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Club FFN HQ (Retired)


Club FFN - Supporting the FNFL (Forces Navales de la France Libre)

Mission Statement:
The purpose of Club Free French Navy is to support the creation of more French units in further sets of War at Sea and to prove the French Navy's worth in the online Club League.  The club is open to all who wish to join.  To join the ranks of this esteemed club please private message Flakstruk or post a message here in the HQ and type in ClubFFN to My Single Nation Club in your profile.

Flakstruk (President)
SrgPoofy (Founder)
Admiral Kanguroo
Maréchal Jean Lannes

Club FFN Ranks and Awards

For every victroy that you bring for the Free French Navy you will gain ranking points.  If you earn a victory post a plus one here and I will update your total.  You will also be eligable for one of the many medals.

Officiers généraux — Flag officers
73-78 Amiral (Admiral)
67-72 Vice-Amiral d'escadre (Vice Admiral)
61-66 Vice-Amiral (Rear Admiral)
55-60 Contre-Amiral (Commodore)

Officiers supérieurs — Senior officers
50-54 Capitaine de vaisseau (Captain)
45-49 Capitaine de frégate (Commander)
40-44 Capitaine de corvette (Lieutenant Commander)

Officiers subalternes — Junior officers
36-39 Lieutenant de vaisseau (Lieutenant)
32-35 Enseigne de vaisseau de première classe (Sub-Lieutenant)
28-31 Enseigne de vaisseau de deuxième classe (Acting Sub-Lieutenant)
24-27 Aspirant (Midshipman)

Officiers mariniers — Petty Officers
21-23 Maître-principal (Principal master)
17-20 Premier-maître (First master)
14-16 Maître (Master)
11-13 Second-maître (Second master)
8-10 Major (Major)

Matelots et quartiers-maîtres — Sailors and quarter-masters
6-7 Quartier-maître de 1ère classe (Quarter-master first class)
4-5 Quartier-maître de 2ème classe (Quarter-master second class)
2-3 Matelot breveté (Diplomed sailor)
0-1 Matelot (sailor)

French National Orders
Legion of Honour
- Awarded for particpation in 5 winning competitions of the Clubhouse
- Awarded for particpation in 4 winning competitions of the Clubhouse
- Awarded for particpation in 3 winning competitions of the Clubhouse
- Awarded for particpation in 2 winning competitions of the Clubhouse
- Awarded for particpation in 1 winning competition of the Clubhouse

Ordre de la Libération
- Awarded for particpation in 1 competition of the Clubhouse

French Ministerial Orders
Ordre du Mérite Maritime
- Awarded for the successfull escort of 3 convoys
- Awarded for the successfull escort of 2 convoys
- Awarded for the successfull escort of 1 convoy

French Military Awards
Médaille militaire
- Awarded to all (even non-FFN) members of a victorious team game.

Croix de guerre
- Awarded for reaching 40 victories.

Croix de guerre des théâtres d'opérations extérieures
- Awarded for 1 victory against any non-Mediteranian club.

Médaille de la Gendarmerie nationale
- Awarded for reaching 24 victories.

Médaille de la Résistance
- Awarded for 1 victory.

Croix du combattant volontaire
- Awarded for joining the FFN.

Médaille de l'Aéronautique
- Awarded for excelent performance by aircraft in a game.

Médaille de la Défense nationale
- Awarded for participation in 6 Clubhouse Leagues
- Awarded for participation in 4 Clubhouse Leagues
- Awarded for participation in 2 Clubhouse Leagues

Medals of Honor
Médaille d’honneur pour acte de courage et de dévouement
- Awarded for reaching 55 victories.
 - Awarded for reaching 40 victories.
- Awarded for reaching 24 victories.
- Awarded for reaching 8 victories.

