleship showdowns, epic last stands, and fierce island landings.

Our philosophy is to encourage active participation in all club activities as well as any Forumini happenings, including painting competitions, tournaments, challenges, and general participation. Above all, our member's must show the utmost in honor and sportsmanship during league play and on Forumini in general.

Club Fleet Rules:


Our club represents the classic rivalry between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States Navy. You may play either nation in a theater club match.

The Team Poseidon, Team Neptune, and Team Aegir expansion decks are allowed in fleet builds, although it is best to confirm with your opponent. I have also added finished units from the upcoming Deck 4 "Project Kraken" and will continue to add them as they are made available from the Forumini Team. Again, confirm with your opponent before deploying any of these units.

All cards from the Six Official Sets and the Three Forumini Sets can be found on the Forumini Wiki. The new Deck 4 cards can be found on the Deck 4 Setlist Page currently being developed.

Additionally, the custom cards from Brigman may also be utitlized after securing agreement from your opponent. Brigman's custom cards mayb be found here: Deck 1 - Deck 2

USN Fleets:
All US fleets can use any USN units with the exception of the following:

    USS Ranger

In addition, the following special restrictions must be observed when choosing USN ships with high class limits.

1) Players may NOT substitute cards for another ship in the same class if that ship already has a card. This rule only applies to the Six Official Sets and the Four Forumini Team Decks, custom cards do not count for this rule. e.g. Only one Enterprise may be fielded in any given fleet, since both Yorktown and Hornet have their own cards.

2) When taking capital ships (CV/BB) or cruisers (CA/CL) of the same class players MUST use all of the available cards within that class before taking duplicate cards. Destroyers, Submarines, Aircraft, and Auxiliaries are exempt from this rule, also this rule only applies to the Six Official Sets and the Four Forumini Team Decks, custom cards do not count for this rule. e.g. A player wishing to take two Alabama cards must first also take Massachusetts and South Dakota.

3) The ratio between different cards should be as close to even as possible. e.g. a player wishing to field Brooklyn class cruisers must take either 3 Boises and 4 Pheonixes or vice-versa.

4) Carriers may not be used simply as bomber platforms, all must include at least 1 fighter. Single-Capacity carriers like St. Lo are exempt from this rule.

5) Finally, the following specific units are specially restricted, players may not take more than is allowed:
    CV Essex (card not class) x1
    CA San Francisco x1
    CL Helena x2
    DD Phelps x2

The US can also use units from other nations which operated alongside them in the Pacific Theater.  Players may include one Tier 2 non-US unit per 50 points in their USN builds. Note: Special year restrictions apply to some Tier 2 units, see below for more details.

IJN Fleets:
All Japanese units are open for use in any IJN build, the only exception is that players must follow the same rules for substituting cards in high class-limit units as the USN, as well as the rule regarding carrier fighters, described above.  

Additionally, players may also include one Tier 2 Royal Thai Naval unit per 50 points in their IJN builds.

Fantasy Units (Exclamation Opponents approval Exclamation )
Brigman's Custom Cards (Exclamation Opponents approval Exclamation )


United States (USN)  

Aviation Units
 NL} F4F Wildcat (Set 1), FM-2 Wildcat (Set C), + and
 NL} F6F Hellcat (Set 2) + and
 NL} USMC F4U Corsair (Set 4), F4U-1D Corsair (Set 6) + and
 NL} P-40E Warhawk (Set 5) + , , , , ,
 NL} P-38G Lightning (Set A) +  
 NL} SBD Dauntless (Set 1), SBD-3 Dauntless (Set B), +
 NL} SB2C Helldiver (Set 3)
 NL} TBD Devastator (Set 1)
 NL} TBF Avenger (Set 2), TBF-1 Avenger (Starter) + , , and
 NL} B-25 Mitchell (Set 2) + , , ,
 NL} B-24D Liberator (Set 4) +  , , , ,
 NL} B-17E Flying Fortress (Set B) +  
 NL} PBM-3 Mariner (Set A) + , ,
 NL} PBY Catalina (Set 1), PBY Black Cat (Set 5) + , , , ,
 NL} PV1 Ventura (Set C), +
 NL} SC-1 Seahawk (Brigman's Deck 2)

