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USS Virginia BB 13

Club Dutch

so, I'm new here in the club house section and thank you for letting me in Club Dutch.

But I have a question. Is the list of cards in the Dutch sticky fully up to date on what can and cannot be used??

Also a bunch of the card images are not available... is there a way to fix that?

And lastly, If I get a game going against an opponent from another club, is there any point in announcing the results?? Other than to say the Dutch beat somebody?

I read the Wardroom sticky but it didn't seem to indicate the significance of a club match. I'm assuming that there is going to be a "club season" next year judging from the 2014 champions league sticky so I know games will be important then but I'm just wondering what the importance is during the "off season"

Sorry if this isn't the right way to go about finding this information.

No problem, welcome to the National Clubs!

You can get many answers to your questions from the Dutch Club itself. Their thread is in this section titled "Club DN HQ" at:

That's a good place for a post like this.

Again, Wilkommen! (Yes, I'm a club KM member!)
USS Virginia BB 13

Okay thank you. I was reading the Wardroom sticky and it said that the "Club HQ's were NOT for general club house discussion and I should start a new thread" maybe I interpreted that wrong but thank you for setting me straight!

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