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Club Atlantic HQ (Theater Club)

Now that Team Kraken has finished the deck I'm now taking off the "Pink" of all there cards and making them official cards.

Question? Do you guys want to have Brigman's cards be part of the OOB? If so could you assist me in the process? but I need to have a majority vote on this before I do

30 October 2015
To join, please contact one of the leadership members so we can update you to our club roster by sending them a private message.  

Once that is done please go to your profile and type "ClubAtlantic" in the membership block.  If leaving Club Atlantic please Private Message the leadership to inform them so that we can continue to keep the roster current and move you to "Historical Members" section.

Please give your ideas, thoughts and discussions as they ALL are welcome.    


Seaman Bull Halsey Founder
Seaman Tricki Vic BB71
Petty Officer 2nd Class NrnStraswa 8 pts
Master Chief Bunyan 46.5 pts
Petty Officer 2nd Class Ticat1 9 pts
Chief mnnorthstars 26.5 pts
Seaman Darkbringer
Seaman au64
Seaman Nightfall
Seaman VanasscheKoen


Seaman Sublime828
Seaman Zangetsu24
Seaman Sturmscharführer
Seaman Combat Wombat


President: bunyan
fact checks proposed units and what decks are allowed in the club (ie. TN/P/Ae, Forumini, SWO_Daddy, etc, etc).  

Vice President: mnnorthstars
maintains the club (deck lists, member stats, and other things the President requests)  

Secretary: Ticat1
does all the work no one wants to (tallies up points for ranks)

All three act as representatives for fleet checking



Scapa Flow, Scotland, Faroe Island are not part of the Club Atlantic boundary

color guide:
1 per 100 Ships and Aircraft.  **Note that Aircraft are based on 1-2 Historical Squadrons**
1 per 50 Ships and Aircraft.  **Note that Aircraft are based on 3-4 Historical Squadrons**
Multiple units with same name
Seas Ablaze deck (Exclamation Opponents approval Exclamation )
SWO_Daddy Cards (Exclamation Opponents approval Exclamation )
Order of Battle (OOB) (Exclamation Optional Exclamation )
W@S Rulebook
All W@S Cards (Official and Team cards)


American Fleets may NOT use any other nation's ships or aircraft:

