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An all-club recruiting drive?

If the WAS Clubhouse gets moved to the WAS General area, I think we should make a thread in the General Discussion area as a membership drive for all of the clubs. Now that we have a successful reorganization I think we should let the non-clubbers know that they can join multiple clubs and try to do some recruitment. There's a lot of clubs with less than 5 members, so this should help shore those numbers up as well as give us all some new faces in preparation for the first Clubhouse events.

An initial post explaining all of the new, exciting stuff would be good, followed by a short intro on each club (written by Club Presidents?) should suffice. Then we can all monitor it for questions, etc. Everybody will be pretty excited about the new set, so the forum activity will be up which is the perfect time to get more people into the Clubhouse.

Ok, I'll organise this. All clubs will have one post where to advertise. Give me half an hour.

One post here or in WAS General. Also, post or thread? I'm assuming post, because you said post, but I just want to be clear.

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