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Club IJN HQ (National Club) (Retired)

"The fate of the Empire rests on this enterprise every man must devote himself totally to the task in hand."

Our banner feel free to use it as national club avatar if you wish. Just enter ClubIJN in your Single Nation Club avatar section of your profile.

About Club IJN
Club IJN (or Club Imperial Japanese Navy if you prefer) is about all things IJN. It is open to anybody who likes the IJN. We are in the national club league.

that is our main goal that everybody has fun talking about the IJN (or whatever else you like) and playing matches.

Club IJN builds may include Thai units in their build as allied units, up to their class limits.  Alternately, a build may be entirely Siam.

Our Motto
"The fate of the Empire rests on this enterprise every man must devote himself totally to the task in hand."

To use the Club IJN avatar in conjunction with your own avatar go to your Profile and add ClubIJN in the My Group field. The club avatar will then appear under your own personal avatar.

Club IJN Member List

* represents the member was a season 1 veteran

1-Joe (1 wins - 3 losses)* Founder
2-Admiral Willy (0 wins - 0 losses)
3-angryhydralisk (Vice President/) (1 wins - 2 losses)*
4-USS_Hoel (0 wins - 0 losses)
5-Captain Gideon (0 wins - 0 losses)
6-protevangelium (0 wins - 0 losses)
7-Stea1th4 (0 wins - 1 losses)*
8-Bean965 (0 wins - 0 losses)
9- Yamatoreborn (18 wins - 5 loses bow )*
10- wilt57 (0 wins - 0 losses)
11 - Holybob34 (0 wins - 0 losses)
12 - AG124 (0 wins - 0 losses)
13 - Joshua (2 wins - 4 losses)*
14 - protevangelium (0 wins - 0 losses)
15 - Jaybird (20 wins - 13 losses)*
16 - The Tirpitz (0 wins - 0 losses)
17 - Lazerous (0 wins - 0 losses)
18 - comatoad (0 wins - 0 losses)
19 - Admiral Ting (0 wins - 0 losses)
20 - Shokaku (1 wins - 0 losses)
21 - genjjs (3 wins - 4 losses)*
22 - Brigman (46 wins - 23 losses) President
23 - Beltzy (9 win - 3 losses)*
24 - Tincancaptain (12 wins - 2 losses)
25 - Krunkers (0 wins - 0 losses)
26 - ScornDefeat (0 wins - 0 losses)
27 - ticat1 (2 wins - 6 losses) Propaganda Minister
28 - Ryan Da Great (0 wins - 0 losses)

Ranks in Club IJN

We have 17 ranks, influenced by your win lose record (please post here if you win or lose a match so I can  edit your win lose record and promote you),  you will be promoted based on wins in online matches both official and unofficial, after you get enough wins you get promoted to the next rank. You need more wins to get to the higher ranks. We will have 3 groups of rank Sailor Petty Officer and Officer these will not affect the current ranks in any way other than to add a way to track progress easier, each group has a distinct style to it's ranks so the Petty Officer ranks will look a little different from the Sailor and Officer ranks and so on.

Here are the ranks with wins required.

Yontōsuihei - Default starting rank
Santōsuihei - 1 win
Nitōsuihei - 2 wins
Ittōsuihei - 5 wins
Petty Officer
Santōheisō - 8 wins
Nitōheisō - 11 wins
Ittōheisō - 15 wins
Kaigun Shōi - 18 wins
Kaigun Chūi - 20 wins
Kaigun Daii - 23 wins
Kaigun Shōsa - 25 wins
Kaigun Chūsa - 30 wins
Kaigun Daisa - 35 wins
Kaigun Shōshō - 40 wins
Kaigun Chūjō - 45 wins
Kaigun Taishō - 50 wins
???? mystery rank - 60 wins