1x USS United States
1x USS Montana
1x USS Iowa (Feb '43-Jan '44)
1x USS Alabama, USS Alabama (Apr '43-Aug '43)
1x USS Massachusetts (Massachusetts: May '42-Mar '43)
1x USS South Dakota  (South Dakota: May '43-Aug '43)
1x USS Washington (Washington: May '41-Aug '42)
1x USS North Carolina (North Carolina: Apr '41-Jun '42)
1x USS Nevada (Nevada: Jun '43-Jun '44)
2x USS Texas (Texas: Sep '39-Oct '42, Nov '42-May '45)(New York: Sep '39-Nov '44)
2x USS Arkansas (Arkansas: Sep '39-Nov '44)(Wyoming: Sep '39-Jun '45)
3x USS Mississippi, USS Mississippi "1941", USS Idaho "1941" (Mississippi: Sep '39-Jan '42)(New Mexico: Jun '41-Dec '41)(Idaho: Jun '41-Dec '41)
1x USS Midway, USS Midway
1x USS Wasp (Apr '40-Jun '42)
1x USS Ranger (Sep '39-Jul '44)
1x USS Hornet (CV 8) (Sep '39-Apr '42)
1x USS Yorktown (May '41-Dec '41)
4x USS Sangamon (Sangamon: Mar '41-Nov '42)(Suwannee: Sep '42-Dec '43)(Santee: Aug '42-Feb '44)
    (Chenango: Sep '42-Nov '42)
(NL) USS Guadalcanal (Guadalcanal: Sep '43-Jun '45)(Mission Bay: Nov '43-Jun '45)(Tripoli: Feb '44-Dec '44)
    (Wake Island: Jan '44-Nov '44)(Solomons: Feb '44-Jun '45)
1x USS Wichita (Sep '39-Dec '42)
2x USS Atlanta, USS Juneau (Atlanta: Dec '41-Apr '42)(Juneau: Feb '42-Aug '42)
2x USS Quincy (Quincy: Dec '43-Jul '44)(Pittsburgh: Oct '44-Jan '45)
3x USS Cleveland, USS Birmingham (Cleveland: Oct '42-Dec '42)(Birmingham: Jan '43-Jun '43)(Vicksburg: Jun '44-Dec '44)
4x USS San Francisco (San Francisco: Sep '39-Apr '42)(Tuscaloosa: Sep '39-Aug '44)(Quincy: Sep '39-Jun '42)
    (Vincennes: Sep '39-Apr '42)
4x USS Phoenix, USS Boise (Brooklyn: Sep '39-Jul '42)(Philadelphia: Sep '39-Nov '43)
   (Savannah: Sep '39-Mar '44)(Nashville: Sep '39-Apr '42)
4x USS Richmond (Omaha: Sep '39-Mar '44)(Milwaukee: Sep '39-Mar '44)(Cincinnati: Sep '39-Mar '40)
   (Memphis: Apr '41-Jun '45)
1x USS Allen M. Sumner (Soley: Dec '44-Feb '45)
2x HMS Swale (Asheville: Apr '43-Jun '45), Natchez: Apr '43-Jun '45)
4x USS Phelps, USS Selfridge (McDougal: Sep '39-Aug '42  Sep '44-June '45) (Winslow: Sep '39-Jun '45)
     (Clark: Sep '39-May '42)(Moffett: Sep '39-June '45)
(NL) USS Wainwright (Sims, Hughes, Anderson, Hammann, Mustin, Russell, O'Brien, Walke, Roe, Buck)
(NL) USS Kidd, USS Taylor (Jenkins, La Vallette, Chevalier, Bristol, ellyson, Hambleton, Rodman, Emmons, Macomb, Strong, Beale, Guest, Pringle)(Jun '42-Jun '45)
