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2015 Theater League Championships (1 Jan-10 Apr 2015)

Its that time again!  The 2015 Theater Club League Championship starts in 1 January 2015.  100 days of battle, ending 10 April 2015.  To be eligible for the championship clubs must play a minimum of ten games in 100 days and at least one game every month (January, February, March)

Minimum points is 50, maximum is 500. Team Ægir cards will be available as they are released (must be confirmed as operating in the appropriate theater first)!  Note the rules for Global Matches and Theater Matches in the rules below...there are two different ways to play!

If haven't stopped by your particular club lately, its a great time to check in.  Or a great time to join if you never have.  Even if you're not a clubhouse regular, hired guns are most welcome!  Smile  

Clubs eligible to participate:


Event details from the Club House Wardroom:

Theater Club League Championship Tournament

The Theater Club League Championship Tournament is an annual event meant to give the Theater Clubs an opportunity to compete against each other to determine who is the Top Dog of the Theater Clubs in the Clubhouse.

Starting a Club Match:

Theater Club League Championship (TCLC) matches can be played at any time throughout the TCLC season. To compete in a TCLC Match, one must first be a registered member of the Club they wish to represent.  Then they may start a thread in the online matches’ sub-forum stating his or her intentions of playing a Club Match.  Theater Clubs must declare which nation they will be using.  All matches must be against other Theater Club Members in order to score points for your club.  TCLC matches should follow the rules in the Advanced Rule Book from the new starter including sub harassment, strafing penalties, and small ship evasion.  When a challenger has been found, both members private message their respective club president that they are engaging in a Club Match.  These players then proceed to play their game and then the winner of the match will post the result in the Theater Club League Championship Standings thread.

When starting a TCLC Match please try to adhere to the following format for the Thread title:

(game) Club *** vs Club ^^^ ___ pts

(WAS) Club Julius vs Club Caesar 300pts


TCLC Matches will be 50-500 point games played on any map that is approved by both players involved.  Builds are to be private messaged to a clubhouse moderator for verification.  Victory is acheived by the following formula:


V is the victory points necessary to win.
F is how many points each player has to build their fleet.
O is the value of the objectives.
# is the number of objectives your playing with..
In case of a tie then the player with the most points remaining on the map is the winner.  Games can either be played with the advanced War at Sea rules or with Order of Build rules found at .

If a player of a match appears to forgot or refuses to continue an online match first private message them to see if they have any external problems or activities that is taking up time.  If that player should refuse to reply to your private message then please private message a moderator (Brigman, SWO_Daddy, sublime828) with your problem (please allow time for people to gather their thoughts. 2-3 days after your message arrives).  The moderator will attempt to communicate with the player who is having the problems.  If a match goes unattended for more than 2 weeks than the moderator will private message both involved.  The result may be a forfeit by one of the players depending on the circumstances (any external problems or events that are taking up time will not cause the player to lose his match we will be very understanding).

There are two way to play a Theater Match in the Club House:

1) Global Match: You play a fleet from your Theater Club against a fleet from a different Theater Club.

2) Theater Match: You and your opponent each play a different fleet from ONE theater ("play in the theater") - either your theater or your opponent's theater. To play in the theater one of the two players must be a member of that Theater's Club. Members of the same Theater Club cannot play against each other.

E.g., I play Club Frozen Seas Germans, while my opponent (Club Pacific) plays Club Frozen Seas UK. Alternatively, against a Club Pacific opponent, I could request to play Club Pacific IJN while my opponent takes Club Pacific USN. No matter what theater you're playing in, a win is still a win for your club.


For every game played a member will either give their team a win or a loss.  A win will be worth 3 points and a loss 1.  At the end of the season the Points/Game ratio for every club that has over 10 games and at least 1 game per month will be assessed and the Club with the highest ratio is declared the winner.


The Theater Club League Championship will last for for 100 days.  After the season is complete there will be a 2-3 month intermission where members may feel free to play games against each other without it counting towards standings and where the winning club will be able to display their prize.  This intermission period is not set in stone and will be in flux from season to season.  The seasons for National Club League Championship and the Theater Club League Championship will alternate.  An announcement will be posted in the Clubhouse a week or two prior to the start of the next season.

Awesome. Good luck all!

Ok... two stupid questions, but I'm going to ask anyway.  Someone can tell me to run a search on the site but I'm feeling pretty darn lazy today.    Razz Wink

1) How do you join a club?
2) Why would someone want to join a club?

PM sent.  Hopefully you join one so we can get new blood back into them

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