Aircraft Carriers
 NL} Intrepid (Set 3), Essex (Set 5), Bunker Hill (Set B), Hornet (Set C), Ticonderoga (Brigman's Deck 2), +7 "short hull" Essex class, 7 "long hull" Ticonderoga class,
 2} Saratoga (Set 2), Lexington (Set 4)
 3} Enterprise (Set 1), Yorktown (Set 2), and Hornet (Set 6)
 1} Wasp (Set 6)

 NL} Princeton (Set 1), Independence (Set A), San Jacinto (Brigman's Deck 1),  + 6 Independence class
 NL} St. Lo (Set 1), Guadalcanal (Set 6), Sangamon (Set C),  Long Island (Brigman's Deck 1), +48 Casablanca class and 11 Bogue class

 1} Montana (Set 6) of 5 planned
 1} South Dakota (BB-49) (Brigman's Deck 1)
 4} Iowa (Set 1), Missouri (Set 2) New Jersey (Set 6), and Wisconsin (Set B)
 2} Washington (Set 1), North Carolina (Set 3)
 4} Massachusetts (Set 2) South Dakota (Set A), Alabama (Set C), + Indiana
 3} West Virginia (Set 4), Maryland (Set C) + Colorado
 2} Tennessee (Set 1), California (Set 2)
 3} Mississippi (Set A) + New Mexico and Idaho
 2} Arizona (Set 3) + Pennsylvania
 2} Nevada (Set 5) + Oklahoma
 2} Texas (Set A) + New York
 2} Arkansas (Set B) + Wyoming

Heavy Cruisers
 2} Alaska (Set 3) + Guam
 11} Baltimore (Set 1), Quincy (Set 5), Pittsburgh (Brigman's Deck 2), +8 Baltimore class
 7} San Francisco (Set 2), New Orleans (Set B), Astoria (Brigman's Deck 1), +4 New Orleans class
 6} Houston (Set 4), Chester (Brigman's Deck 2), +4 Northampton class
 2} Indianapolis (Set A) + Portland
 2} Salt Lake City (Set 1), + Pensacola (Brigman's Deck 1)
 1} Wichita (Set C)

Light Cruisers
 12} Cleveland (Set 2), Montpelier (Starter) +10 Cleveland class
 7} Boise (Set 1), Phoenix (Set 6), +5 Brooklyn class
 2} Helena (Set C) + St. Louis
 8} Atlanta (Set 1), San Diego (Set 3), San Juan (Brigman's Deck 2), + 1 Atlanta class and 4 Oakland class
 9} Richmond (Set 3) +8 Omaha class

 NL} Phelps (Set 3), Moffett (Brigman's Deck 1), +7 Porter class and 5 Somers class
 NL} Monaghan (Set C) +7 Farragut class
 NL} Laffey (Set 2), Allen M Sumner (Set 4) and 56 Sumner class and 83 Gearing class
 NL} Fletcher (Set 1), Hoel (Set 2), Kidd (Set 3), Taylor (Starter), Johnston (Set B) and 170 Fletcher class
 NL} Wainwright (Set B), Sims (Brigman's Deck 1),+10 Sims class
 NL} Gwin (Set A),  Meade (Brigman's Deck 2),+28 Benson class and 62 Gleaves class
 NL} Bagley (Set 5) +7 Bagley class and 4 Gridley class
 NL} Smith (Set A) +17 Mahan class
 NL} Edsall (Set 6) + 133,   18,   3, and  23,   6,   1
 NL} Samuel B. Roberts (Set 1), John C. Butler (Set 2), Mason (Brigman's Deck 1), +81 John C. Butler class and 22 Rudderow class

Torpedo Boats
 NL} PT Boat (Set 1) +98 Higgins 78’, 118 Elco 80’,  27 Higgins 78’, 30 Elco 80’