(NL) USS Edsall (Overton, Sturtevant, Bainbridge, Broome, Simpson, McCormick, Truxton)
(NL) USS Gwin (Gleaves, Niblack, Livermore, Eberle, Kearny, Ericsson, Gwin, Meredith, Grayson, Monssen,
    Woolsey, Ludlow, Edison, Bristol, Wilkes, Nicholson, Swanson, Ingraham, Hambleton, Rodman, Emmons,
    Macomb, Forest, Fitch, Corry, Hobson, Aaron Ward, Buchanan, Duncan, Landsdowne, Lardner, McCalla)
    (Jun '40-Jun '45)
(NL) USS Ward (Wickes, Philip, Evans, Little, Sigourney, Stringham, Robinson, Ringgold, Fairfax, Williams, Lea,
    Tattnall, Badger, Twiggs, Babbitt, Jacob Jones, Buchanan, Aaron Ward, Hale, Crowninshield, Tillman, Kilty,
    Claxton, Hamilton, Tarbell, Yarnall, Upshur, Greer, Roper, Breckinridge, Barney, Blakeley, Biddle, Du Pont,
    Bernadou, ellis, cole, J. Fred Talbott, dickerson, Leary, schenck, Herbert, Palmer, Thatcher, Cowell, Maddox,
    Foote, Kalk, Mackenzie, Hogan, Howard, Stansbury, Hopewell, Thomas, Haraden, Abbot, Bagley)
    (Sep '39-Jun '45)
2x USS Vestal (Bridgeport: )(Vulcan: )
(NL) Victory ship
(NL) USS S-37, USS S-38 (S-1, S-11, S-12, S-13. S-14, S-15, S-16, S-17, S-20, S-21, S-22, S-24, S-26, S-29, S-30, S-31,
    S-32, S-33, S-42, S-43, S-44, S-45)
(NL) USS Barb Shad (Jun '42-Sep '43), Gunnel (Aug '42-May '43), Herring (May '42-Aug '43), Barb (Jul '42-Jul '43),     Gurnard (Sep '42-Feb '43), Blackfish (Jul '42-Jul '43)
(NL) P-51 Mustang, P-51D Mustang
(NL) FM-2 Wildcat, FM-1 Wildcat (VF-41, VF-9)
(NL) P-40E Warhawk (58th FG, 33rd FG)
(NL) P-61 Black Widow
(NL) P-47D Thunderbolt
(NL) P-38G Lightning, P-38J Lightning Ace, P-38L Lightning  (1st FG, 27th FG, 33rd FG)
(NL) F2A Buffalo, F2A-A Buffalo (VS-201, VMF-211, NAS New York)
(NL) F4F Wildcat (VF-5, VF-8, VF-41, VF-42, VF-71, VF-72)
    Bombers (Dive/Torpedo/Patrol)
(NL) TBD Devastator, TBD Devastator (VT-41, VS-71, VT-8)
(NL) TBF-1 Avenger (VT-8, VGS-26, VC-42)
(NL) V-156F Vindicator (SB2U Vindicator) (VF-72, VS-71, VS-72, VS-41, VS-42)
(NL) SBD Dauntless (VMB-1, VB-3, VS-2, VS-3, VS-5, VS-6, VS-41, VT-4)
(NL) PBY Catalina (VP-31, VP-32, VP-51, VP-52, VP-71, VP-72, VP-73, VP-74, VP-81, VP-82, VP-83, VP-91)
(NL) B-24 Liberators (4-BS, 7-BS, 18-BS, 36-BS, 40-BS, 92-BS)
(NL) B-25H Mitchell (8-BS, 35-BS, 39-BS, 50-BS, 59-BS, 76-BS)
(NL) OS2U Kingfisher (Multiples were on each BB, CA)


