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Club PACIFIC 2.0 Discussion - WIP DISCUSSION

Hello to all the Club Pacific Ocean members as well as members of other clubs and non club members.

Let's kick this off with some lists.

What minor countries and which units should be playable in our CPO lists?

2. Which USN cards should not be playable in CPO due to their inactivity or non existence in the WWII PTO?

3. Comments and suggestions for club rules, rewards, games, etiquette and things of that nature?

4. Any volunteers for artwork?

5. Would anybody appeal a change of club name? I know I'm new to the club, but I feel people are misinformed or misunderstand the club because of the USN/IJN power house.
My name change idea is
Ring of Fire or
Pacific Ring of Fire

Not a game changer or too drastic I hope, but we have
Frozen Seas

Why not something more catchy?

Everybody's feedback is much appreciated.

Our club is excited to get some games in and show some vets how the big guns go off![/url]

With respect, CIO's got the minors covered. A few historical units are okay, but having the big 2 should be draw enough Smile

You guys get everything Japanese, almost everything USN. The ranger is about all you'd drop

So no Aussies or Kiwis?

Not even a few?

And with all do respect, I do not want to pull any body's wind.

So I won't be pushy, you have a great point.

HMS Victorious as USS Robin
HMS Exeter fought with Abda
HMS Electra ditto

Canberra - Salvo island
Australia - salvo island, Philippines
Perth - Sunk alongside Houston
Arunta - TF74


Thanks for the help Flak.

Though small, the Soviets did have some naval units stationed in the Pacific.  They were active during the invasion of Manchuria and Kuril Island landings.  Some say that it was the Japanese Army overwhelming defeat that lead to their surrender, not the atomic bombings.  They were not prepared to defend the island of Japan from two sides.  

Anyway here is a quick list of the Red Navy in the Pacific

Kaganovich. Cruiser Kirov Class
Baku. Destroyer Leningrad Class (Transferred to North Sea)
Gromky. 12 Project 7 destroyers (Any one with the first letter 'R' were originally stationed in the Pacific)
Swale. Several Tacoma Class sold to the Soviet for the war against Japan.
G-5. 124 in service in the Pacific
S-13. I think there were a few S class in the Pacific, looking for confirmation.
Plane.  Pretty much anything non lend lease.  Don't think they had any Canes or Mitchels over there.  Shame no real card for the IL-10. Apparently they did a number on the IJN transpors evacuating Manchuria.  

Just an idea.  I understand what's the point if the full IJN and USN navies are there to chose from.  But I think elements from other nations Navy's should be included if they were present.  Thiland defiantly.    On the allies side, anything the French, Dutch, Aussie had around.

Again just an idea.

CIO picked up most of those nations already. The discussion last time round was pacific to focus on the IJN-USN pacific war, and CIO the minor campaigns and odds and sods like Thailand, Dutch, French ect. We miss out on the late war stuff for Japan and they are our strongest axis power.
I'd strongly object to a whole sale sweep of those nations. But on consideration, units that served with the USN (Exeter, DeRuyter, ect) in abda are fair game.

The Soviet ports are well out of CIO sphere as not be an issue.

Club Pacific doesn't need further expansion.  The full IJN order of battle, and virtually the full USN order of battle is enough in my opinion.  

Also, remember under the Theater Club rules, cruisers and larger need to have actually served in the theater, not just have a sister that served there.  So, for example, the Soviet Kirov would be out.

Flak, with you being my closest neighbor, I will rely on you heavily for suggestions.

What I'd like to do is just keep things as simple as possible with the transition.

I could see some Early War units from other than IJN/USN.

For example the Allied Forces in the region from 39-41'.

There are a few things I would like to see but we don't need to waste anytime.
Just some Australian, New Zealand units, both surface and air would be nice with a few UK units.

I hadn't considered the SU, but it makes sense.

I don't see that many US vs non IJN games going into 43 or later. So having some early war flexibility would be nice without raiding the Indian Ocean club that much.

I'll work through it with Flak.

Working on a banner. What is the size limit for a Club Avatar?

