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Club France HQ (National Club)



Club FFN - Supporting the FNFL (Forces Navales de la France Libre)

Mission Statement:
The purpose of Club French Navy is to support the creation of more French units in further sets of War at Sea and to prove the French Navy's worth in the online Club League.  The club is open to all who wish to join.  To join the ranks of this esteemed club please private message Flakstruk or post a message here in the HQ and type in ClubFFN to My Single Nation Club in your profile.

Flakstruk (President)
14 - Second-maître (Second master)

SrgPoofy (Founder)
13 - Second-maître (Second master)  

6 - Quartier-maître de 1ère classe (Quarter-master first class)

Admiral Kanguroo
3 - Matelot breveté (Diplomed sailor)

1 - Matelot(Sailor)

Maréchal Jean Lannes


Ranks & Awards

Club France Ranks and Awards

Officiers généraux — Flag officers
73-78 Amiral (Admiral)
67-72 Vice-Amiral d'escadre (Vice Admiral)
61-66 Vice-Amiral (Rear Admiral)
55-60 Contre-Amiral (Commodore)

Officiers supérieurs — Senior officers
50-54 Capitaine de vaisseau (Captain)
45-49 Capitaine de frégate (Commander)
40-44 Capitaine de corvette (Lieutenant Commander)

Officiers subalternes — Junior officers
36-39 Lieutenant de vaisseau (Lieutenant)
32-35 Enseigne de vaisseau de première classe (Sub-Lieutenant)
28-31 Enseigne de vaisseau de deuxième classe (Acting Sub-Lieutenant)
24-27 Aspirant (Midshipman)

Officiers mariniers — Petty Officers
21-23 Maître-principal (Principal master)
17-20 Premier-maître (First master)
14-16 Maître (Master)
11-13 Second-maître (Second master)
8-10 Major (Major)

Matelots et quartiers-maîtres — Sailors and quarter-masters
6-7 Quartier-maître de 1ère classe (Quarter-master first class)
4-5 Quartier-maître de 2ème classe (Quarter-master second class)
2-3 Matelot breveté (Diplomed sailor)
0-1 Matelot (sailor)

French National Orders
Legion of Honour
- Awarded for particpation in 5 winning competitions of the Clubhouse
- Awarded for particpation in 4 winning competitions of the Clubhouse
- Awarded for particpation in 3 winning competitions of the Clubhouse
- Awarded for particpation in 2 winning competitions of the Clubhouse
- Awarded for particpation in 1 winning competition of the Clubhouse

Ordre de la Libération
- Awarded for particpation in 1 competition of the Clubhouse

French Ministerial Orders
Ordre du Mérite Maritime
- Awarded for the successfull escort of 3 convoys
- Awarded for the successfull escort of 2 convoys
- Awarded for the successfull escort of 1 convoy

French Military Awards
Médaille militaire
- Awarded to all (even non-FFN) members of a victorious team game.

Croix de guerre
- Awarded for reaching 40 victories.

Croix de guerre des théâtres d'opérations extérieures
- Awarded for 1 victory against any non-Mediteranian club.

Médaille de la Gendarmerie nationale
- Awarded for reaching 24 victories.

Médaille de la Résistance
- Awarded for 1 victory.

Croix du combattant volontaire
- Awarded for joining the FFN.

Médaille de l'Aéronautique
- Awarded for excelent performance by aircraft in a game.

Médaille de la Défense nationale
- Awarded for participation in 6 Clubhouse Leagues
- Awarded for participation in 4 Clubhouse Leagues
- Awarded for participation in 2 Clubhouse Leagues

Medals of Honor
Médaille d’honneur pour acte de courage et de dévouement
- Awarded for reaching 55 victories.
 - Awarded for reaching 40 victories.
- Awarded for reaching 24 victories.
- Awarded for reaching 8 victories.[/quote]

Fleet List WIP

Alsace Class Battleship: (Class Limit 1)
-Alsace (1945)
Alsace represented an evolutionary improvement over the preceding Richelieu class adopting a more traditional fore and aft turret arrangement and significantly greater tonnage.