UK Fleets may use:
Any Free France Ship or Aircraft

1x HMS Invincible
1xHMS Lion
1x HMS Vanguard
1x HMS Hood/Operation Catapult Hood, HMS Hood
1x HMS Rodney (Rodney: Sep '39-May '42)
1x HMS Nelson (Nelson: Apr '41-Jun '41, Nov '43-Jun '45)
1x HMS Prince of Wales (Prince of Wales: Jan 1941-Sep 1941)
1x HMS King George V (King George V: Dec '40-May '43)
1x HMS Duke of York, HMS Duke of York (Duke of York: Nov '41-Jun '45)
2x HMS Repulse, HMS Renown
2x Courbet (Courbet: Jun '40-Jul '40)(Paris: Jul '40-Jun '45)
3x HMS Warspite, HMS Malaya (Warspite: Sep '39-Apr '40)(Queen Elizabeth: Jun '42-Dec '43)(Malaya: Mar '41-Jul '41)
4x HMS Royal Oak (Royal Oak: Sep '39-Oct '39)(Revenge: Sep '39-Mar '42)(Royal Sovereign: Sep '39-May '40)
    (Resolution: Sep '39-Jun '40)
1x HMS Courageous
1x HMS Eagle
1x HMS Ark Royal
1x Hermes (Sep '39-Jun '40)
3x HMS Victorious, HMS Indomitable
1x HMS Argus (Aug '40-Sep '44)
(NL) HMS Fencer/HMS Nabob
2x HMS Sheffield, HMS Belfest (Sheffield: Apr '41-Feb '42)
2x HMCS Uganda, HMS Kenya (Fiji: May '40-Apr '41)(Ceylon: Jul '43-Sep '43)
2x HMS Hawkins (Hawkins: Sep '39-Jan '41)(Effingham: Sep '39-May '40)
2x HMS Penelope (Arethusa: Jun '40-Jul '40)(Penelope: Jan '40-Feb '40)
2x HMS Emerald, HMS Enterprise (Emerald: Sep '39-Dec '40)(Enterprise: Sep '39-Apr '40, Dec '40-Feb '41)
3x HMS Ajax, HMS Achillies (Neptune: Dec '39-Jul '40)(Ajax: Sep '39-Aug '40)(Achillies: Dec '39-Feb '40)
(NL) HMS Black Prince (Sirius, Argonaut, Scylla, Charybdis, Bellona, Black Prince, Diadem)
(NL) HMS Kent, HMS Suffolk, HMS Norfolk, HMS Devonshire (Berwick: Sep '39-Jun '41)
    (Cumberland: Sep '39-Oct '41)(London: Oct '41-Nov '42)(Sussex: Sep '39-Mar '40)
    (Dorsetshire: Oct '39-Aug '41)
(NL) ORP Dragon, HMS Danae, HMS Delhi (Danae: Sep '39-Oct '39)(Dragon Sep '40-Nov '41)
    (Dunedin: Feb '40-Nov '41)(Delhi: Dec '41-Apr '43)(Diomede: Dec '40-Jun '45)
1x Leopard (Jul '40-Aug '40)
2x HMS Saumarez, HMoMS Stord (Saumarez: Jun '44)(Stord: Jun '44)
(NL) HMS Ledbury
(NL) HMS Javelin
(NL) HMS Cossack
(NL) HMCS Saguenay
(NL) HMS Glowworm, ORP Garland
(NL) HMS Swale
(NL) HMAS Stuart (Malcolm: Sep '39-Aug '42)(Montrose: Sep '39-Jul '40)(Mackay: Sep '39-Jun '45)
   (Campbell: Sep '39-Jun '45)(Douglas: Sep '39-Jun '45)(Bruce: Sep '39-Nov '39)
(NL) Vospers MTB
(NL) USS Edsall (Abel P. Upshur, Clare, Aulick, Burnham, Bailey, Reading, Bancroft, St. Francis, Branch, Beverly,
    Edwards, Buxton, Herndon, Hunt, McCalla, McCook, McLanahan, Mason, Meade, Rodgers, Satterlee, Shubrick,
    Swasey, Welborn C. Wood, Welles, Laub)
(NL) USS Ward (Charlestown, Cambeltown,Salisbury , Brighton I.08, Chelsea, St. Marys, Mansfield, Richmond,
    Roxborough, Caldwell, Columbia, Bath, Hamilton, Annapolis, Georgetown, Lancaster , Newark G.47,
    Newmarket G.47 , Newport, Niagara I.67 , St. Albans , Wells I.95, Leamington , Montgomery , St. Clair , Lincoln)     (Sep '40-Jun '45)
1x USS Vestal (SS Wandle: )
(NL) RMS Queen Mary, RMS Queen Mary
(NL) MV Macoma
(NL) HMS Manxman
(NL) USS S-37 ( S-1,  S-21,  S-22,  S-24,  S-25,  S-29)
(NL) HMS Triton, HMS Truculent
1x F2A Buffalo, F2A-A Buffalo (Lend-Lease)
1x B-26 Marauder
1x F4U-1D Corsair, F4U-1A (Corsair MkII) (FAA No. 1830: Jun '43)
(NL) P-51 Mustang
(NL) Seafire Mk III
(NL) Spitfire Mk.1A, Spitfire Mk.VB, Spitfire Mk.IX, Spittfire Mk.XIV
(NL) RAFCC Mosquito
    Bombers (Dive/Torpedo/Patrol)
(NL) PBY Catalina, Catalina Mk.I
(NL) Sea Gladiator
(NL) Fokker T.VIII
(NL) TBF-1 Avenger (Lend-Lease)
(NL) V-156F Vindicator (SB2U Vindicator)(Lend-Lease)
(NL) Skua Mk II
(NL) Fulmar Mk I
(NL) Martlet Mk II
(NL) Sea Hurricane Mk 1B
(NL) Swordfish Mk I
(NL) Swordfish Mk II, Swordfish Mk.II
(NL) Barracuda Mk II
(NL) Halifax GR Mk V
(NL) Sunderland Mk I
(NL) Beaufighter TF Mk X
(NL) B-25H Mitchell (Lend-Lease)
(NL) Firebrand TF Mk.IV
(NL) Firefly FR Mk.I
(NL) Lancaster B I Special
(NL) Walrus Mk. I

