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2015 Theater Club League Championship - Post Results Here!

Please post your Theater Club League Championship victories in this thread.  Please keep other banter to a minimum in this thread. Please include your screen name/club, your opponents screen name/club and a hyperlink to the match.


winner - sublime828 - CFS
opponent - Herky80 - CMED

The last day to start matches for this event is April 10th, 2015.  Matches started on the last day need to be completed within 10 days.  

Thanks and lets have a great 2015 TCLC!!!

Current Standings

Club FROZEN SEAS: 8-3 / 2.45
Club INDIAN OCEAN: 4-8 / 1.67
Club MED: 1-3 / 1.50
Club ATLANTIC: 0-0 / 0.00
Club PACIFIC: 2-0 / 3.00

Remember, to qualify for the National League Championship, a club must play a minimum of 10 games, and at least 1 game every 30 days.

Win against CIO.  Who said smoking is bad for you?

Winner: Brigman (CFS)
Opponent: hokiepastor (CIO)

Just got lucky with the smoke rolls, really...

Good game, Brigs.

I got the previous game, though.

Now we are leaving the frigid north to head to the balmy Indian Ocean

Win over Club Med...

Winner: Brigman (Club Frozen Seas)
Opponent: SWO_Daddy (Club Med)

Great game!

Win over the Med

Winner: Flakstruk/CIO
Opponent: SWO Daddy/Med

Both fleets boasted twin landbased attack groups and mauler each other pretty badly. With all the little guys flattened it came down to subs versus battleships.
Great game, great opponent

Narrow win over CIO...

Winner: Brigman/CFS
Opponent: Flakstruk/CIO

His subs were off the hook in this game and his gunnery was hot too... too hot one time, 19 hits on 16 dice but a 6 on the smoke roll.  Great game, great opponent!

Win over CIO
Winner:  Fires CFS
Opp:  Flakstruk CIO

As always a fun opponent to play.  Good game flak!

Close battle against CIO...

Winner: Brigman (CFS)
Opponent: Flakstruk (CIO)

winner: CFS Fires /UK
Opp: CIO Flak/IJN

took a win in the balmy waters of the IO.  Flak brought lots of subs, but I brought lots of air.  Ultimately my fail dice slightly defeated his.  Good game to Sir Flakstruk an always awesome opponent!

Found one previously unreported match:

Winner: SWO (Club Med)
Opponent: Flak (Club IO)

Standings updated.  About 1 month to go.  CFS has a lead, but not an insurmountable one!

Victor: Flakstruck (CIO)
Opponent: Brigman (CFS)

Coming down to Yamato versus Nelson in a knockdown fight, the Yamato was first to fall. The Duke of York was like tipping dog, locked down with jammed mount on each turn, still struggled to even hit cruisers. Good game, Good Opponent!!

Reporting a late win prior...

Winner: Brigman (CFS)
Opponent: Flak (CIO)

Where are the standings listed, btw?

The second post in this thread.

Winner : Flak/CIO(Japan)
Opponent : SWO/ CMED (commonwealth)

Open limits on CIO turf was interesting, a heavy Japanese surface force faced off against a carrier strike force packing avengers and corsairs. Japanese casualties were heavy but all 3 objectives were secured for victory.
Well played by SWO Daddy

Ruckdog had a victory in a match I conceded, so 1 to pacific from Cio

Standings updated!

About 1 week to go to start matches.

Lucky win over CIO!  Had fun with a "Junkyard Dogs" format.

Winner: Brigman (CFS)
Opponent: Flak (CIO)

unreported loss.

Paranoid Android up and vanished on us...

CP Paranoid beat CFS Fires in the first of a home and away series.  He took the CP home, the away match never really got started before vanishment.

Not claiming forfeit win for the 2nd match, we never got it going.

Well folks, I think that's a wrap on this one.  Congrats to Club Frozen Seas for taking this one by a pretty good margin.

Personally, I regret not getting more games in.  Simply at a very busy time career-wise for me. I should be back to my gaming self in a few months.

Congrats guys, this season was messy but fun was still had !

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