Auxiliary Units
 NL} Gunston Hall (Set 3) +7 Ashland and 13 Casa Grande class, + 4 Casa Grande class
 1} Langley (AV-3)
 NL} LST (Set 6) + about 1,000 LST (2)'s, + 73,   6,  and  1
 NL} Neosho (AO-23) +29 Cimarron class, +
 NL} American Victory (Set 6) +530 Victory Ship class
 NL} Jeremiah O'Brien (Set 1) + about 2,522 Liberty class, +  2,  about 150
 1} Ancon (Brigman's Deck 1)

 NL} Barb (Set 1), Archerfish (Set 2), Wahoo (Set C), Batfish (Brigman's Deck 1), +76 Gato, 127 Balao, and 19 Tench class, + 2 Balao class
 NL} Gudgeon (Set A) +11 Tambor class
 NL} S-37 (Set 4), S-44 (Brigman's Deck 2), +17 "S" class and 5 "Group 1" S class
 NL} Nautilus (Set C) +8 V-class

 NL} Heavy Shore Battery (Set 6) Fort Drum, but representative of heavy gun emplacements.

 NL} Forward Airstrip (Set A) Representative of small island airstrips.

 NL} Advance Naval Base (Set B) Representative of dockyards close to the battle zone.

 NL} Contested Islands (Brigman's Deck 2)



Japan (IJN)  

Aviation Units
 NL} N1K1 "George" (Set 4)
 NL} J2M3 "Jack" (Brigman's Deck 1)
 NL} A7M2 "Sam" (Set A), A6M2 "Zeke" (Set 1), A6M2 Kamikaze "Zero" (Set 2), A6M5 "Zeke" (Set 3), Elite A6M2 "Zero" (Set 6), A6M5C "Hei" Bakusen (Brigman's Deck 2)
 NL} KI-43-1 "Oscar" (Set C)
 NL} A6M2-N "Rufe" (Set 5)
 NL} D4Y1 "Judy" (Set 2), D4Y3 "Judy" (Set C)
 NL} D3A "Val" (Set 1)
 NL} KI-51 "Sonia" (Set B)
 NL} B7A2 "Grace" (Set A)
 NL} B6N "Jill" (Set 3)
 NL} B5N "Kate" (Set 1), B5N2 Type 97 Attack Bomber (Set 6)
 NL} Ki-67 "Peggy" (Set B)
 NL} G4M "Betty" (Set 1), G4M1 "Betty" (Starter), G4M2 "Betty" (Set C)
 NL} H8K "Emily" (Set 2)

Aircraft Carriers
 1} Shinano (Set A)
 1} Akagi (Set 1)
 1} Kaga (Set 5)
 2} Shokaku (Set 1), Zuikaku/Coral Sea Zuikaku (Set 2, Set C)
 1} Taihō (Set 6) +5 planned?
 1} Hiryu (Set A)
 1} Soryu (Set 3)
 3} Unryū (Set B) + Amagi and Katsuragi,
 2} Junyō (Set 4), Hiyō (Set C)
 1} Ryūjō (Set 6)
 3} Taiyō (Set A), Chūyō (Brigman's Deck 1), and Unyō
 2} Shoho (Set 1) + Zuiho
 1} Hosho (Set A)
 1} Kaiyo (Brigman's Deck 1)
 1} Shinyo (Brigman's Deck 1)
 1} Ibuki (Brigman's Deck 2)
 1} Ryuho (Brigman's Deck 2)

 1} Tsushima (Set A)
 1} Tosa (Set C)
 1} Fujimoto (Brigman's Deck 1)
 1} Hiraga (Brigman's Deck 1)
 2} Yamato (Set 1), Musashi (Set 2), Sho-Go Yamato (Set 6)
 2} Nagato (Set 3) and  Mutsu (Set B)
 2} Yamashiro (Set 2), Fuso (Set 4)
 2} Ise (Set 5), Hyūga (Set A), Hyūga Hybrid Carrier (Brigman's Deck 1)  
 1} Tanigawa (Set B) of 6 planned (B-65 class)
 4} Kongo (Set 1), Haruna (Set 2), Kirishima (Set 5), Hiei (Set C)