                       Free France

Free France is comprised of all French units that joined the Allies side.  
Free French Fleets may NOT use any other nation's ships or aircraft

1x Normandie
1x Clemenceau, Clemenceau
1x Jean Bart (Hybrid CV)
1x Gascogne
1x Alsace
1x Richelieu (Nov '42-Oct '43)
2x Lorraine (Lorraine: Dec '39-Apr '40)(Bretagne: Dec '39)
2x Bretagne (Bretagne: Sep '39-Dec '39)(Lorraine: Dec '39-Jan "40)
2x Courbet (Courbet: Sep '39-May '40, Jul '40-Apr '44)(Paris: Sep '39-Jun '40)
1x Painleve
1x Joffre  
1x Béarn (May '40-Jun '45)
1x HMS Hermes (Sep '39-Jun '40)
1x Pluton (Sep '39-Jun '40)
2x Suffren, Dupleix  (Suffren: Sep '39-Jun '40)(Dupleix)
1x Dupleix (Dupleix: Sep '39-Jan '40)
2x Dunquesne (Dunquesne: Nov '43-Jun '45)(Tourville: Nov '43-Jun '45)
3x Emile Bertin (Emile Bertin: May '40-Jun '43)(Tuguan Trouin: Sep '39-May '40)(Jeanne d'Arc: May '40-May '42)
3x Montcalm, Gloire, Gloire (Georges Leygues: Apr '41-Jun '44)(Montcalm: Apr '41-Jun '44)
    (Gloire: Nov '42-Jun '45)(Marseillaise: Apr '40-Jul '40)
(NL) L'Audacieux, L'Indomptable
1x Ledbury (La Combattante: Feb '42-Jun '45)
3x Le Terrible, Le Fantasque (Le Triomphant: Jun '40-Dec '40)(Le Terrible: Mar '43-Dec '43)
    (Le Fantasque: Mar '43-Dec '43)
(NL) HMCS Sackville
(NL) HMS Swale (Tonkinois, La Surprise, La Découverte, L'Aventure, Croix de Lorraine, L'Escarmouche)
     (Jan '44-Jun '45)
3x Leopard (Leopard: Sep '39-Jun '40, Sep '40-May '43)(Chacal: Sep '39-May '40)(Jaguar: Sep '39-May '40)
(NL) Vospers MTB
(NL) PT Boat (PC-467, PC-469, PC-471, PC-472, PC-473, PC-474, PC-475, PC-480, PC-481, PC-482, PC-496,
    PC-542, PC-543, PC-545, PC-550, PC-551, PC-556, PC-557, PC-558, PC-559, PC-562, PC-591, PC-621, PC-625,     PC-626, PC-627, PC-1226, PC-1227, PC-1235)(Nov' 42-Jun '45)
(NL) C-4
(NL) A-24B Banshee
(NL) G-36A
(NL) H75-C1
(NL) Ju 88A-4
(NL) SBD-3 Dauntless (Lend-Lease)
(NL) Seafire MK. III
(NL) Yak-9u
(NL) D.520
(NL) V-156F Vindicator (Lend-Lease)
(NL) F4F Wildcat (Lend-Lease)
(NL) BR 810
(NL) PBY Catalina (Lend-Lease)
(NL) B-17E Flying Fortress (Lend-Lease)
(NL) LeO 451 Sep '39-Nov '42)
(NL) P-40E Warhawk (Lend-Lease)
(NL) Pv-1 Ventura (Lend-Lease)
(NL) B-25H Mitchell (Lend-Lease)
(NL) Halifax GR Mk V (Lend-Lease)
1x P-51 Mustang
3x B-26 Marauder
1x Surcouf (Sep '39-Feb '42)
(NL) Casabianca, Rubis, Beveziers


Canadian Fleets may use:
Any UK ship or aircraft
Any USN ship or aircraft

1x HMS Colossus (Warrior: April '45-Jun '45)
2x HMS Nabob (Puncher: Feb '44-Jun '45)(Nabob: Sep '43-Jun '45)
2x HMCS Algonquin (Algoniquin: Mar '44-Fev '45)(Sioux: Apr '44-Feb '45)
2x HMCS Saguenay (Saguenay Sep '39-Jun'45)(Skeena Sep '39-Oct '44)
(NL) HMCS St. Laurent, HMCS Ottawa (Kootenay: Jan '40-Jun '40)(Margaree: Sep '40-Sep '40)(Fraser: Sep '39-Sep '40)
     (St Laurent: Sep '39-Nov '44)(Ottawa: Jun '41-Sep '42)(Restigouche:  Nov '39-Mar '44)
     (Assiniboine: Nov '39-Apr '44)
(NL) HMCS Haida (Iroquois: Nov '43-Jul '43)(Athabaskan: Feb '41-Apr '44)(Huron: Mar '43-Oct '43)
     (Haida: Sep '44-Jan '45)
(NL) USS Edsall (Annapolis: Feb '41-Jun '45)(Columbia: Oct '41-Jun '45)(Hamilton: Jun '41-Apr '45)
     (Niagara: Dec '40-Jun '45)(St Clair: Jan '41-Jun '45)
(NL) HMCS Sackville
(NL) HMS Swale
(NL) USS Ward (Fairfax, Williams, Twiggs, Hale, Crowninshield, Claxton, Yarnall, Maddox, Kalk, Mackenzie, Haraden)(Sep '40-Jun '45)
3x HMCS Prince David (Prince David: Feb '40-Dec '41)
2x U552 (U190: May '44- Jun '45)(U889: May '45-Jun '45)
(NL) P-51D Mustang
(NL) Hudson Mk III
(NL) TBF Avenger
(NL) F4F Wildcat
(NL) Swordfish
(NL) Mosquito
(NL) P40 Warhawk
(NL) PBY Catalina
(NL) B24 Liberator
(NL) Beaufighter
(NL) B17 Flying Fortress