Hall of Honor

SrgPoofy - 13 - Second-maître (Second master)  

Flakstruk - 7 - Quartier-maître de 1ère classe (Quarter-master first class)

KA_spacepope - 6 - Quartier-maître de 1ère classe (Quarter-master first class)

Admiral Kanguroo - 3 - Matelot breveté (Diplomed sailor)

BottomDweller187 - 1 - Matelot(Sailor)

FFN Roster of Units
Aviation Units
Dewoitine D.520
V.156 Vindicator
Foreign Units*
Sea Hurricane Mk IB
P-40E Warhawk
Halifax GR Mk V
Short Sunderland Mk 1
-Special Proxies-
Ju87 Stuka as LN.401'
MC.202 Folgore as MB.152/MS.406

Aircraft Carriers
Foreign Units
HMS Fencer

Jean Bart

Algérie (Set 5)
Suffren (Set 3) + Dupleix, Colbert, and Foch
Gloire (Set 1) +5 La Galissonnière class
Lamotte-Piquet (Set 4) + Duguay-Trouin and Primauguet

LeTerrible (Set 1) +5 Fantasque class
Milan (Set 3) +5 Aigle, 6 Vauquelin, and 6 Guépard class
Swale (Set 5) as 6 River class
HMCS Sackville (Set 3) as 10 Flower class
HMS Ledbury at La Combattante

Casabianca (Set 2) +30 Le Redoutable class
Proteus (Set 4) as Circe, Calypso, Thetis, and Doris

*Foreign Units
Provisional Club rules allow for 10 points per 100 foreign units. Where opponents are prior notified.

Take a moment to recognize the new leader of the Free French Navies......Flakstruk!

Great to have you aboard!!

Thanks Sublime. Hopefully we can get some good games running.

As it is I have to report another loss, this time at the hands of Brigmans IJN fleet

Alas, another loss. Tys time to IJNs brigman. Hard fought battle but the Yamato and Mushashi were simply devastating

Fighting Flak is never easy, even when you bring out the big boys.  Tenacity, class and skill all rolled into one!  If your dice on gunnery had been a notch better... well, good game man!  *salutes*

Things Brigs.

Another loss to report, to Piper USN. The Fletchers torps cutting the Richelieu in half and turning the battle against us

Chalk up another loss to the president - versus Sublime's RN

Defeat again - Fires U-Boats tore me apart. Good game mate

Flakstruk wrote:
Defeat again - Fires U-Boats tore me apart. Good game mate

Always good to play you!  Good Luck!  We'll rematch soon!

Belatedly, I report another loss vs the USN @ 300, congratulations to SWO Daddy

Keep your head up flak, the wins will come  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

sublime828 wrote:
Keep your head up flak, the wins will come  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

Yes, Im getting closer with each game.

That said - our second born is due end of next month so Im really busy in RL

Congrats Flak!

Is my Avatar workin

Flakstruk wrote:
Is my Avatar workin

It's up and running Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

I had to fix my email address

Still Chasing my "Médaille de la Résistance" with 3 games in progress now.

go get it Flak Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

French should get the P-38 also.  They operated them.  And as I mentioned earlier, the Dauntless. Wink

Defeat at the hands on f the dastardly Japanese Smile good game Brigs look forward to a rematch

Been very sloppy with my record keeping over here, I think I eventual managed 3 wins last season that haven't been updated

I also must report 3 additional losses, to Squint of Club Ref, to Brigs's IJN and SWO's USN. I've got two more matches in progress. Hopefully I can turn it around a little


Doberman wasn't expecting to see the full battle line. We took a few losses but the Provence vitalled the Saratoga on ER turn 6 and sealed the deal. Good game

Club FFN, just a reminder that this Team Neptune card is now available for your use in the National League Tournament:


Losses to report

To Brigs IJN

To Fires RM

To Tricki RN


I'm in a match with the KM no, fair chance to collect the whole set

Winner FFN Flakstruck
Opponent USN Doberman

A Bruiser, the USN surface fleet was cut up badly by French Air (except a lonely Edsall that survived to the end) but the resolute USN fliers came out turn after turn and returned the compliment. The Strasbourg held on taking 2 objective in 3 turns and sealing the win

Defeats to KM Azrael, USN Avor and Red Squint

Huzzah, two victories to report

Against SWO's Germany Fleet

and SeaAngel's Italian Fleet

i also note that i haven't added any TP or TN units to the roster. Bad Flak, Bad

I'm in but no clubhouse games till now, just the Winter 2013 tournament on which I get to sail french on game 2...

We're in the off season for national clubs now, but you are welcome to join if your interested (goes for all the clubs USN, RN, KM, Italy, Japan, Dutch)

If you want a few more matches, you can join a theatre league club any take part in the current active season now. (club Indian Ocean, club med, club frozen seas, club Atlantic, club pacific)

Once the theater league is locked down, looks like i've got a boat-load of work to do

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