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Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures
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Flight builds

Aircraft Research

AAAF Custom Cards

AAAF Scenarios & Houserules

AAAF Clubhouse

AAAF Online Matches and Clubs

Aircraft Modelling

AAAF Rules Clarification

Axis & Allies War At Sea
WAS General Discussion

Fleet Builds

Naval Research

WAS Custom Cards
For most units, you can use the FORUMINI NAVIES. For sisterships, use REPAINT REFERENCE. For planned/not completed etc, use the EXPANDED DECK.
WAS Scenarios & Houserules

WaS Clubhouse

WAS Rules Clarification

Repaint Reference

Forumini Navies

Dreadnought Rising

Forumini Navies Expanded Deck

WAS Online Matches

Naval Modelling


Modelling (common)

WAS Clubhouse match requests

Naval Exhibition Hall

Deck 5 public development

Deck E Playtesting
For Playtesting the new units.
Axis & Allies Miniatures
AAM General Discussion

AAM Custom Cards
The no1 place for Axis and Allies miniatures custom cards & house rules
AAM Clubhouse

AAM Scenarios & Houserules

AAM Online Matches & Clubs

Army Builds

Land Warfare Research

AAM Rules Clarification

Land Modelling

Land Exhibition Hall

AAM Custom Cards by Nation

thor711's Deck

Forumini Competitions
A forum for the WaS RPG, run by herky80.
Tri Service campaign

Allied HQ

Axis HQ

2013 WAS Winter Classic Tournament

Forumini Olympics 2015

Player collections

FFFL 2016

WSML Royal Rumble (2009)

Forumini Olympics 2011

Here you can discuss anything you want.
Beer & Pretzels

Other Wargames
A subforum devoted to discussing FoW, A&A board games, or any other wargame.
Forumini Armies Old

AAM Clubs Tournament 2012

Forumini Dogfights

AAM Historical Tournament (2009)

Dawn Mayhem 2013

Trade your unneeded miniatures or advertise your miniature-related products.
The Summer 75er
A small tournament with 75 point builds, run by herky80.
Request your own sig
Here you can request your own sig to be prepared by one of our talented forumers.
First Strike Tournament
A forum to run Vergilius's First Strike WaS tournament.
AAM HHR Tournament (2008)

Cold Steel

Keeper Fleets Fall 2012

Forumini Armies

Axis and Allies Campaigns

WAS Major League (2010)

Reinforcement Tournament 2013

FFFL 2013

archive of old projects and contests

Forumini Olympics 2009

FFFL 2014

Surface Action Tournament 2012 (spons. 12-7 Games)

100 Points of Mayhem (2011, spons. 12-7-Games)

Anti-KoD Fleet Tourney (2011)

Forumini Olympics 2008

Shapeways Models
All things Shapeways. Reviews, links, and more.
FFFL 2012

WAS games recorded for online rankings

Deck 4 unit discussion

Deck 4 Playtesting and Feedback

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