Heavy Cruisers
 4} Myoko (Set 1), Nachi (Set 2), Haguro (Starter), Ashigara (Brigman's Deck 2)
 4} Atago (Set 5), Maya (Set B), Takao (Brigman's Deck 2), + Chōkai
 2} Aoba (Set 3) + Kinugasa
 2} Furutaka (Set A) + Kako (Brigman's Deck 2)
 4} Suzuya (Set 4), Mogami (Set 6), Kumano (Set C), Mogami Hybrid (Brigman's Deck 1),+ Mikuma
 2} Tone (Set 1), Chikuma (Set 4)
 2} Idzumo (Set C), + Iwate

Light Cruisers
 2} Oi (Set 3) + Kitakami
 3} Kuma (Brigman's Deck 1), +2 Kuma class
 3} Jintsu (Set 1), Naka (Set 6) + Sendai
 6} Nagara (Set A), Kinu (Brigman's Deck 1), + Isuzu, Yura, Natori, and Abukuma
 4} Yahagi (Set 2), Agano (Set 4), Noshiro (Brigman's Deck 1) + Sakawa
 1} Yubari (Set B)
 2} Tenryu (Set C) + Tatsuta
 1} Oyodo (Set C)
 3} Kashii (Brigman's Deck 2) + 2 Katori class

 1} Shimakaze (Set A)
 NL} Yukikaze (Set 1), Isokaze (Set 2), Hatsukaze (Set 6), (Brigman's Deck 2)  +16 Kagero class, 19 Yugumo class
 NL} Asagumo (Set B) +9 Asashio class
 NL} Akitsuki (Set 2), Terutsuki (Starter), Hatsuzuki (Set C) +10 Akitsuki class
 NL} Shigure (Set 3), Murasame (Set 4) +8 Shiratsuyu class and 6 Hatsuharu class
 NL} Nagatsuki (Set 5), Hurakaze (Brigman's Deck 2), +11 Mutsuki class, 9 Kamikaze class, and 15 Minekaze class
 NL} Fubuki (Set A), Amagiri (Brigman's Deck 1), Ushio (Brigman's Deck 1), +21 Fubuki class
 NL} Matsu (Set 4), Momo (Brigman's Deck 1), +16 Matsu class and 14 Tachibana class, +9 cancelled?
 4} Inazuma (Set C) +3 Akatsuki class
 NL} T-13 Sub Chaser (Set 1) +48 Type 13 class

Auxiliary Units
 2} Chitose (Set 5) + Chiyoda
 2} Jingei (Brigman's Deck 2) + Chogei
 2} Akitsu Maru (Set B) + Nigitsu Maru
 1} Okinoshima (Brigman's Deck 1)
 NL} T1 Landing Ship (Set 3) +20 Type 1 Landing Ships and 13 cancelled?
 NL} Kinai Maru (Set 1) +5 Kinai Maru and 5 Kamikawa Maru class
 NL} Iro (Set B) +6 Notoro class
 NL} Daihatsu Landing Craft (Set 6) +3,228 planned?

 2} I-400 (Set A) + I-401
 NL} I-19 (Set 1), I-26 (Set 2), I-25 (Starter), I-13 (Brigman's Deck 1), I-168 (Brigman's Deck 2), I-47 (Brigman's Deck 2), +15 B1 Type Submarines
 NL} RO-50 (Set 5), RO-41 (Set C) +17 R0-35 class

NL} Heavy Shore Battery (Set 6) Fort Drum, but representative of heavy gun emplacements.

NL} Forward Airstrip (Set A) Representative of small island airstrips.

NL} Advance Naval Base (Set B) Representative of dockyards close to the battle zone.

