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"League Special Event Match" poll and ideas

Ok guys, lets get this moving.  What type of match would we like to see for our first league special event?  We have a little over a month left in the National Club League Championship and I would like to have at least one of these.

Players playing these special events would still do their match request in the match request area but could report in to the thread you start with the special event playing conditions.  There would also be a time frame where the players would have to start their match (ex feb11-feb25).  As long as the match is started in between these dates, it would count.  I will count the matches as double points (6 for the winner, 2 for the opponent) which would be a good motivator to participate in the special event and could provide some extra credit for the clubs in need of a boost. It will be the responsibly of the winning player to announce the match as a "League Special Event Match" when they report their win.

If you have any suggestions, please post them, if not please vote on the above Special Event options.  I will close the poll on Sunday (3/4/2012) and announce the special event match.

Thanks for the help!!

Need some more votes here fellas Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy We're at a three way tie.  If the most chosen options are still tied on sunday, I will leave which event we play up to the die roller.

Build your opponent's fleet is currently in the lead! If it wins, will these be by fire's junkyard wars rules, or anything goes?

I think it'd be a good test run of the junkyard wars format.

Wonderful.  I can see it now...battles between Subchasers and Antilopes.  A contest of who knows how to build the crappiest fleet imaginable.

Really guys?  I think I'll probably be passing on this one.  Have fun with it...not my cup of tea. (I'm commenting here with my tongue firmly planted in cheek...please, nobody take this too hard.)

I will point out that the combined votes for a 200 pt Cruiser/DD/Sub/Aux. battle and a 300 pt Cruiser/DD/Sub/Aux. battle add up to 5.  I think if the poll only had one or the other, it would also be sitting at 5 votes.  I'd much rather be playing that kind of battle, than a game that could largely be decided by how much of a wise guy my opponent is.  

Just my two cents.  Again, please, no offense intended.

I voted CL/DD/SS/Aux @ 200

Lacking auxiliaries and only the Bearn and Vindicators its hard for France to do some other formats

Well, the junkyard wars rules I have prevent fleets of all antilopes - the idea is to keep the fleets competitive while getting little-used units into the game.

On the other hand after the season I plan to run a tourney with the format so I'd be up for the Cruiser battle now...

firesdstny wrote:
Well, the junkyard wars rules I have prevent fleets of all antilopes - the idea is to keep the fleets competitive while getting little-used units into the game.

On the other hand after the season I plan to run a tourney with the format so I'd be up for the Cruiser battle now...

can you please post the rules for the junkyard wars type builds so users are better informed?

Sure thing...

Warning:  It seems like a lot of detail to keep track of, but in actuality they're pretty simple and it keeps the fleets competitive with each other and as a whole.


Junkyard War Rules:

1) All fleets are 200 points and must come to at least 199 to qualify.  If you have to bring a "better ship" to make it - then you have to do it.

2) The fleet build must follow OOB rules found here:

3) Each fleet must have at least 2 UNIQUE Capital Ships with some new restrictions:  Princeton, all Cap1 carriers, Alaska, Junyo, Ryujo, Bearn, do not count as capital ships.  
Schwelsig-Holstein and Oktober Revolution counts but you get 2 SH's for 42 or 2 OktRevs for 48 that count as one BB if it will be among your 2 uniques.  

4) The fleet build MUST include 2 fighters.

5) If the fleet includes a carrier, you must fill the CAP of the carrier with BOMBERS (Torp/Dive/Mission Selectable fighters)!

6) After the first 2 required fighters, you must have 3 bombers before bringing another fighter.  (Patrol/Torp/Dive)

7)  No Auxillaries.  This eliminates good ones like Atlantis, Nordmark, Chitose, but also bad ones like T1 Landing Ship, Daihatsu barge, Halcyon, etc.

8)  Nation Pure only.  No commonwealth, neutral or sub-nation allies.  Commonwealth (Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Poland, Greek) can be played as a separate fleet using RN BBs, CVs, and air.  

9) Among the non-capital ships/planes/subs, you cannot bring more than 2 of any one unit - find a different way to create havoc.

10) You may go past the 2 capital ship limit, but each capital ship must be unique and all other rules must be followed as well.

It looks like we have our two most popular choices.  Would you guys like me to go with the most voted on choice......or leave it to chance and flip for it.

Heads = 200pt Cruiser/DD/Sub/Aux build

Tails = Build your opponents fleet/Junk Yard Wars Rules

Let me know hat you guys think

I still want to run the Junkyard Tourney with randomly rolled nations so I don't want to jump the gun and have people play with pieces and junk fleets yet.

I throw support cruiser way...

I've been rocking the cruisers, so I stand by my vote for a convoy. Wink

Otherwise, I'll wait until a tourney for the junkyard.

The cruiser battles got the most votes overall (between the 200/300pt) and if fires is planning on running a Junkyard fleet tourny, we'll just wait for that.

For the League Special Event we will go with the 200pt CA/CL/DD/Sub build.  I will start a thread with the details.

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