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My top 10 Warships of WW2 of all time.
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Post subject: My top 10 Warships of WW2 of all time.  Reply with quote   (Liked by:1)  Like this post
This has nothing to do with the game but here is  what are my favourite ships that served in WW2
1 Hood flawed yes but ogh so beautiful, what a lovely looking ship.
2 Ark Royal Probably Britain's most famous Aircraft Carrier, such a shame she got sunk!
3 HMS Warspite just look at that record, Britain's busiest Battleship in WW2
4 Renown/Repulse Fine looking ships
5 Rodney/Nelson both took a lot of punishment and scrapes but give as good as they got, Rodney of course pounding the Bismarck!
6 KM Bismarck massive and brutal but at the same time beautiful!
7 Scharnhorst/Gnieasanaua Again 2 graceful ships and far from ugly!
8 Iowa Class, massive but also graceful, Missouri probably my favourite, and kudos to the US for saving the entire Class.
9 Yamato/Mushasi would love to have seen these massive 18 inch gunned monsters!
10 Illustrious Class, These Carrier's took all that the Italian's Germany and Japan could throw at them but still remained afloat!
Well that is  my list not saying these are the best, just my favourites!!!

Favourite Warships in the game Hood, Ark Royal, Warspite,Repulse, Rodney,Bismarck, FDG, GZ, V Vennetond Aquilla. and Vanguard GTL 64
PostTue Jul 07, 2015 12:20 am
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Surprised this got no replies. My top 10:

1. USS Ranger (CV-4) - I love her design and had quite an active history despite her many issues preventing her from seeing Pacific service.

2. USS Mississippi  (BB-41) - My favorite class of American battleship, quite a service record too.

3. Mogami - Definitely my favorite Japanese cruiser, especially in her hybrid configuration in '43.

4. HMS/FS Dixmude - I really appreciate the CVEs, and the fact that France acquired the Dixmude in post war years interests me.

5. Bearn - France's first and sadly only operational carrier. I really like her design. Too bad she couldn't have been modernized.

6. Ryujo - My favorite Japanese carrier. She assisted the Junyo in the diversionary strike on the Aleutian islands and acquited itself despite the limitations of its design.

7. Vainamoinen - I have a serious soft spot for this ship. She helped defend Finnish interests and caused quite a nuisance for the Soviet Union. So much they devoted immense resources to its destruction. Vainamoinen survived the war but was given to the Soviets as war reparations.  

8. HMS Eagle - My favorite British carrier, she helped the island of Malta immensely with her fighter deliveries, but this made her cross paths with destiny, as U-73 fired the torpedo that sank her.

9. Commandant Teste - I have a soft spot for seaplane tenders and the CT was quite good. Shame she was scuttled and scrapped.

10. Trento - My favorite Italian cruiser, she had a very active history and again I like the design.

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PostWed Jul 15, 2015 5:52 pm
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 Never Trust a One Dice Torpedo Roll.....

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Great idea for a thread!

1) USS Lexington (CV-2): That huge stack is so beautiful!
2) IJN Akagi: The ship is just huge!
3) USS Enterprise (CV-6): Just... awesome...
4) IJN Yamato: Pretty self explanatory.
5) USS Missouri (BB-63)
6) IJN Kongo: Love the Pagoda tower!
7) USS Wasp (CV-7): A nice looking carrier.
8) USS Alaska (CB-1): One of a kind!
9) IJN Kaga: Similar to Akagi, but lost a high spot on the list due to starboard island...
10) Soryu or Hiryu: Guess this might not count, but both are liked on my list.
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PostTue Nov 03, 2015 10:29 pm
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Admiral Dagoose

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1) Bismarck. Just wow. she was a huge magnificent ship that sank the pride of the Royal navy and took a huge beating by the RN.
2) Uss New Jersey. Its only a twenty minutes drive from me. She had a lengthy service record and was only put in as a museum ship in 2000
3)Akagi She is just beautiful to look at
4) Enterprise/ Yorktown I love them both equally. Its a real shame the Enterprise wasn't saved and had to be scrapped.
5) Uss Pennsylvania My home state!

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PostMon Feb 29, 2016 10:19 pm
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