Just testing it out, what do you think?



FLAK AND I have passed this around some.
This is my first attempt at building a club roster of units.

Please give us your feedback here on our Allied list.
RN aircraft? Early war? And for the minor/ABDA navies?


CLUB Pacific Fleets

United States (USN)  

Aviation Units
NL} F4F Wildcat (Set 1) + and (Post-war)?
NL} F6F Hellcat (Set 2) + and
NL} USMC F4U Corsair (Set 4), F4U-1D Corsair (Set 6) + and and (Post-war)
NL} P-40E Warhawk (Set 5) + , , , , , , , , , SAAF, , and
NL} P-38G Lightning (Set A) +   and  
NL} SBD Dauntless (Set 1), SBD-3 Dauntless (Set B) + and
NL} SB2C Helldiver (Set 3)
NL} TBD Devastator (Set 1) and as Skua
NL} TBF Avenger (Set 2), TBF1 Avenger (Starter) + , , and
NL} B-25 Mitchell (Set 2) + , , , , and
NL} B-24D Liberator (Set 4) +  , , , , , and
NL} B-17E Flying Fortress (Set B) +  
NL} PBM-3 Mariner (Set A)
NL} PBY Catalina (Set 1), PBY Black Cat (Set 5) + , , , , , , and

Aircraft Carriers
NL} Intrepid (Set 3), Essex (Set 5), Bunker Hill (Set B) +7 "short hull" Essex class, 7 "long hull" Ticonderoga class, and 9 Ticoderoga class built after the war, +2 cancelled?
 2} Saratoga (Set 2), Lexington (Set 4)
 3} Enterprise (Set 1), Yorktown (Set 2), and Hornet (Set 6)
 1} Wasp (Set 6)

NL} Princeton (Set 1), Independence (Set A)  + 7 Independence class
NL} St. Lo (Set 1), Guadalcanal (Set 6) +48 Casablanca class and 11 Bogue class

 1} Montana (Set 6) of 5 planned
 4} Iowa (Set 1), Missouri (Set 2) New Jersey (Set 6), and Wisconsin (Set B) (+2 planned Iowa class?)
 2} Washington (Set 1), North Carolina (Set 3)
 4} Massachusetts (Set 2) South Dakota (Set A), + Alabama, and Indiana
 3} West Virginia (Set 4) + Colorado and Maryland + Washington? (sunk pre-war)
 2} Tennessee (Set 1), California (Set 2)
 3} Mississippi (Set A) + New Mexico and Idaho
 2} Arizona (Set 3) + Pennsylvania
 2} Nevada (Set 5) + Oklahoma? (Never repaired)
 2} Texas (Set A) + New York
 2} Arkansas (Set B) + Wyoming

 2} Alaska (Set 3) + Guam (+ Hawaii and 3 planned Alaska class?)
NL} Baltimore (Set 1), Quincy (Set 5) +9 Baltimore class and 3 completed after the war, +1 cancelled
NL} San Francisco (Set 2), New Orleans (Set B) +5 New Orleans class
NL} Houston (Set 4) +5 Northampton class
 2} Indianapolis (Set A) + Portland
 2} Salt Lake City (Set 1) + Pensacola
NL} Cleveland (Set 2), Montpelier (Starter) +10 Cleveland class and 6 commissioned after the war, +25 planned?  (Not counting the 9 hulls converted into Princeton class Carriers)
NL} Boise (Set 1), Phoenix (Set 6) +5 Brooklyn class
NL} Atlanta (Set 1), San Diego (Set 3) +2 Atlanta class and 4 Oakland class
NL} Richmond (Set 3) +8 Omaha class and Milwaukee/ Murmansk