NL} Contested Islands (Brigman's Deck 2)

UK/Commonwealth and Dutch & Thailand

Tier 2 builds can consist of any number of Tier 2 ships and aircraft that performed in the Pacific Theater. Please observe the following rules regarding Tier 2 fleets (special thanks to Admiral Woodside):

1) The Tier 2 Allied nations which Club Pacific fields in club play (namely Australia, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, and UK) are divided into two teams: UK/Commonwealth and ABDA/ANZAC (Aus/NL/NZ).

2) Players must first choose which Allied Tier 2 team they wish to field and may use any of the units from these five nations when building a fleet with the following restrictions:
    A) There are special year limits on many UK/Commonwealth units which represent the British Pacific Fleet which arrived in 1944-45, these limits are defined in the OOB on this page;

    B) Prior to the 1944-45 year limits the two teams are allowed to use units (limit 1 cruiser) from each other at a ratio of 20pts/2units per 100 pts.
    e.g. an ABDA/ANZAC fleet may take Exeter and Electra. This restriction is based only on the year limit and is considered void in fleet builds set in 1944 or later.

3) Both Allied and Axis Tier 2 nations can purchase additional units from the Tier 1 USN/IJN at the ratio of 25 points/2 units per 100 points, and in any point game that is proportional to this ratio, e.g., 50 points/4 units per 200 points.

4) Any Allied Lend Lease units, most notably but not necessarily only from the USA, which a minor nation may have deployed in WW2 as defined within the Class Limits listed on this page, are available to be purchased by the Allied Tier 2 fleets using the Tier 2 team's main points and do not count against the additional Tier 1 Allied unit points that the teams can utilize. The special year limits imposed on certain UK/Commonwealth units does NOT apply to those being utilized under Lend-Lease.


Year Limited to 1944
Year Limited to 1945
Fantasy Units (Exclamation Opponents approval Exclamation )
Brigman's Custom Cards (Exclamation Opponents approval Exclamation )

Australia (RAN)  

Aviation Units
 NL} A-29 Kittyhawk (Set A) +    P-40E Warhawk
 NL} A-31 Vengeance (Brigman's Deck 2), +  ,
 NL} DAP Beaufort Mk. VIII (Set B), +  , , and
 NL} DAP Beaufighter Mk. XXI (Set D), +  , , and

 1} Melbourne (Brigman's Deck 1)

 2} Australia (Set 5), Canberra (Set 1) and Shropshire, + see Kent, Suffolk
 3} Sydney (Set 1), Perth (Set B) and Hobart, + see Ajax and Leander
 1} Adelaide (Set C)

 3} Arunta (Set 2) + Warramunga and Bataan, + see Cossack and Haida
NL} Nizam (Starter) + Napier, Nepal, Nestor, and Norman, + see Javelin
 3} Quiberon (Brigman's Deck 1) + Quickmatch and Quality
 4} Vampire (Set A) + Vendetta, + Waterhen and Voyager
 1} Stuart (Set D)

 1} Manoora (Brigman's Deck 2)

Canada (RCN)  

Aviation Units
NL} Hudson Mk III (Set B) +  , , , and

 2} Uganda (Set 4), Ontario (Set D), + see   Jamaica

 NL} St. Laurent (Set 5) +4 C, 2 D, 1 E, 2 F, 9 D, 7 E, 7 F, and 1 E class
 2} Algonquin (Set 6) + Sioux
 4} Haida (Set 2) + Iroquois, Athabaskan, and Huron
 NL} Saguenay (Set C) +14 River class]
 NL} Sackville (Set 3) +115, 103, 10, 25, 4, 1, 6, and 2 Flower class

 3} Prince David (Set A) + Prince Robert and Prince Henry

Netherlands (KM)  

Aviation Units
NL} B-339 Buffalo (Set A), + , ,
NL} Do 24K-1 (Set B) +

 1} Hr Ms Soerabaia (Set C)
 1} Hr Ms Gouden Leeuw (Set C)

 1} DeRuyter (Set 2)
 1} Java (Set A)
 2} Tromp (Set B), Jacob Van Heemskerck (Set D)
 7} Witte De With (Set 4), Piet Hien (Set C), +4 Admiralen class, see 2 A class, and 9 A and 9 B class
 2} Flores (Brigman's Deck 2) + Soemba