KM Fleets may use:
Any Vichy France Ship or Aircraft

1x Friedrich der Grosse
1x Moltke
1x Clemenceau, Clemenceau
1x Bismarck/Rheinübung Bismarck (May '41)
1x Scharnhorst/Cerberus Scharnhorst/Aufgerüstete Scharnhorst (Feb '40, Feb '41-Mar '41, Feb '42)
1x Gneisenau (Feb '40, Feb '41-Mar '41, Feb '42)
2x Graf Zeppelin, Peter Strasser
1x Europa
1x Weser
3x Admiral Scheer, Deutschland-Lützow, Admiral Graf Spee, Admiral Graf Spee (Scheer: Oct '40-Apr '41)(Graf Spee: Sep '39-Dec '39) (Deutschland-Lützow: Sep '39-Nov '39)
2x Admiral Hipper, Prinz Eugen (Dec '40-Mar 41)(Prinz Eugen: May '41-Feb '42)
1x Emile Bertin (De Grasse: Jun '40-Feb '43)
1x Van der Tann
1x Spahkruezer
(NL) Lepanto
(NL) Z2
(NL) Z11, Z9, Z12, Z16
(NL) Z18, Z20
(NL) Z29
(NL) Z32
(NL) T27
(NL) S-Boat (Sep '39-Jun '45)
(NL) M1 (Sep '39-Jun '45)
(NL) Atlantis, Kormoran, Pinguin
(Orion: Apr '40-May '40, Jul '41)(Atlantis: Mar '40-Dec '40, Apr '41-Sep '41, Nov '41)
     (Widder: May '40-Oct '40)(Thor: Jun '40-Apr '41, Nov '41-Apr '42)(Pinguin: Jul '40-Aug '40)
     (Stier: May '42-Sep '42)(Kormoran: Dec '40-Apr '41)(Michel: Mar '42-Feb '43)
(NL) U20 (Sep '39-Jun '45)
(NL) U37 (Sep '39-Jun '45)
(NL) U47, U-100 (Sep '39-Jun '45)
(NL) U66, U510 (Sep '39-Jun '45)
(NL) U25 (Sep '39-Jul '40)
(NL) C-4
(NL) U117 (May '41-Jun '45)
(NL) U459 (Nov '41-Jun '44)
(NL) U552 (Sep '39-Jun '45)
(NL) U-2511 (Sep '44-Jun '45)
(NL) Da Vinci
(NL) FW 200 Kondor
1x Me 262
(NL) Do 217E
(NL) BV-138
(NL) Me 410
(NL) Bf 109
(NL) JU87
(NL) FW190
(NL) LeO 451 (Nov '42-Jun '45)
(NL) Fw190A3/U3
(NL) He-115
(NL) Ju-52
(NL) Bf 110 C-4 (Battle of Britain)
(NL) Fokker G.I 'Le Faucheur'
(NL) Fokker T.VIII
(NL) Bf-110G-4
(NL) Elite Bf109G Gustav
(NL) Me410 A1 Fighter-Bomber
(NL) Ar 196 A-1
(NL) Me410-B5 Torpedo Bomber

                      Vichy France

Vichy France Fleets are units from Sep '39 to Nov '42 (before they were scuttled)
After Nov '42 Vichy France Fleets may use any KM ship or aircraft

1x Alsace
1x Clemenceau, Clemenceau
1x Jean Bart (Hybrid CV)
1x Gascogne
1x Normandie
1x Richelieu (Jun '40-Nov '42)
2x Provence (Provence: Oct '39-Dec '39)(Bretagne: Dec '39)
1x Strasbourg (Sep '39-Apr '40)
1x Dunkerque (Sep '39-Apr '40)
1x Jean Bart (Mar '40-Nov '42)
1x Painleve
1x Joffre
1x Béarn (Sep '39-Jun '40)
1x Algérie (Sep '39-Mar '40)
1x Emile Bertin (La Galissonniere: Sep'40-Nov '42)
3x Montcalm/Gloire, Gloire (Georges Leygues: Sep '39-Apr '40, Sep '40-Nov '42)(Montcalm: Sep '39-May '40)
     (Gloire: Sep '39-Jul '40, Sep '40-Nov '42)
(NL) L'Audacieux, L'Indomptable
2x Mogador (Mogador, Volta)
3x Milan (Albatros, Épervier and Milan)
(NL) Le Terrible, Le Fantasque
(NL) Bévéziers, Casabianca, Rubis
(NL) G-36A
(NL) H75-C1
(NL) D.520
(NL) Late 298
(NL) MB 152
(NL) LeO 451 (Nov '42-Jun '45)
(NL)  BR 810


