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Scenario Set-up
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Hello everyone, I was wondering how people go about setting up a WAS scenario to play? I've noticed on this webpage that there are a lot of different scenarios to choose from (Midway, Battle of Leyte Gulf, etc.). Some list the units involved but that's it. Listing the units involved in my opinion is the easy part, trying to create the rules, and general setup is the tricky part.

I created a scenario last year that a friend and I played. I'll put it on a new post. When I create a historical scenario (for example), I try to make it as historically accurate as possible. I set it up like I was creating a Memoir 44 scenario.

Here are the steps I use for setup:

1. Name and date
2. A description of the action/battle involved
3. Opposing forces (units involved)
4. Objective(s)/conditions of victory
5. Special rules

Maybe those of you out there will like to use this style as a basis for your own scenarios.? I do this only for special scenarios. If I play a vs. game, I don't follow this setup.

PostTue Feb 17, 2015 3:56 pm
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