 5} K XVI (Set A) + K XIV, K XV, K XVII, and K XVIII
 2} Zvaardvish (Set 2) + Tjigerhaai

 11} 6 Alor class and 5 Djember class minsweepers See Halcyon

New Zealand (RNZN)  

 2} Leander (Set 3) and Achilles (Brigman's Deck 1) + see Ajax and Sydney
 1} Gambia (Set B)

United Kingdom (RN)   

Aviation Units
 NL} Beaufighter TF Mk X (Set 2) + , , , ,
 NL} Seafire Mk III (Set A)
 NL} Mosquito Mk VI (Set A) + , , and
 NL} Martlet Mk II (Set 3)
 NL} Sea Hurricane Mk IB (Set 1) + , ,  NOTE: Year-limited to ONE UNIT until 1944
 NL} Sea Gladiator (Set C), +
 NL} Firefly Mk I (Set C), + , ,
 NL} Fulmar Mk II (Set B)
 NL} Swordfish Mk II (Set 1), Swordfish Mk. I (Set 6) + and
 NL} Barracuda Mk II (Set 2) +
 NL} Halifax GR Mk V (Set 2) + , ,
 NL} Wellington Gr Mk. VIII (Set C), + ,
 NL} Short Sunderland Mk 1 (Set 4) + , ,
Aircraft Carriers
 4} Victorious (Set 4), Illustrious (Set 1), Formidable (Set C), + Indomitable
 2} Indefatigable (Set A) + Implacable
 4} Colossus (Set C), + Glory, Venerable, Vengeance
 9} Fencer (Set 2), + 8 Attacker/Ruler class CVEs

 1} Prince of Wales (Set 3)
 1} Repulse (Set 3)
 2} King George V (Set 2), + Howe
 2} Duke of York (Set C), + Anson
 1} Lion (Set B)

 1} Exeter (Set 1)
 1} Belfast (Set 3)
 3} Euryalus (Set 5), + Argonaut, Black Prince
 3} Bermuda, Newfoundland, Swiftsure + see Jamaica, HMCS Uganda

 NL} Glowworm (Set A) +7 G, 8 H, 6 Havant, and 11 I class, + see Vasilissa Olga
 NL} Javelin (Set 1) +7 J and 8 K class, Piorun, and see Nizam and Van Galen NOTE: Year-limited to TWO UNITS until 1944
 NL} Saumarez (Set 3) +12 S/T, 14 U/V, 16 W/Z, and 32 C class, + 1 S/T and 2 S/T NOTE: Year-limited to ONE UNIT until 1944
 NL} Barfleur (Set C) + 25 Battle class
 NL} Cossack (Set 4) +15 Tribal class
 NL} Electra (Set B) +8 E and 9 F class
 NL} Swale (Set 5) +65 River class and 12, 68, 1 + 2 Ashville class

Torpedo Boats
 NL} Vosper MTB (Set 6) +296 Vosper 70’ ?

 NL} Manxman (Set A) + Abdiel, Apollo, Ariadne, Latona, and Welshman
 NL} Halcyon (Set 6) +20 Halcyon class
 NL} HMS Glengyle (Brigman's Deck 1)

 NL} Truculent (Set 1), Triton (Set B) +50 T class
 NL} Upholder (Set A) +48 U class
 NL} Salmon (Set C), Seadog (Brigman's Deck 1), + 62 S Class
 3} Clyde (Brigman's Deck 2) + 2 River class

 NL} Heavy Shore Battery (Set 6) Fort Drum, but representative of heavy gun emplacements.

 NL} Forward Airstrip (Set A) Representative of small island airstrips.

 NL} Advance Naval Base (Set B) Representative of dockyards close to the battle zone.