Spanish Fleets can be used by any nation

1x Conquistador
2x Canarias, Canarias
3x Galicia, Almirante Cervera
3x Almirante Cervera
(NL) Lepanto (Churruca, Alcalá Galiano, Sánchez Barcáiztegui, José Luis Díez, Almirante Ferrándiz, Lepanto, Churruca, Alcalá Galiano, Almirante Valdés, Almirante Antequera, Almirante Miranda, Císcar, Escaño, Gravina, Jorge Juan, Ulloa)


Brazilian Fleets are Allies after '42.
Brazilian Fleets may NOT be used in any USN, UK units.

2x Minas Geraes
2x Bahia, Rio Grande do Sul
3x Marcilio Dias, Greenhalgh
3x Tupi (Tamoyo, Tupy, Tymbira)  
(NL) P-40K
(NL) Bef-P47D Thunderbolt
(NL) PBY-5A Arara


Argentinean Fleets are Allies in Mar '45.

1x Rivadavia
1x Moreno
1x Veinticinco De Mayo
1x Almirante Brown
1x La Argentina
(NL) Buenos Aires
3x Mendoza
2x Cervantes
3x Sante Fe
(NL) A-17 Model 8A-2
(NL) Hawk 750
(NL) Southampton


(NL) Heavy Shore Battery
(NL) Advanced Naval Base
(NL) Forward Airstrip

Point totals started from end result of 2013 Theater tournament (10 March 2014)


Seaman Recruit at start
Seaman 1 pt
Petty Officer 3rd Class 3 pts
Petty Officer 2nd Class 7.5 pts
Petty Officer 1st Class 12.5 pts
Chief 20 pts
Senior Chief 35 pts
Master Chief 45 pts
Ensign 60 pts
Lieutenant Junior Grade 120 pts
Lieutenant 250 pts
Lieutenant Commander 350 pts
Commander 500 pts
Captain at 750 pts
Commodore 1250 pts
Rear Admiral 1625 pts
Vice Admiral 2000 pts  
Admiral 2500 pts

           POINT SYSTEM

.5 point for participating in an Online tournament (Nation/Olympic/Battle Royale/FFFL)
.5 point for winning an Online tournament game (Nation/Olympic/Battle Royale/FFFL)
5 points for winning an Online tournament (Nation/Olympic/Battle Royale/FFFL)
.5 point for participating in an Online Clubhouse game (must be stated as a clubhouse game)
.5 point for winning an Online Clubhouse game (must be stated as a clubhouse game)
.5 point for participating in an Theater League Online tournament (Theater League 2013, 2014, 2015)
.5 point for participating in an Theater League Online game (Theater League 2013, 2014, 2015)
.5 point for winning an Theater League Online game (Theater League 2013, 2014, 2015)
10 points for winning Theater League Online tournament (Theater League 2013, 2014, 2015)


How units are decided if they are to be in Club Atlantic or not.

    -Did it do just a shakedown cruise in the theater? (NO)
    -Was it in the theater before US entered the war? (YES)
    -Did it actually served in the theater during the war? (YES)
    -Where aircraft attached to carriers or air stations operate during the timeframe they were in the theater? (YES)
    -W@S aircraft used by other nations that are actually another nations plane, and that nation does not currently have that card can use that plane if that plane was used by that nation. example is F2A Buffalo (USN) is not a card but is represented by the B-239 and B339 Buffalo (YES)
Useful References for Club Atlantic

Allies & Axis fleets varying years
list of both Free and Vichy France ships

1939 UK OOB
1940 UK OOB
1941 UK OOB
1942 UK OOB
1943 UK OOB
1944 UK OOB
1945 UK OOB

Free France

1939 Free France OOB
1940 Free France OOB
1941 Free France OOB
1942 Free France OOB
1943 Free France OOB
1944 Free France OOB
1945 Free France OOB


1939 Canada OOB
1940 Canada OOB
1941 Canada OOB
1942 Canada OOB
1943 Canada OOB
1944 Canada OOB
1945 Canada OOB


1939 KM OOB
1940 KM OOB
1941 KM OOB
1942 KM OOB
1943 KM OOB
1944 KM OOB
1945 KM OOB

Vichy France

1939 Vichy France OOB
1940 Vichy France OOB
1941 Vichy France OOB
1942 Vichy France OOB
1943 Vichy France OOB
1944 Vichy France OOB
1945 Vichy France OOB


List of SWO_Daddy's cards that are allowed in this theater:









Bunyan, I think you can add USS Barb to your USN list (along with several other subs). Check out my post over in this thread:

fleet list is corrected

Might want to correct the KM list...