list of members and ranks

1-Joe - Santōsuihei

2-Admiral Willy - Yontōsuihei

3-angryhydralisk - Santōsuihei

4-USS_Hoel - Yontōsuihei

5-Captain Gideon - Yontōsuihei

6-protevangelium - Yontōsuihei

7-Stea1th4 - Yontōsuihei

8-Bean965 - Yontōsuihei

9- Yamatoreborn - Kaigun Shōi

10- wilt57 - Yontōsuihei

11 - Holybob34 - Yontōsuihei

12 - AG124 - Yontōsuihei

13 - Joshua - Nitōsuihei

14 - protevangelium - Yontōsuihei

15 - Jaybird - Kaigun Chūi

16 - The Tirpitz - Yontōsuihei

17 - Lazerous - Yontōsuihei

18 - comatoad - Yontōsuihei

19 - Admiral Ting - Yontōsuihei

20 - Shokaku - Santōsuihei

21 - genjjs -  Nitōsuihei

22 - Brigman - Kaigun Chūjō

23 - Beltzy - Santōheisō

24 - Tincancaptain - Nitōheisō

25 - Krunkers - Yontōsuihei

26 - ScornDefeat- Yontōsuihei

27 - ticat1- Santōsuihei

28 - Ryan Da Great - Yontōsuihei

Link to original Club thread:

Good luck and happy hunting!

I do have a win.  Smile

And I think I've figured out a few things that I used to great effect in this particular game.  Hopefully it's going to translate well to future builds.

Excellent I will update you.

Just moving things to a new thread so I can keep the club going, lads. Wink

I could use a Vice President as well as a Minister of Propaganda.  Any takers?

I have added rules for Thailand to the front page.

I'll take the minister of propaganda spot. Or rather, the National Spiritual Mobilization Movement.

Is there a job description, or am I free to so with it as I wish?

The job is yours to shape and define.  Joshua was our past minister, but has not been heard from in a long time.  And truthfully, the position pre-dates my involvement in the club.  So go forth in the interested of the Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere. Wink

rub hands

Another loss to the USN air smash and the new Alabama.

Got to play with some new toys at least. Smile

Anybody else gearing up for the new club season?  

Hope I'm not alone in here!  Shocked

We also have an opening for Vice President.  Anybody interested?

Would the IJN be up for a game against the USN to kick off the club season?  Something appropriately early war?

Sure!  How about a 1941 game?  Conditions?  I'd suggest 300 points with class limits...

Works for me!  I'll set up a room later today and get to work on a fleet.

Our thread is set up:

Finished up my first game, thanks SWO!

Winner: Brigman
Opponent: SWO_Daddy

Got a very lucky streak of dice on that last turn.

Second game done...

Winner: Brigman (IJN)
Opponent: Flakstruck (French)

Very close!

Thin scrape on points:

This was a nighttime barn burner.  All surface ships sunk on both sides...came down to points.

Winner: Brigs (IJN)
Opponent: SWO (USN)

Winner: Brigman (Club IJN)
Opponent: gman75 (Club Red)

Tried a LL swarm in 1945, worked surprisingly well.  Gman played a great game, excellent opponent!

Anyone up for a 1943 match? I'd like to test the Luftwaffe allied concept against the best Wink

If nobody else is up, I'm good for it - but am busy until Monday afternoon or so. Wink

No probs!

lost to VanasscheKoen and fires.  

Up against squint181

Extremely thin victory over the Dutch.  I "won" with a crippled Siam DD (Taichin); all other surface units on both sides were sunk.

Winner: CIJN Brigman
Oponent: CD Torpman

Great game, looking forward to a rematch!

Crazy game against Hokie!

Winner: Brigman (CIJN)
Opponent: Hokiepastor (CRN)

Win over Club Dutch in a pitched night battle.

Winner: Brigman (CIJN)
Opponent: torpman (CD)

Scraped a win against the RN:

Winner: Brigman (IJN)
Opponent: Hokiepastor (RN)

This could have gone either way - I just got some luck.

Pulled out a victory against squint181.  Wouldn't say I stole the win but I think I got away with one.