 NL} Contested Islands (Brigman's Deck 2)



Thailand (RTN)  

Aviation Units
 NL} Ki-43 see Ki-43-I "Oscar" (Set C)
 NL} Ki-36 see Ki-51 "Sonia" (Set B)
 NL} Ki-30 "Ann" (Brigman's Deck 2)
 NL} Hawk 75 (Set D)

 2} Dhonburi (Set B) + Sri Ayuthia
 2} Taksin (Brigman's Deck 1) + Naresuan

 2} Tachin (Set B) + Maeklong
 2} Ratanakosindra (Brigman's Deck 1) + Sukothai
 10} Chonburi (Set B), Phra Ruang (Brigman's Deck 1), + Trad, Surasadra, Songkhla, Rayong, Puket, Patani, Chunporn, and Chandraburi

 4} Sinsamudar (Set B) + Blajunbol, Machanu, and Vilun

 NL} Heavy Shore Battery (Set 6) Fort Drum, but representative of heavy gun emplacements.

 NL} Forward Airstrip (Set A) Representative of small island airstrips.

 NL} Advance Naval Base (Set B) Representative of dockyards close to the battle zone.

 NL} Contested Islands (Brigman's Deck 2)


Club Pacific is now accepting applications for membership. To become a member of Club Pacific, simply post in this thread or send a Private Message to ParanoidAndroid
Once accepted, you will need to go to your "My Theater Club" section of your Profile and type ClubPacific which will automatically display our Club Avatar below your personal Avatar on the left-hand side of the screen.

Club Roster 3.0
Paranoid Android (CINCPAC)

Club Roster 2.0

Club Roster 1.0
herky80 - Club President 1.0
Vergilius - Founding Member CPO 1.0, Undersecretary of Operations, SeamanWhereabouts unknown.
Ruckdog05 - Seaman
jaybird - SeamanWhereabouts unknown.

Our Rankings:

New Members: Seaman
1pt: Petty Officer
5pts: Chief Petty Officer
10pts: Warrant Officer
15pts: Chief Warrant Officer
20pts: Ensign
25pts: Lieutenant Junior Grade
30pts: Lieutenant
35pts: Lieutenant Commander
40pts: Commander
45pts: Captain
50pts: Rear Admiral
75pts: Vice Admiral
100pts: Admiral

Now for the point system:
1 point for competing in a club match
1 point for participating in a painting competition
1 point for participating in a tournament
1 point for participating in any other Official Clubhouse activity
1 point for every 5 Club Match victories
5 points for winning a tournament or painting competition category
5 points for winning the most matches in the League season for Club Pacific

Additionally, points may be doled

This post is for Member Awards & League Battle Records along with Rank and other Memorabilia.

Make sure to PM all your Theatre League games to CINCPAC (Paranoid Android) during and after Theatre League Season in a short example like,

Winner : xyz force. Club Pacific
Opponent: 123 force. Club Frozen Seas

Be sure to include a link to the game.

Paranoid Android: 0 - 0
Ruckdog05; 0 - 0
Doberman: 1 - 1
Ayrton12: 3 - 2
Crimso :
Gman75: 0 - 3
Grudge: 2 - 0

2013 - 2014 Season Record: 6 - 6

place holder for future info

Type ClubPacific (exactly as you see it here) in the my club field of your profile.

Thanks ND, it works!

PM me when you want to play !

Definitely! I haven't forgotten the gauntlet thrown down by Club Indian, haha! I'll send you a PM soon.

I'd like to sign back up! I've been thinking about getting back into online play.

Welcome aboard Ruckdog05! I've added you to the roster, nice to see an old member come back.

You are free to issue a challenge to any of the other Theatre clubs, simply post in their HQ requesting a match. You may also accept any challenge that another club issues to us, I am currently getting ready to repulse a raid from Flakstruk and Club Indian Ocean, haha!

Let me know if there is anything you need, and as the rules are still untested I would welcome any constructive criticism you might have for improving them.  

Happy to have you back, and good hunting!

Looking good around here Android!

Nice job!

Club Pacific, are you out there?  The 2016 Theater League Starts in 6 days, but nothing heard, over?


Club Pacific, we're almost one month in to the Theater League tourney.  If Club Pac is going to compete for the Championship, a game will need to get started soon.

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