Richelieu Class Battleships: (Class Limit 3)
-Richelieu (1940)
-Jean Bart (1940)
-Clemenceau (1943)
In response to the Italian construction, France constructed 2 large modern battleships of the Richelieu Class, with a further 2 ordered later on. The first 2 ships saw extensive service during war and survived into the sixties

Dunkerque Class Battleships: (Class Limit 2)
-Dunkerque (1939)
-Strasbourg (1939)
The first French Battleships built since WW1, the Dunkerques were a direct counter to German Panzerschiffe, able to out run and out gun them by some margin. Both ships would be lost due to German activity, scuttled in the port of Toulon in 1942

Bretagne Class Battleships: (Class Limit 3)
-Bretange (1939)
-Provence (1939)
Veterans of WW1, the Bretagne class were initially deployed as convoy escorts. With the fall of France, Bretagne and Provence were held by Vichy local forces at Mers-El-Kabir and the Lorriane disarmed at Alexandria. Bretagne was destroyed in operation catapult, Provence nearly sunk before returning to France and scuttled again with the rest of the fleet. Lorraine provided gunfire support in later operations for the allies

Courbet Class Battleships: (Class Limit 2)
The MN's first class of Dreadnoughts. Only 2 of the original 4 served on into WW2, with a third demilitarised. Courbet herself was sunk as part of a mulberry artificial harbour.

Joffre Class Fleet Aircraft Carrier (Class Limit 1)
Planned as a class of two, Joffre was the modern replacement for the Bearn, with the speed and endurance to keep up with the battle fleet.
Optional +1

Bearn Class Fleet Carrier (Class Limit 1)
Laid down as a super-dreadnought of the Normandie Class, she was converted to a carrier during the twenties instead of being scrapped like her sisters. She never launched her aircraft in anger but served as a valuable aircraft ferry.

Commandant Teste Class Seaplane Carrier (Class Limit 1)
-Commandant Teste
Wishing to expand their naval air arm, but constrained by limited budgets, the Commandant Teste was a less expensive option to a fully fledged aircraft carrier.

Algerie Class Heavy Cruiser (Class Limit 1)
Considered by some as the best balanced 10,000 ton Heavy cruiser in any navy, the Algerie's war ended in Toulon, at the hands of her own crew.

Suffren Class Heavy Cruiser (Class Limit 4)
As counters to growing Italian naval strength, The Suffren class were fast and powerful ships[/u]

Duquesne Class Heavy Cruiser (Class Limit 2)
[i]Defined as heavy cruisers by their main battery, the Duquesne class sacrificed protection for speed.

La Galissonnière Class Light Cruiser (Class Limit 6)

Duguay-Trouin Class Light Cruiser (Class Limit 3)
-Lamotte Piqutte

Emile Bertin Class Light Cruiser (Class Limits 1)
-Emile Bertin

Pluton Class Light Cruiser (Class Limit 1)

Mogador Class Destroyer (Class Limit 2)

Le Fantasque Class destroyer (Class Limit 6)
Le Terrible

Aigle Class Destroyers (Class Limit 6)
Optional +6

Chacal Class Destroyers(Class Limit 6)

Le Hardi Class Destroyers (Class Limit 8)
-Le Hardi
Optional +4

L'Adroit Class Destroyer (Class Limit 14)

Surcouf Class Submarines (Class Limit 1)

Redoutable Class Submarines (Class Limit 31)

Dewoitine D.520 (Fighter)
Mb152 (Fighter)
V.156 Vindicator (Dive Bomber)
Late 298 (Torpedo Bomber)
Br810 (Torpedo Bomber)
Cams 141 Antares (Patrol Bomber)
Leo451 (Patrol Bomber)
F4F Wildcat/Martlet Mk.II (Fighter) Based on the Bearn

Luftwaffe: Affiliate Units
From 1943
FW190A (Fighter)
Me110-C4 (Fighter)
When these units are in your fleet:
~You cannot use Wildcat or Martlet
~You must have at least more French aircraft in you fleet than German

Historical Divisions

This section of the clubhouse is devoted to historical representation of the French Navy

Force de Raid (1939)
Organised at the outbreak of war, the Force de Raid was a squadron of France's strongest, fastest ships.
(29)Bearn(Vindicator x2)
(14)Georges Leygues(Montecalm)
(9)Le Terrible)
(9)Le Fantasque(Le Terrible)
(9)L'Audacieux(Le Terrible)
(9)L'Indomptable(Le Terrible)
(9)Le Malin(Le Terrible)
(9)Le Triomphant(Le Terrible)

