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(2010 Starter Rule Book (in .pdf format) can be found here!)

Welcome to Club Kriegsmarine (reborn!)

About Us
Welcome to Club Kriegsmarine, this club exists so that members of the Forumini could share their enthusiasm for their favorite navy in Axis & Allies War at Sea. Here we are concerned with all things related to Die Kriegsmarine as well as other Axis navies from our neighbors and axis partners that are currently represented in War at Sea. It's about having fun as the bad boys of WW2 naval warfare, Hitting the convoys with big ships and sneaky subs and knocking the tea cups out of the chaps' hands across the channel.

The club was also formed so that German Naval enthusiasts could engage with other clubs in Online Club Challenge Matches that can be played here at forumini in the Online Matches subforum.

Our Motto - We fight to our last shell: "wir kämpfen zu unserer letzten Schale"

How To Join
Club Kriegsmarine needs a few good men (and/or women) to fill our ranks and deal the Allies some hardy defeats worthy of barroom fights and tall tales. Gather up your seabags, we don't fight on land here boys! We invite you to join with us as we battle with Allied forces and share our mutual enthusiasm for the Kriegsmarine. If interested, please PM LcdrSwizzle and we'll get you some bratwurst for dinner tonight!  

Club Kriegsmarine avatar
You can use the Club Kreigsmarine avatar in conjunction with your own avatar! Go to your Profile and add ClubKM in the "My Group" field. The club avatar will then appear under your own personal avatar.

Club Kriegsmarine Build Restrictions
The following units are allowed in a Club KM league battle. We do include some other units so that they get a chance to be used in the national tournament games, as their navies are too small to have their own clubs.
- All Wizards of the Coast cards and Team "Sea Gods" cards are official and need no "bartering". Any German, Finnish and/or Romanian unit from the above decks are fully available for your use.
- The only "captured" units available to us, are those that have cards as captured units, and so will be found as "German" in the decks above. We do not "claim" units captured "historically" for which there is no "captured" card.

Note: These are 2 changes from the Club's previous policy. First, we no longer are claiming the Swedes, and we are no longer claiming any French, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, etc. ships for which there are no "captured" cards. This limits our options, and if you really want those ships, we'll have to get cards made for them!

Optional Decks One reason I think that we can get away with this, is all the "un-official" decks which have been added to the game. The ones I refer to, are the ones actually printed and available for purchase. If your opponent "approves" the deck, you can use those cards as well. I list the decks, and links to their cards (coming) below. If the link to the .pdf versions doesn't work, contact Bunyan, who makes them. To buy the decks, contact the maker. (Seas Ablaze printed by SWO, who will only take pre-orders for print runs.)

Other decks I know of, in the works, not yet printed as of 1 January 2017:

    Frozen Seas (Sir Valentine in charge)
    My decks 2 through 5
    "Combined Ops" - Brigman & SWO_Daddy


Current Active Members

Current Active Members are:

LcdrSwizzle, Großadmiral
Nightfall, VizeAdmiral
VanasscheKoen, VizeAdmiral
Ernst L, Pfand
Jakk24, Pfand
Bismarcklover101, Pfand

All former members will be reinstated once active again! Just ask!

Information on Ranks

Available Ranks
While other clubs have many, many ranks, Club KM is doing things differently: If you are in charge of a fleet, you must be an Admiral! Here are our ranks:

Großadmiral, Generaladmiral, Admiral , Vizeadmiral, Konteradmiral, Pfandadmiral (Yes, I made the last one up out of thin air.)

New members need only fight one battle, online or local, to be promoted to a "real" Admiral.

Progression Through the Ranks
Because heroism, courage and tactical expertize cannot be quantified, we do not have a "to-do" list (other than going from pfand to Konteradmiral) for promotions. We rely on the Wisdom of the members of the Admiral's Council for a da/nein regarding promotions!

One current Admiral brings a name forward, and if a majority of the board of Admirals approves, that person is promoted!

What may prompt an Admiral to make a recommendation?
- playing much in online National Tournament games
- being part of a development team, either as a developer or a play-tester
- being very active on the forums with quality posts
- posting pictures of your hand-painted German (etc.) units to the forum (or of your German ships in "World of Warships")
- posting in both German and English?
- brown-nosing with that Admiral (oops, too much honesty, nicht wahr?)

(Admirals are "encouraged" (ya?) to use their Command Flag somewhere in their signature or in their avatar.) is a resource for Admirals!



Recommendations for Club KM Members

Possible Recommendations:
- units that have great SA combinations with other units
- units that shine in certain "years"
- units that shine against certain opponents
- opponents weaknesses/strengths
- since the KM was NOT a "traditional" ocean-going navy, the OOB optional rules may not represent your strengths best!

Remember: Destroyers are not only immune to Battleship guns at range 4 or greater, but to all gunnery at that range. That includes our 11" guns and our 8" guns. (See bottom of page 41 in 2010 rule book.)

However! Those Pocket Battleship's are cruisers, and do not suffer the restriction of only hitting on 6's! (still no ER)

Options for Club KM Members

Possible Options:
- looking at other decks available, finding cards you may like and asking your opponent if cards from that deck/author are available. (SWO_Daddy, Brigman, Seas Ablaze!, etc.)

- Also, review the rules for adding "Fire and Flooding" to the game. <link to come>

- I'll put links here to pdf's of all decks, and a link to Hap's Spreadsheets that will come in handy.

Fitting. I certainly have enough vices...
Ernst L

Hello I was interested in joining the forum and in particular this club (KM has always been my favorite) to play W@S online with other people.  My brother is on the forum already as Ryan.... "Da Great"?  Haha he can think that. I am 19 and played W@S at a when it came out originally, my brother got me back into it again, but playing against one person over and over again with limited units isn't very fun, so I decided to try this.

Glad you joined the forum and the club (hopefully). I'm always happy to see new players especially younger ones.
Ernst L

Sure I'll join do I actually need to do anything to make it official?

Welcome to the forum!
Ernst L

Anyone want to be my first match?

ill play against you.

choose what you want to play.

year, points

I will play USN

we will roll for the map and storms once fleets are made.

Ernst L

What exactly do storms do?

Sounds good as long as I know what storms are before I choose and they don't change game play too much.

Ok no storms. We will play a very simple 100 pt game year will be 1941.
Ernst L

Sounds good I'll make a thread.

you can look in the first post on this thread to see how to put the icon for Club KM into your posts, on the left side as you see that I have it.

Welcome to Club KM, your current rank is Pfandadmiral, which is the German word for 'pawn" and "admiral". As you participate and have fun, you will climb the ladder!

Ernst L wrote:
Sure I'll join do I actually need to do anything to make it official?

You have done all it takes to be official, and you can add the club avatar to your posts by going to your profile and adding "ClubKM" as your national club.

Hey all,
Bismarcklover101 here.


You can use the Club Kreigsmarine avatar in conjunction with your own avatar! Go to your Profile and add ClubKM in the "My Group" field. The club avatar will then appear under your own personal avatar.


Nice group of friends!

Club KM now exists at the new forum! Join soon!

Club KM members, please consider this thread locked, unless you cannot post in new thread on new forum, then post here for help!

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