Winner: ticat1(IJN)
Opponent:squint181 (red)

Great work man! Standings updated. Wink

Victory over the USN:

WInner: Brigman (IJN)
Opponent: Stamos (USN)

Great sport, good match.

Brutal night match win against the USN:

Winner: Brigman (IJN)
Opponent: SWO (USN)

The kabuki dance in the middle of the map in smoke came out in my favor, is all.

Loss to Ayrton12 of club USN.  Let him destroy me piecemeal when I should have rushed fast and hard

Congrats guys for the win - Nationals are ours this year! Smile

congrats to the IJN!  Well-played season gents!

Well done IJN!

Thanks fellas! Very Happy

Job well done fellas, *salute*.  Been sinking my sons allied fleets.   Laughing


Glad to see you here!  Smile

It's nice to see we are still giving US ships a good battle.  Very Happy

Yeah!  We win a few now and then. Wink

We actually managed to win the last National League, which was a first... Wink

So now that it's the national off season, it'd be a good time to maybe find a few good men to fill our ranks.  

I'll see if I can muster any support

OK lads!  We're getting ready for another club season, so I'm hoping at least some of you are up for some games!  Also, if you're thinking about joining a club, Club IJN is always looking for new talent! Very Happy

Well the club seems to be alive and kicking.....  maybe


Feel free to jump in, we can use the help.  Wink

Haven't played in forever afraid i would be more trouble then help

Bah.  It's no fun if I'm the only one playing.  I don't care about win/loss ratios.  Come play! Very Happy

I dont know man... dont know if my builds will still work now adays

So change 'em.  There are four Team decks to add in, and you can view them all here:

Well its good to see new ships

Welcome aboard to our newest member, Ryan Da Great! Smile
Ryan Da Great

Hello just joined.
Ryan Da Great

Beltzy wrote:
Haven't played in forever afraid i would be more trouble then help

Just reading through posts and this is exactly how I feel. Looking through new units and deciding how to use them best will take me quite a while because I haven't played in years.

to be honest the only way to learn is to fail and adjust its going to happen just have fun and you will always win

Yeah.  The point is to have fun, promote the club, keep playing, and learn.  Don't worry about win/loss ratios.  Just dig in and play!  The vets are happy to help with advice, but there's no substitute for playing. Wink
Ryan Da Great

Anyone ever used a bunch of jills harass at distance with an emily shadowing?

Nope but betty spam is fun in early years
Ryan Da Great

Okay. I was just wondering because that would be 2 torps per jill at a ship that cant fire back. (if deployed last they might not get any fire against them at all)

Use it all the time.  It's the only way to reliably get airstrikes through against heavy USN AA in '44.
Ryan Da Great

Good to know I'm catching on to some strategies.

The key to using the Jill + Emily attack is air placement.  You need more planes than your opponent to place them last, if possible.  Some good tricks for that include Chitose, I-400, Ise, and Rufes.
Ryan Da Great

Thank you for advice.

Chitose is indispensable.  The sea planes are handy but just for placement advantage, but they can harass subs and attack destroyers or torpedo boats no problem.  Combine it with Matsu for a bit of added irritation for your foe

I've also been enjoying combining Hatsuzuki, asagumo and Murasame.  Three sectors of them and a Chikuma for buffing torps makes for nasty.
Ryan Da Great

Lost my first match.

You are now a real member! Wink  Laughing

Well, lads, I gave it my best.

I ended up 2-2.

Should have been 3-1 except for a total whiff by Mutsu

The dice were so not with me.  Most of my games were exercises in frustation. Sad

Looking for someone to take over running Club IJN as president.  Any takers?

To clarify, I'm not planning on leaving the club - but I would like to step down as president, if someone else is willing to take up the role.

Ticat?  Ryan?  Bueller?  Smile
Ryan Da Great

I can if nobody else wants to, but I still consider myself new here.

It ain't where you've been, it's where you're going. Wink

Up to you.  I'd welcome someone enthusiastic running the club.  Of course I would help with any transition as much as I can!

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