Unless they really can use P-51s. (Betting that's supposed to be Me-262.) Also need to add the Spahkruezer.

Fleet list corrected. Yes that was suppose to be a Me 262.

2014. Theatre League call to arms

Club Atlantic answers the call

Club IO Taskforce is raiding, does anyone meet the challenge?


I'll take you up on that offer.

Flakstruk wrote:

Would you like to do a series then?
We could alternate Axis/Allies at 100/200/300 and 500 points

lets do a 1943 battle in my theater at 100, 300  and 200, 500 in Club Indian Ocean.

again its just ideas being thrown around.

Nice updates! I'm here once again to play for Club Atlantic.  Smile

Game anyone?

Flakstruk wrote:
Game anyone?

I'm up for some PAC vs. LANT action!

To be clear, my intent is to challenge Club Atlantic Smile.

I would love to play a game but my schedule doesn't allow for me to do a game.  That is why I didn't finish my other 2 games.

I hoped that the club was more available to do games but we are just so busy.

I would like to welcomeour clubs newest member, au64

I hope you enjoy being apart of this group and remember, inputs are greatly welcomed here as long as its bettering the group and the historical side of the club.

Enjoy your stay!

Alright Bunyan...sign me up. I've been convinced to join a Club.

Thanks Nightfall.

You helped a lot in helping with the nations Navies OOB. It makes me very proud to have you in this group. I'll be updating the club roster.

Just remember that this a theatre club, as opposed a national one. Current comp is meant as a national one in the lead up to the Nat-league.

Club Atlantic is all current.

as the new cards get released ill update the lists.  Also again I'm always up for assistance on updating the list.  if you see an error please inform me and ill correct it.

would like to join the club atlantic for the upcoming tournament Smile

Gents, Club Med (or at least me) is ready to accept matches for the new season.  We can start playing until the 23rd, but there is no reason we couldn't set up a game or two now.

I'll play you, swo.

ticat, got anything specific in mind?

I'm good with a straight up 200 pt showdown.  I'd prefer to be Commonwealth.

I'm also game for any parameters you'd like

200 points works.  I'll play the Germans (Club Atlantic OOB).  Any preference on year?  How about squalls?

1945 is OK by me.

Squalls could be fun!

I've got my fleet ready, if you want to start a thread

ticat, our thread is here:

Working on a fleet.

Bunyan, are you mandating "OOB rules" (x CAs, y DDs, etc for each BB and CV) in Club Atlantic matches?  If so, that's not apparent in the opening posts of this Club House.  I know there is a link to one of several threads that have discussed OOB rules over the years, but that has been a moving target (I've seen at least three different forms of it used on the forum, each applying different unit limits in fleet building) and it is typically a game restriction agreed upon by the players prior to the game.  Its never been a requirement for clubhouse play in the past.  

The reason I ask is this has come up in a game against VK.  He built a fleet using "OOB rules" and I didn't, and we didn't figure that out until fleets were revealed.  He's being a good sport about it and is willing to play on, but if this is really the case with Club Atlantic battles, it needs to be way more clear in the opening posts of this club house.

Personally, I think any "OOB Rules" restrictions are best left to the players in each game through mutual agreement, just like deciding on year, weather, day/night etc.

are you mandating "OOB rules" (x CAs, y DDs, etc for each BB and CV) in Club Atlantic matches? If so, that's not apparent in the opening posts of this Club House. 

No, I edited the original post so it easier to understand. Thank you for bringing up this oversight

I do however have a Theater OOB. Each ship is accurately reflected and is what was in theater and should be used.

Each Nation has its own lend-lease at a 1 per 50 points or 1 per 100 points.

example: I am Canada (200 pt game) and wish to use the USN. I can use up to 2 of any one unit type. Then I can use up to 2 of any one unit type of the other type (ship/aircraft). This makes a total of 4 USN units allowed in a Canadian 200pt fleet. Same goes for UK units in a Canadian fleet.

Makes total sense to me.  Thanks Bunyan!

This post is under construction and will be finalized hopefully soon.  I am also adding Brigman's cards to the club but need to finish SWOs first.


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