Force X-Hunt For Graf Spee
Before the fall of France, Royal Navy and French units cooperated in the hunt for German raiders
(20)HMS Hermes + Swordfish Mk-I
(14)Duiplex (Suffren)

French Attack on Genoa (1940)
Eager to share in the German success in France, Italy declared war and attacked. The MN responded with a bombardment of Genoa.
(48) Milan x6

Anglo-French Bombardment of Bardia (1940)
The last Anglo-French operation before the armistice was the bombardment of the key Italian port of Bardia
(37) Lorriane (Provence)
(39) HMNZS Leander x3(Orion, Neptune & Achillies)

Squadron at Mers-El-Kabir
(17)Commandant Teste
(9)Mogador x2
(36) Le Terriblex4
(35) MB152 x7

Naval Battle of Casablanca
(35)Jean Bart
(25)El Hank & Shore Batteries (HSB)
(16)Milan x2
(49)Brestois x7 (5x L'Adroit, 2x Borrasaque)
(33)Beveziers x3
(42) D520 x7

So as you can see, I've got all the old stuff which I'll tidy up and added this last section(just above) is going to a range of relatively historical fleets which you pull off the shelf if it suits. Might get a few odd units on the map!

After a fair bit of consideration,
I've added the Luftwaffe as a Minor Nation ally instead of Lend-Lease units for the following reasons
-Historical: The selected units were verifiably deployed to France and French territory. Even if not used directly by the FN they would have collaboratively operated with Vichy forces as they did with the R.M.
-Gameplay: I've selected units that represent types not otherwise available to France. I elected German not as a slight or insult to anyone but because they could do the specific task and to diversify the units people are playing/playing against as a national league player.
-Regards to Germany: I've deliberately restricted the units available
Ju87B/Ju87E - Not Eligible, Covered by Vindicator
Kondor- Not Eligible, Belongs to Germany only
Me109- Not Eligible, Covered by D520 and Mb152
Ju88-a4 - Eligible, Extensively used by Germany, Ju88s ranged against Atlantic and Mediterranean convoys from French bases. Strong synergies with French units and provides a medium attack bomber
Fi167 - Not Eligible, covered by Br810
Fw190- Eligible, again extensive use from French and North African bases. Provides a late-war fighter option.
Full Disclosure: Fw190 is one my personal favourite aircraft
Bv138 - Not Eligible, Same as Kondor
Do217 - Not Eligible, Strongly considered this elected to keep ASM German
Bf-110 C-4 - Eligible, Heavy usage, from 1940 onward, give a dual role fighter option.
He111 - Non Eligible, though used from French bases, the configuration presented owes more to arctic convoy attacks than operations from France.

In all cases, units are eligible from 1943. This is the same year as the Joffre and Clemenceau and don't upset the historical structure of earlier years.

Hey flak, don't forget to sticky this HQ so it gets seen!

These history sections are going to take a while


Historical Fleets coming along nicely

Match Flak1 (Friendly)

A brutal encounter with historical fleets, lots of fun.

Result, Ticat Victor

Match Flak2

Opponent: Brigs IJN

1942 by day

after some early success, the combined might of the Tosa and IJN air assets overwhelmed the Dunkerque and Strasbourg

Match Flak3

Opponent: Squint (Red) (defeat)

Expected the Soyuz, went big Air

Copped a hull point blizzard. French air was pretty ineffectual. Good game though

Match Flak4

Opponent: Fires (Defeat)

100 point speed build versus a surface bb, no air, should be fast.

First of a series

a dominating performance by Trento and Trieste turned the game to the Italians favour

Match #5

Opponent: Fires

Second of the series, we've added an extra 100 points to the previous games fleets

Fleet List Updated,

Le451 replaced ju88 as medium bomber option

FFN Flakstruk

Carrier Taskgroup was forced to retreat in the face of the class limits of virtually the whole MN. Good game and great opponent, onwards to 2 in the series

2 defeats to report: to SWO (2/5 games) and a Fires (1/5)

More defeats Sad

Swo3 &4  of the series
Fires 2&3

victor - flak/FFN
opponent -au64 CRM

the classic Dunk& Stras Combo were crucial in this victory, demolishing the Andrea Doria and soaking up tin fish

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