NL} Phelps (Set 3) +7 Porter class and 5 Somers class
NL} Laffey (Set 2), Allen M Sumner (Set 4) and 56 Sumner class and 83 Gearing class +9 cancelled?
NL} Fletcher (Set 1), Hoel (Set 2), Kidd (Set 3), Taylor (Starter), Johnston (Set B) and 170 Fletcher class +11 cancelled?
NL} Wainwright (Set B) +11 Sims class
NL} Gwin (Set A) +29 Benson class and 62 Gleaves class
NL} Bagley (Set 5) +7 Bagley class and 4 Gridley class
NL} Smith (Set A) +17 Mahan class
NL} Edsall (Set 6) + 133,   18,   3, and   1 Clemson class,  and   68,   23,   6,   1,   5, and   8 Wickes class
NL} Samuel B. Roberts (Set 1), John C. Butler (Set 2) +81 John C. Butler class and 22 Rudderow class

Torpedo Boats
NL} PT Boat (Set 1) +98 Higgins 78, 118 Elco 80, 27 Higgins 78, 30 Elco 80, and 5 T-21

Auxiliary Units
NL} Gunston Hall (Set 3) +7 Ashland and 13 Casa Grande class, + 4 Casa Grande class
 1} Langly (AV-3)
NL} LST (Set 6) + about 1,000 LST (2)'s, + 73,   6,   6, and   1
NL} Neosho (AO-23) +29 Cimarron class and 6 post-war
NL} American Victory (Set 6) +530 Victory Ship class
NL} Jeremiah O'Brien (Set 1) + about 2,522 Liberty class, + 7,   4,   13,   2, 12,   about 150, and   about 40

NL} Barb (Set 1), Archerfish (Set 2) +76 Gato, 127 Balao, and 19 Tench class, + 2 Balao class
NL} Gudgeon (Set A) +11 Tambor class
NL} S-37 (Set 4) +18 "S" class and 5 "Group 1" S class


[size=18]Australia (RAN)

Aviation Units
NL} A-29 Kittyhawk (Set A) and see    P-40E Warhawk
NL} DAP Beaufort Mk. VIII (Set B) + , , and

 2} Australia (Set 5), Canberra (Set 1) and Shropshire, + see Kent
 3} Sydney (Set 1), Perth (Set B) and Hobart, + see Ajax and Leander

 3} Arunta (Set 2) + Warramunga and Bataan, + see Cossack and Haida
NL} Nizam (Starter) + Napier, Nepal, Nestor, and Norman, and see Javelin
 2} Vampire (Set A) + Vendetta, + Waterhen and Voyager?

Canada (RCN)  

Aviation Units
NL} Hudson Mk III (Set B) +  , , , and

 1} Uganda (Set 4) and Ontario, + see   Jamaica

NL} St. Laurent (Set 5) +4 C, 2 D, 1 E, 2 F, 9 D, 7 E, 7 F, and 1 E class
 2} Algonquin (Set 6) + Sioux
NL} Haida (Set 2) + Iroquois, Athabaskan, and Huron
NL} Sackville (Set 3) +115, 103, 10, 25, 4, 1, 6, and 2 Flower class

 3} Prince David (Set A) + Prince Robert and Prince Henry

[New Zealand (RNZN)  

 2} Leander (Set 3) and Achilles, + see Ajax and Sydney
 1} Gambia (Set B)

NL} Heavy Shore Battery (Set 6) Fort Drum, but representative of heavy gun emplacements.

NL} Forward Airstrip (Set A) Representative of small island airstrips.

NL} Advance Naval Base (Set B) Representative of dockyards close to the battle zone.

UK, ABDA, RAN etc Aviation Units....

Have at em.

Aviation Units
NL} Beaufighter TF Mk X (Set 2) + , , , , , and SAAF
NL} Seafire Mk III (Set A)
NL} Mosquito Mk VI (Set A) + , , and
NL} Martlet Mk II (Set 3)
NL} Sea Hurricane Mk IB (Set 1) + , , , , , , and
NL} Fulmar Mk II (Set B)
NL} Swordfish Mk II (Set 1), Swordfish Mk. I (Set 6) + and
NL} Barracuda Mk II (Set 2) + , and as Fulmar
NL} Halifax GR Mk V (Set 2) + , , , , and
NL} Short Sunderland Mk 1 (Set 4) + , , , and

To differentiate from Club Frozen Seas, you would need to omit units above the 50th parallel. I think that was their design criterion.

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